Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 5

Part 5

Maan moved towards Geet..in a trance..he was sooo mesmerized by this angel..he couldn't take his eyes off her even for a moment.. She looked so sensuous yet so pure & decent in the saree.. OMG.. This girl really had something in her.. She was making Maan Singh Khurana go mad for her..

Geet: uff.. Why is he coming this side...kal wale scene se ise shanti nahi mili ki yahan bhi apna attitude dikhane chala aaya..huh.. Ermm

(Abreshmina- uff.. Geet beta.. itni jaldi perception nahi banate.. us bechare ki baat to sun lo... Tongue)

Maan without even looking at Geet's irritated expression, went to her & held her hand..

Maan: you look beautiful.. May I have the pleasure to dance with you..?Day Dreaming

(Abreshmina - Maan ji.. ye kya.. maafi maangi nahi.. dance ke lie pehle puch lia...LOL)

Geet blushed with his words but then she reminded herself of his arrogance..

Geet: no.. I'm not interested in dancing with a jerk like you.. Ermm

Her words broke Maan's trance..

Maan: uhh...wo...

He couldn't say anything.. He couldn't voice out his feelings at that time.. It wasn't even the right time..

Geet got irritated by his presence & left from there..

Maan was shocked by his actions.. He couldn't believe he actually asked Geet to dance with him even after yesterday's incident knowing she was angry with him.. He hit himself on his forehead..

Maan(to himself): tu bhi na gadha hai bilkul..pehle use sorry to bol..use mana le..fir hi to dance karegi wo..

George: bilkul sahi..kya baat hai.. I can see Maan Singh Khurana has gone flat on somebody.. Wink

Maan: uhh...there's nothing like that George.. You're taking it wrong..

& Maan left from there.. He searched for Geet here & there but he couldn't find her.. He got upset..

Maan: ohh God.. Kya islie aaj usse milwana.. At least give a chance to say sorry to her nah plzzz... Unhappy

George: there she is.. Drinks counter pe.. Cumon go & get her... Wink

Maan: uhh..wo ...thank you.. George you here again..??? Shocked

George: yeah.. saw you searching for her so just thought of helping you.. Wink

Maan walked towards Geet trying to gather all the courage he had in him.. He was very nervous.. What if she doesn't forgive him.. He was scared.. Afraid.. But still he went ahead..

Geet was sitting at the drinks counter having her cold drink.. Suddenly she felt the air.. A very strong wave of air.. Touching her face as if in pain.. In distraught.. In confusion.. In nervousness..

Geet(thinking): OMG.. Is he alright?? I can feel him very much near to me.. But why is he in so much pain..? In so much confusion? Hey babaji.. Plzz uski pareshani door kar do.. Mai kaise use pareshani me bardasht kar sakti hun.. Unhappy

(Abreshmina- hehehhe... aapko kya pata Geet ji.. wo aapko hi to leke pareshan hai...LOL)

While she was praying to her babaji.. Maan looked at her.. He smiled looking at her.. She looked so cute..so innocent.. He was in love with this ball of innocence.. & he truly madly deeply loved her..

Geet opened her eyes & saw Maan standing there looking at her.. Her eyes which were full of innocence turned into eyes which were full of rage..

Maan was shocked to see the rage.. OMG.. Did she hate him so much..

Maan(thinking): does she hate me so much just for a small mistake? Shocked Nahi Maan don't think about all this.. Just concentrate on apologizing her & pacifying her..

With that he filled himself with confidence & went one step closer to Geet..

Maan: Geet.. I'm sorry for my behaviour yesterday.. I am sorry for being so arrogant & disrespective.. I am really sorry Geet.. I know I should have understood but I didn't understand that waiting for me might have been problematic & irritating for you.. i know I should have realized but I'm such a jerk that I was on my own trip.. I am ashamed of my behaviour Geet.. I'm really very sorry... Will you please accept my apology..? Unhappy
Geet smiled inwardly.. Ohh God.. This man was soo cute.. He was apologizing with so much innocence & truthfulness.. She felt like kissing him then & there.. But then she controlled her feelings..

Geet: is it so easy Maan Singh Khurana to forget all that insult.. All that arrogance.. It might be easy for you but I hate people who walk with attitude in their veins..

Maan: Geet.. But I'm truly ashamed of my behaviour.. Sachhi...!!!

Geet: aahaaannn... Prove it...!!! *smirk*

Maan was confused.. Prove his apology... Now what will he have to do..?? Suddenly an idea stroked his mind...
Maan: (holding his ears)

I Am Sorry Oh sorry Jaane Do

Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do

I Am Sorry Oh Sorry Jaane Do

Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do I Am Sorry

Ho Gayee Galti Chhodo Bhi Yaaron..

Maan held Geet's hand & brought her forward..

I Am Sorry Baba Sorry Jaane Do

Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do..

Finally Geet felt that he was tortured enough for his mistake & she smiled.. Smile

Geet: That's Okay That's Okay Jaane Do

Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do.. Smile

With that Maan kissed her hands...

Maan: thank you so much Geet... Thank you so so so much... I'm glad that you have forgiven me... Smile

Geet: it's okay Maan.. It wasn't such a big mistake.. I was just making fun of you... Tongue

Maan: what?? Really?? Here you were making fun of me & i was so tensed & nervous..

As soon as Geet heard that.. She looked at Maan intensively.. She felt a tinge of hope..

Geet(thinking): is he the guy of my dreams? Is he the one I always feel? Is he my soul mate?

Maan saw Geet lost in her thoughts.. He waved his hand in front of her eyes..but Geet did not react.. Then he clicked his fingers beside her ear.. That brought Geet out of her thought process..

Geet(still somewhat lost): haan.. Day Dreaming
Maan: where are you so lost?

Geet: uhh wo.. Nowhere just like that..

Maan: are you sure you're okay?

Geet: yeah.. I'm fine..

Geet(thinking): Geet.. Ye kya bakwaas soch rahi hai.. Maan cannot be the one.. He's not even your type.. Tu pagal ho gai.. Forget all this & enjoy the party...
With that both Maan & Geet hit off the dance floor sizzling the stage with their moves..

Maan looked at Geet..

Maan(thinking): my God.. She's gorgeous man.. I'll surely make her mine.. After all she's the one for me.. Geet Handa..be all ready to fall in love with Maan Singh Khurana..!!! Wink

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