Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 2

Part 2

Next morning Geet woke up with the sound of Rimi shouting at her to get up..

Rimi: Geet..get up darling... Get up gotta show you something...uth jaa..
Geet: kya hai Rimi..kyu subah subah chilla rahi hai...khud to subah ko jaag jati hai..mujhe bhi jaga deti hai..
Rimi: are Geet..sun to...look at the review of your movie..
Geet: is the review gud..?? Do you think the movie would be a hit?? Bata na.. Confused
Rimi: movie ka to pata nahi..but you're defi going to be a hit... Big smile
Geet: ab ye kya baat hui.. Show me the review.. 

The review said..
'Pyar ke Dushman- The title says it all.. It's another highly predictable love story where the lead characters fall in love with each other during their college & when they finally want to marry, their families become the hinderance & create the drama that follows. This direction by Ketan Mehra might not even earn good in its first week due to its new starcast & not so promising trailers.

What works- Apart from the lead actress 'Geet Handa'- nothing. Geet Handa was outstanding, brilliant & promising . She did complete justice to her part & added the only flavour to the boring stereotype story. If not for her, people won't stay in the hall to watch the entire movie.

What doesn't work- The lead actor 'Parth Joshi', the direction, the music- basically almost everything. The direction is pathetic. Thought Ketan couldn't have done much with the actor but he could have used Geet Handa to her brillaince but he fails miserably over there too. Parth was an utter dissapointment. He overacted his parts & wasn't natural at all. The music, apart from being boring, didn't even go along with the movie. The songs were totally out of place.

All in all, it's another flop show. Last but not the least, if the movie would do any business, it would be all because of Geet Handa's brilliance.'

Geet couldnt react for sometime after reading the movie. She was shocked, happy, dissappointed & overwhelmed.. She was completely taken over by mixed emotions...

Rimi: kya hua Geet.. Aren't you happy.. You've been praised so much.. Confused

Geet forced herself out of her mixed emotional state...

Geet: uhh..wo..i don't know what to say yaar.. I mean I am happy that I've been praised but I'm sad since the movie has been bashed.. I don't know yaar.. I have a very mixed kind of a feeling...Confused
Rimi: yeah I get that..
Geet: I want to meet this man yaar.. To thank him & may be ask him that why he has bashed the movie to this level..
Rimi: yeah..its Indian Herald.. You can go to their office.. You'll get to meet the man...

Geet quickly leaves the newspaper & goes to have her shower.. She gets ready & comes to the dining room.. The maid Alka was in the kitchen..

Geet: Alka.. Is my breakfast ready??
Alka: yes madam.. I'll just get it for you..

Geet had her breakfast & left for the office of Indian Herald to meet his still unknown to her soulmate..
She entered the office & went straight to the receptionist..

Geet: excuse me.. May I please meet the person who wrote the review for the movie 'Pyar ke Dushman'.. I am Geet Handa..
Receptionist: uhh.. Ma'am.. I have no idea who wrote it.. But I'll just get back to you..

The receptionist called one of the person from the review department named Suraj..

Receptionist: Suraj.. Hi.. Yaar ye movie aai hai na.. Pyar ke Dushman.. Iska review kisne likha hai?
Suraj: review to Maan sir ne likha hai..kyu?
Receptionist: are nahi yaar wo unse milne ke lie uski lead actress aai hain..
Suraj: kya? Wo Geet Handa.. OMG... Mujhe mila de usse yaar... Shes so gorgeous.. Heart
Receptionist: aaja reception par..idhar hi baithi hai.. Waise Maan sir office to aae nahi honge.. To kya karen?
Suraj: tu CEO sir ko bol.. Wo Maan sir ko bula denge..
Receptionist: Thik hai.. Thanks yaar.. Smile
Suraj: thanks mat bol yaar.. Teri wajah se I'll get to meet Geet Handa.. Wink
Receptionist: acha thik hai chal bye..

The receptionist calls the CEO..

CEO: hello..
Receptionist: sir.. I am calling from the reception.. Actually sir.. Miss Geet Handa is here to meet Maan sir.. She wants to talk to him regarding the review..
CEO: ohh k.. I'll just call Maan & ask him to reach the office.. But till then ask someone to attend to her & make her sit in Maan's cabin..
Receptionist: yes sir.. I'll do that..

Receptionist keeps down the phone..

Receptionist: excuse me ma'am.. Maan sir is being called to come to the office.. Suraj is coming to attend to you till Maan sir comes.. He will take you to Maan sir's cabin..
Geet: WHAT..!! Will I have to wait for him? Shocked
Receptionist: yes ma'am..
Geet: but why didnt he come to the office..??
Receptionist: ma'am.. I'm sorry I can't let that out.. Please you can ask all that to Maan sir.. Please wait till then..
Geet(fuming): ohh k.. Fine.. 

Suraj comes & takes Geet to Maan's cabin..
Meanwhile.. The CEO calls Maan..

CEO: goodmorning Maan..!!
Maan: goodmorning sir..!! This early in the morning sir.. Anything important?
CEO: yes Maan.. Actually the actress Geet Handa is here to meet you..

As soon as Maan heard her name he shuddered.. He remembered the events of last night & got really nervous.. Ermm

Maan: uhh.. Wo.. Sir.. Why is she there?
CEO: what's wrong with you Maan..?? Why are you stuttering.. She's here to talk to you regarding the review.. Please come here..

Though Maan got really uncomfortable with the thought of being close to her but alas! he had no choice & so he agreed..

Maan: ok sir.. I'll be there in 20mins...
CEO: yes..please make it fast Maan..
Maan: yes sir.. I'll be there..

& keeps down the phone..

Maan(thinking): OMG.. How am I going to face her.. Just by thinking about her my heart is racing like anything.. What will happen when I am close to her.. How am I even going to speak to her..Ermm Maan.. Chup kar..itna nervous kyu ho raha hai.. She cannot be the girl of your dreams.. Stop all these thoughts..don't let them invade your mind.. Get ready & go..Stern Smile

Maan quickly gets ready & leaves for the office..
Meanwhile.. Geet's anger only keeps rising with the wait.. She hates to wait & no one makes Geet Handa wait..!!Angry Angry

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