Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story

okay everyone...
m here with my second AarYa work and first AarYa SS...
I'm hoping to get a good response from everyone..
please do give it a shot..
love u all...Hug 



Aarti stood by the window looking up at the sky. Her eyes gave up the feeling of restlessness that she was surrounded by. Her beautiful face was covered with anger and irritation. She looked at Ansh sleeping peacefully right in the middle of the bed and she wished she could turn back into a kid, CAREFREE LIKE A BIRD. She sighed and looked at the sky again. The clouds had started to surround the moon. She could see the moon fighting to come out of the TRAP of the clouds but the clouds were slowly covering it and finally the clouds TRAPPED the moon. She smiled sarcastically, her life was the same; TRAPPED..!!
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