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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 4

Part 4

Geet woke up with the sound of her phone..

Geet: hello..

George: hey Geet..its me George..

Geet: ohh hi George..sorry i juz woke up so couldn't recognize ur voice..

George: ohh its alright Geet.. I called up to inform you about the party that I'm holding at my place tomorrow evening at 8..

Geet: ohh wow George.. I was so dying for a party.. Big smile

George: hahaha.. LOL Don't worry you have a party to attend now.. & yeah by the way.. The theme is formals..

Geet: nice.. That sounds fun.. Smile I'll surely be there..

George: yeah.. I'll be waiting.. Bye..

Geet: bye..see you.. Smile

Geet kept down the phone..hearing the news of the party..she got so happy that she completely forgot about the morning incident & started planning for the party..
The other side, Maan too gets up with the ring of his phone..

Maan: OMG.. Did I sleep for so long? Who's this calling..??

He picks up the phone..

Maan: hello...

George: Hey hi buddy... Smile

Maan: ohh hi George.. Smile How are you man..? When did you change your number..?
George: ohh.. Just changed it..

Maan: ohh..so how is everything going..?
George: everything is going great yaar.. I just came back from an add shoot.. It went amazing & that's why I'm throwing a party tomorrow at 8pm.. & Maan you've got to come..
Maan: ohh congrats dude..but yaar I don't know.. I don't feel like attending a party..

George: ohh cumon Maan..there are so many people coming..please yaar.. A lot of newcomers from the industry will be there.. You'll get to meet them.. I mean.. There's Shreya Malik coming.. Then Ameena Quadri.. Geet Handa.. Suhana Sharma...

Maan: wait wait..what did you just say? Who's coming?

George: Suhana Sharma?

Maan: no no.. Before her..

George: Geet Handa..?

Maan: right.. She's coming?

George: yeah.. For sure.. I just called her up before you..she's very excited about the party unlike you.. Ermm

Maan: ohh cumon George.. Don't get so pissed off.. Fine I'm coming.. Happy now? Smile

George: ohh man..Thanks a ton.. Big smile N yeah the theme is formals..

Maan: okay.. I'll be there.. See you buddy... Smile

George: yeah.. See you.. Bye..

Maan kept the phone down.. He was jumping with sheer delight in him.. DancingHe was so happy...Big smile He was going to get a chance to apologize to Geet & may be befriend her..

Maan: ohh God.. Thank you so much... For giving me a chance to correct my fault.. For giving me a chance to meet my dream girl again.. For giving me my dream girl.. I really cannot thank you enough.. Big smile

He quickly prayed to God silently & set off to his study to do some work..
Meanwhile Geet was very excited..

Geet: Oh my god.. Oh my god.. Rimi tujhe pata hai George ne kal apne ghar pe party rakhi hai.. Big smile

Rimi: khush to aise ho rahi hai jaise pehli baar aisi party me jaa rahi hai..

Geet: are wo baat nahi hai..waise bhi I was dying for a party & upar se its George's party.. There are going to be so many big names.. I can grow my contact circle you know.. Big smile

Rimi: haan ye to hai..acha hai..so what are you going to wear..?

Geet: I'm thinking of wearing a sari coz the theme is formals nah.. But I'll have to go shopping for that tomorrow.. Tu mere sath chalegi na Rimi..?

Rimi: of course darling.. To kal shopping pakki.. Wink

Both of them sit & plan their next day.. & later they have their dinner & go to sleep..
Meanwhile Maan completes his work.. N sits down 4 dinner..

Maan(to himself): Geet came to thank me & mai budhhu i fought with her.. What a jerk i am.. Mujhme na sachhi akal nahi hai..but nevertheless ab I can't turn back the time..now I'll apologize to her tomorrow & try & win her.. Smile

With this determination, he finished his food & went off to sleep..

The sun rays of the next morning were different to Geet.. She didn't get irritated by it as usual.. In fact she immediately woke up & started Rimi..

Geet: Rimi.. Rimiii.. Uth na..kya kumbhkaran ke jaise so rahi hai...uth na.. Ermm

Rimi: Geet..Ye kya pagalpan..aaj jana hai to uth gai & mujhe kumbhkaran keh rahi hai..har roz khud soti rehti hai.. Angry

Geet: wo sab chod.. Aaj to uth ja.. Shopping chalna hai..

Rimi: acha thik hai baba..uth rahi hun..tu ja jake naha le..

Geet: thik hai.. I'm going..you also get ready.. Big smile

With that Geet strodes out of Rimi's room & freshens up...meanwhile even Rimi got ready.. Then both of them have their breakfast & then they move out for the shopping..

The other side.. Maan wakes up late.. He feels very lazy.. But suddenly he remembers about the party..

Maan: OMG.. I have to go to the party today.. I have to look good in front of Geet.. God..what will I wear..?? Shocked

He rushed towards his wardrobe & finally after like an hour or two, he chose a black pant, blue shirt & a black waist coat for himself..
(Abreshmina- who says only girls take time to choose their dress... Phew...)

Maan: yes.. This would be perfect.. Big smile

With a contended heart.. He finally went on to freshen up & continue his day to day work..
Meanwhile Geet & Rimi reach the marketplace..
The entered the first shop..

Salesman: ma'am..what would you like to see?

Geet: I would like to see some nice Georgette sarees..

Salesman: this way ma'am..

The salesman showed her about 30 sarees but Geet wasn't even impressed by one..

Geet: Rimi.. I don't like any of this.. Ermm

Rimi: OMG Geet..are you crazy.. Out of 30..you didn't even like one?? Shocked

Geet: haan to..chalo lets go in some other shop..

She says a humble thank you to the salesman & leaves.. Like that she kept looking into different shops.. But Geet was Geet.. She wasn't impressed with any of them..

Rimi: Geet.. You'll make me go crazy..what's wrong with you.. Ek saree to pasand kar le.. Ermm

Geet: arrey.. Pasand aa hi nahi rahi to kahan se kar lun..

Rimi: Look at the time Geet..it's already 4.. 4 hours me party hai..

Geet: I know..chal us shop me chalte hain..

They enter the shop.. & the salesman starts showing the sarees.. Geet was instantly impressed with the first saree itself.. It was a blue Georgette saree with golden embroidery.. It was beautiful..

Geet: OMG.. Rimi look at this one.. This is soo pretty... Thumbs Up

Rimi: yup Geet.. This is very pretty.. Smile

Geet quickly bought that saree & went home...
Later.. Maan dressed himself in his formals & went to the party..
Maan reaches the party sharp at 8..

George: hey Maan.. I'm glad you made it.. Smile

Maan: had to do it for you buddy... Smile
(Abreshmina - ahaann.. Wink jhoot jhoot... George bechare ki to koi aukaat hi nahi.. party me to hamare Maan Singh Khurana Geet Handa ke lie aae hain.. Wink Tongue LOL)
George: thank you Maan.. Enjoy the party... Smile

Maan(thinks): I hope so.. Bas Geet meri apology accept kar le..

Maan stayed near the door.. He wanted to be the first one to lay his eyes on Geet when she enters the party...

Meanwhile.. Geet got ready to leave for the party..

Rimi: OMG Geet..aaj to tu kayamat lag rahi hai.. Aaj to sab wahan tujhpe fida hone wale hain.. Wink

Geet smiles..

Geet: thanks Rimi.. See you.. Byee.. Smile

With that.. Geet left for the party..

After sometime...when as soon as she entered the party venue.. She felt the wind blowing again.. She felt his aroma in the air..

Geet(thinking): OMG..He's here too.. Plzz babaji.. Aaj mujhe usse milwa hi dena.. Plzz.. Smile

Meanwhile.. Maan too felt her presence..

Maan(thinks): OMG..she's here.. Ohh God.. Please aaj sath de dena.. Confused

Geet entered the party..
Both of them saw each other..

Maan was awestruck by her beauty.. She looked beautiful.. Angelic.. Ravishing.. To him she looked the prettiest girl in the world.. He kept looking at her without blinking his eyelids..

Geet too kept looking at him but not with amazement but rage.. She hated his sight.. She loathed his presence..

Geet(thinking): kya babaji.. Is manhoos ki shakal dikha di.. Angry

Both kept looking at each other but with different emotions in their eyes..

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