Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 14

Part 14

Rimi : Geet... Uth ja... Subah ke 11baj rahe hain meri maa... Uth ja kumbhkaran
(to herself - uffo... Aaj ye door bhi lock kar rakha hai isne.. Door bang karne ke alawa koi option hi nahi hai)

Rimi kept banging the door for 10 mins..

Finally Geet heard Rimi's voice.. She opened her eyes..
And she was startled..
She was in Maan's lap sleeping with her head on his shoulder holding him by his waist and Maan was sitting engulfing her in his protective hug and his head rested on her shoulder...
Geet kept ogling at him.. He looked like such a baby... She traced her fingers on his eyes.. Then on his nose.. She smiled.. Then she traced the line of his m-shaped lips.. He smiled in his sleep... She was rubbing his lips with her finger and suddenly..

Maan: Jaan... Mere lips itne hi ache lag rahe hain to why don't you glossify them...

Geet hit Maan's chest..

Geet: kitne besharam ho tum Maan... romance baad me karna.. Bahar ka shor nahi sunai de raha.. Rimi kabse darwaza peet rahi hai...

Maan: acha ji.. Utni der se jab aap mujhe dekh rahi thin tab to aapko ye khayal nahi aa raha tha...

Geet: meri marzi.. Ab aa raha hai.. Jao Maan... Rimi ko pata lag gaya to...

Maan: pata lag gaya to kya hua... She knows we love each other..

Geet: pata hai to kya hua.. Maan acha thori na lagta hai.. Please Maan.. Meri khatir jao na..

Maan: uffo Angel... You know I can do anything for you... And now you're taking advantage of that...

Geet: hehehehe... Ab jab mere paas facility hai so why shouldn't I use it.. Wink

Maan: thik hai.. But mai iska badla to leke rahunga...

Geet: dekh lenge wo.. Abhi jao na...

Maan: okay.. Waise bhi I'm feeling really sleepy... Chalo you go freshen up and have fun with Rimi.. I'm gonna catch my beauty sleep... Wink and I'm gonna have wild dreams regarding you..

Geet turned crimson red on his words..

Geet: jo karna hai karo.. Abhi jao...

Maan: okay.. Bye Angel...

Maan quickly gave a peck on Geet's lips and jumped out of the window..
Geet kept looking at him mesmerised.. He was truly a sweetheart..
The bang on the door got her out of her la la land..
Geet quickly stabilised her racing heartbeats and opened the door pretending to be sleepy..

Geet: kya hai Rimi.. Kyu neend ki aisi taisi maar rahi hai... (fakingly yawned)

Rimi: madam sleeping beauty... 11:30 ho rahe hain... Half an hour se.. I'm madly banging the door... Tu pagal hai kya...uth ja ab... Go freshen up... Alka breakfast almost ready kar chuki hai...

Geet: thik hai.. Mai fresh hoti hun.. Tu ja..
Geet shut the door and smiled to herself.. Actress hone ka ek faeda to aaj usne utha lia.. Kamse kam Rimi ko shak nahi hua... Hehhehehe...

Geet went to have her shower...
She stood beneath the water remembering the events of last night.. She smiled and shied at the same time.. She couldn't believe.. She just uttered a simple sentence,though her heart only knows that she really wanted Maan beside her.. But then.. He came.. Came to her just to realise her simple wish..

(Abreshmina - a aan.. U forgot Geet... Your heart now belongs to Maan.. So.. Of course he would know what your heart desires.. Wink)

Geet quickly had her shower shying, smiling, singing and dancing to herself... And then went to the dining room...

Rimi: mil gai fursat aapko Maan ke dreams se... Uffo Geet.. Had hoti hai.. Din me bhi uski aisi gehri dreams me thi ki mere door pagalon ki tarah peetne ke baad bhi teri neend nahi khul rahi thi..

(Abreshmina - oops.. Bechari Rimi.. She doesn't know.. Dreams me nahi thi.. Wo to peacefully real me Maan ki baahon me thi.. Tabhi to kisi cheez ka hosh nahi tha... Hehehhee... Wink)

Geet smiled inwardly.. But quickly calmed herself..

Geet: aisa kuch nahi hai.. Mai koi dream wream nahi dekh rahi thi.. Raat ko der se soi thi to subah aankh nahi khuli.. Bas..

Rimi: haan haan... Tu to kahegi hi.. Par...

Geet: bas kar Rimi... Ab breakfast karen please...

Rimi smiled wide...

Rimi: hehehe.. Chal thik hai...

They had their breakfast... And then Rimi settled down with the newspaper while Geet was going through her dates for her next film's shoot...
After sometime.. She checked her phone but there was no call or message from Maan... She called him up but Maan didn't pick up the call.. She called several times but there was no response..
Geet got restless.. Maan would never do that.. She got tensed...
Sudeenly it striked her..

Geet: OMG.. How did I forget.. He must be sleeping.. He said he's going to sleep... Uffo.. Khana bhi nahi khaya hoga... Itna late ho raha hai.. Itni der tak bhooke rehna is not good for health..

Geet again called up Maan but again there was no response...

Geet: uff.. Ye Maan ko to hosh hi nahi hai.. Ab kya karun...

Suddenly something striked her mind.. Geet smiled wide.. She quickly went to her room and came out after 15mins..

Geet: Rimi.. Mai kuch kaam se bahar ja rahi hun.. I'll come a little late... Bye..

Rimi: okay.. Bye..

Geet quickly went out.. Caught a taxi and after 15mins she stood in front of a door..
She remembered a moment..

[flashback of the morning scene]
Maan was about to leave when he suddenly turned back..

Geet: ab kya hua Maan???

Maan: Angel..actually mujhe tumhe kuch dena tha.. Kal dena hi bhool gaya..

Geet: kuch dena tha?? Kya Maan???

Maan slowly raised Geet's hand and placed a key in her hand..

Geet: Maan ... Ye kya hai...???

Maan: Angel.. Ye mere ghar ki spare key hai.. Ab wo ghar tumhara bhi hai.. Tumhara jab mann kare aa jana wahan.. Chahe mai ghar me hon ya na hon..tum kabhi bhi aa jana..
Geet: Maan ...par iski kya zarurat hai..??

Maan: shhh Angel... Apne ghar ki key to honi hi chahie nah.. So just keep it..

With that he kissed her cheek and jumped out of the window..
[flashback end]

Geet laughed to herself.. Maan gave her the key to his home today itself and here she was.. Right in front of his door.. About to sneak in when he was in the house.. Lol..
She quickly opened the door with the key.. She entered the house and was shocked and mesmerised to see her pictures hung throughout the house..

She went to the first picture..

 It was her picture from George's party.. Beneath the picture, Maan had himself written..
 'The Angel of My Life Sent Straight From the Heaven Above to Brighten My Life With the Glow and Spark In Her'...
She traced the handwriting.. She already had tears glistening her eyes..
She then went to the second picture..

It was the picture when after that party she was going to her home leaving Maan in the car.. Beneath it was written..
 'Would Never Let You Leave Me Once I Possess You Completely'..
She kissed those words.. At that point of time.. She felt like the luckiest girl in the universe..
She went to the third picture..

It was her photo from the costa coffee date.. She was smiling in the picture.. Beneath the picture, Maan had written..
 'Your Smile Makes Me Smile.. You're My Dear Angel.. Your Smile Makes My Entire World Happy.. I Promise Never to Let That Smile Waver Away From Your Angelic Face'..
She quickly wiped her tears and ran upstairs to Maan's room..
There he was sleeping peacefully with a contended smile on his face.. She ran to him and hugged him tight..
Maan got startled by Geet's presence .. He thought he was dreaming.. But then he realised that was reality...
He quickly cupped her face...

Maan: kya hua Angel... Why are you crying?? Kuch hua kya?? Did someone say anything to you?? Bolo Angel please.. Mujhe tension ho rahi hai..
Geet quickly wiped her tears and controlled herself.. She realised her outflow of emotions was disturbing Maan..

Geet: are nahi Maan.. Tum pareshan mat ho.. Wo bas neeche apni pictures dekhke thora emotional ho gai..

Maan: whoa... Baap re Angel.. Tumne to mujhe dara hi dia.. Ab cumon Angel.. Tum to meri life ho to mere ghar me tumhari pictures na ho aisa ho sakta hai kya..

And Maan kissed her forehead..

Maan: waise Angel.. Tum achanak yahan kaise..?? Kuch khaas baat hai kya??

Geet: haan hai to.. Fresh hoke neeche aao tab pata chalega..

Maan: okay.. Mai bas fauran apni Angel ke lie haazir hota hun..

Maan smiled and strode towards the washroom..

Geet smiled on his antics and went downstairs..

Maan quickly freshened up and went downstairs to find His Angel working on something in the kitchen..
He smiled at his cute life and went towards her..
Geet suddenly felt 2 hands encircling her waist.. She smiled...

Geet: aa gae janaab..

Maan: haanji... Aapke darbaar me haazir hain 'Mallika-e-Maan'...

Geet laughed...

Geet: Maan... Pareshan mat karo.. Sar hatao mere kande par se... Khana banane do...

Maan: ji nahi.. Mai to aise hi rahunga.. Tum banao apna khana... Waise ye batao Geet.. Tum mere ghar aake khana kyun bana rahi ho??

Geet: Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.. Khana aapke lie bana rahi hun to socha aapke ghar me hi aake bana lun..

Maan: mere lie..??? Par kyun??
Geet: Maan.. Shayad tum abnormal ho and tumhe bhook na lag rahi ho.. But I care for your health samjhe.. Itni der tak bhooka rehna health ke lie kharab hota hai.. Khud to tum apna dhyan rakhoge nahi.. Mujhe hi rakhna hoga..

Maan: ab jab meri Angel meri life me aa hi gai hai to mai apna khayal rakhke kya krunga.. Waise bhi mai kisi aur kya khayal rakhne me busy hun... Wink
Geet(pouted): haww... Tum kiska khayal rakhne me busy ho..??

Maan: hai koi bohot special..
Geet: haww... Kon hai wo special...???

Maan: wo hai bohot special.. Meri dil ki mallika hai... She owns my heart.. She's in my dreams.. And now she's my reality too.. She owns my entire being.. Aur wo is waqt bhi mere bohot qareeb hai aur mai pyar se unke kandhe pe apna sar rest kar raha hun.. Smile

Geet turned back and hugged him...

Geet: I love you Maan..!!

Maan: I love you too Angel..!!

Their hug represented their unsaid emotions, their passion, their love, their heart...

Geet broke the hug..

Geet: hato.. Emotional kar diya.. Khana banane do...

Maan laughed on his Angel's antics and rested back his head on her shoulder..
Geet finally cooked some pasta for him.. And both of them sat on the dining chairs.. And the pasta laid in front of Maan..

Geet: chalo.. Khao.. And tell me kaisa bana hai...??

Maan: mai to ek hi shart pe khaunga..

Geet: acha ji.. Aur wo shart kya hai..??

Maan pulled Geet towards him and Geet landed up in his lap..

Maan: bas yehi hai shart... Smile

Geet: Maan tum bhi nah..

Geet picked up the spoon and fed the pasta to him..

Maan: yummm... Kya baat hai Angel.. Tumhare haanth me to jadoo hai.. Please har roz mere lie khana bana diya karo.. Mai apne haanth ka sada hua khana kha khake pak gaya hun...

Geet: hehehhe... Acha ji...
Ghar aa jaya karo na tum.. Mai,tum aur Rimi.. Hum sab sath me khana khaya karenge.. Smile

Maan: okay.. Done...!!!

They kept chatting about evrything and anything to each other..

Geet: Maan... Waise ye meri pictures kabse???

Maan: Geet.. Mai tumse pyar karta hun ye to mujhe tabhi pata lag gaya tha jab mai tumhari movie ke premier me tumse takraya tha.. Bas tabse hamara har pyara lamha mai in pictures ke through apni aankhon aur apne dil me qaid kar raha hun..

Geet: Maan... I love you Maan... Mai sach me bohot lucky hun ki meri zindagi me tum ho..

Maan: lucky to mai hun Geet.. Ki meri zindagi me mujhe insaan ki shakal me Pari mil gayi..

Geet: ohh Maan.. You're such a sweetheart..

With that Geet hugged Maan tight.. Their hugged lasted long... They seemed to find solace in each other's arms.. It felt the best place in the world to them..
Together, they prayed to stay in that peaceful place forever..

Wo Pyar Hi Kya Jisme Aag Na Ho..
Wo Junoon Hi Kya Jisme Tadap Na ho..
Ye Pyar Hai Khud Khuda ka Noor-e-Abr..
Ise Chahke Bhi Koi Mita Na Paega Ab..!!

Dil Se Dil Jude Hain Inke..
Hawaen Karti Hain Ishaare..
Mohobbat Me Inki Hai Aag Itni..
Ghumon Me Nahi Hai Taaqat Jitni..!!

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