Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friendship YA Love? part 9

Part 9

Geet went numb..she panicked seeing Maan's lifeless body & blood oozing out of it.. She shouted for help..
Geet: SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME..PLEASE.. Maan..plzz hold don't leave me...plzz i wont let anything happen to you..but plzz hold it plzz Maan... PLEASE SOMEONE PLEASE HELP..!!
She was crying her heart out.. She weeped.. Screamed..
John came running..
John- ohh my god.. Geet we need to hurry.. Go bring the car.. I'l bring Maan.. Cumon.. Fast Geet.. We need to act..
Geet was just staring at Maan.. Ohh how she wished she could that smile on his face.. He hurriedly drove Maan to the hospital..
Dr- ohh..a lot of blood has been lost.. But I think its still not that critical.. Please relax.. We'll just check the patient.. Kindly go & fill the form please..
Geet went & filled the form.. & then waited outside the ICU.. She didnt feel anything at that point of time.. She felt as if her soul has been sucked out of her.. She just wanted her Maan.. She just wanted to hug making sure that he's fine.. Tears kept rolling down from her eyes but she didnt bother wiping them.. She just wanted to see Maan fine...
Suddenly Maan's cell rang.. She looked at the phone & instantly panicked.. It was Maan's mom calling..
Geet: how am I going to tell aunty about Maan.. No I wont tell her anything.. She'd panick being in India.. I should not worry her.. I can handle here..
She picked up the call trying to sound normal..
Geet: hello aunty.. How are you..?
Mrs. Khurana: are Geet tum.. Chalo acha hai tumse baat ho gai.. Maan kahan hai beta..
Geet: uhh wo aunty.. Maan is a little in some project.. Koi baat hai to mujhe keh dijie aunty..
Mrs. Khurana: bas beta Maan ko keh dena ki mai & tumhari mumma dono flight me baith gae hain.. & we'll reach there in about 12hrs.. To hamen airport pe pick krne aa jaae.. Bas tum dono se milne ka mann tha na beta to hum dono ne socha ki 2-3 dinon ke lie aa jaaen.. Thik hai beta mai phone rakhti hun.. Will see you... Bye beta..
Geet: bye aunty..
Geet couldnt think of anything when she kept the phone.. Ohh god they were coming here.. Ab to she cant even hide anything from them.. She sighed.. Alas they'll know..
Dr came out of the ICU..
Geet: how is Maan Dr? Is he fine?
Dr: yes dont worry.. Hes fine now.. He was badly injured but hes stable now.. Now.. You'll just have to take care of him.. We'll keep him here for like a week.. But still make sure he eats healthy food & rests..
Geet: yes Dr. Dont worry about that.. Thank you so much.. Can I see him now?
Dr: hes still unconscious.. But you can go & sit beside him but please make sure hes not disturbed..
Geet: yeah dont worry.. Thank you once again..
Geet moves in Maan's room.. She felt so relieved..so relaxed..& extremely delighted to see Maan fine infront of her eyes.. She felt her soul coming back to her.. She couldnt describe how relieved she was right now just to see Maan alright.. He was horrified the moment she saw the car coming towards Maan.. But now finally she took a breath..
Suddenly she remembered about the arrival of hers & Maan's mom.. She called up John..
John: hi Geet.. Is everything alright? How is Maan now..
Geet: hes fine now though still unconscious.. I need a favour from you John..
John: yeah sure Geet..
Geet: can you go to the airport around 10am.. Actually Maan's mom & my mom are coming.. & i'm with Maan.. So...
John: i get it Geet.. I'l pick them up frpm the airport.. But where do I take them.. To your place?
Geet: yeah take them to my place.. Ask them to keep their luggage over there & then bring them to the hospital..
John: ok.. Anything else..
Geet: yeah.. Kindly inform about Maan's accident in the office & please apply for a 2 weeks break..
John: yeah sure.. I'll do that.. You take care of yourself & Maan.. Bye..
Geet: yeah.. Thanks.. Bye..
Geet relaxed herself.. She held Maan's hand..
Geet: Maan.. Ullu.. Gadhe.. Jhalle.. Aise koi karta hai kya.. Jaan hi nikal di meri.. Aisa kya surprise tha tumhara jo road cross karte karte beech me ruk ke bata rahe the.. Kuch serious ho jata to.. Ye nai socha ki mera kya hota.. Aunty ka kya hota.. Ekdum gande ho tum.. Ek baar tum thik ho jao fir tumhe batati hun Maan Singh Khurana.. Chodungi nahi..
Geet kept talking to Maan for quite a long time & then eventually feel asleep..
Next morning...
Geet got up.. She saw Maan laying on the hospital.. She didnt like to see him in this condition.. She caressed his cheek.. She didnt know why she did that but she liked it..
Suddenly.. Maan's eyes started to open.. She called the doctor.. The doctor checked Maan & said that everything was alright..
Maan: Geet.. Tum kaisi ho?
Geet: chup raho ye tum puch rhe ho.. I should ask you that.. Aise koi karta hai kya.. Pata hai mai kitna zada pareshan ho gai thi..
& she started crying..
Maan: Geet.. Please mat ro.. Ab maine jaan buchke thori na kia & look at me.. I'm infront of you nah.. I'm fine..
Geet: hmm.. Are haan.. Maan mumma & aunty aa rhe hain..maine John ko unhe pick karke yahan laane keh dia hai..
Maan: ohh.. Shit ryt.. Mera surprise bhi kharab ho gaya..i thought mom & aunty ka aana would be a surprise for you..
Geet: koi baat nai Maan.. But abhi to mumma & aunty ko shock lagega..
Maan: haan yaar..
Meanwhile.. John picked up both the ladies & brought them to the hospital..
John: kindly go inside.. You'll get to know everything in there..
Both the ladies got very tensed.. They sensed that something was wrong.. They managed their steps shakingly..
As they entered..they saw Geet.. They took a breath of relief...
Mrs. Khurana: Geet.. Tum thik ho na.. Hum to darr hi gae the.. Aise hospital me kya kar rahi hai beta..
Geet: aunty.. Mai to thik hun.. Par Maan ka accident ho gaya tha..
Mrs. Khurana: KYA...!!!! Beta..wo thik to hai na..(she started sobbing)
Geet: aunty aap plzz roiye mat..wo thik hai ab..bas 1 week hospital me hi rakhenge use.. Aap chalie mere sath mil lijie usse...
Geet took both their moms 2 meet Maan.. As soon as both of them saw Maan..
Both: Maan..tu thik hai na beta.. Ye sab kaise..??
Maan: are mom bas ho gaya..itna tension mat lo mom.. I'm fine.. Pucho Geet se..abhi doctor ne bhi kaha ki i'm fine..
Mrs. Khurana: haan haan thik hai.. Acha hai hum dono bhi 2 din ke lie aa gae hain to tera khayal rakhne me Geet ka haanth bat jaega..
Geet: are aunty.. Aap ye kaisi baaten kar rahi hai..mai waise bhi Maan ka khayal rakh leti.. Waise bhi abhi ke lie aap dono ghar jaiye aur aaram kijie..itni lambi flight se hoke aae hain u need rest.. Car & driver bahar hai.. Aap dono ghar jaiye..
Mrs. Handa: are nai Geet hum thik hain..
Geet: mumma.. Maine kaha na ab behes mat karo.. Chalie aunty mumma.. Shaam ko aa jana.. Abhi chalie mai aap logon ko car tak chod deti hun..
& then both the ladies went home.. Geet came back in Maan's room..
Maan: Geet..tumhe bhi chale jana chahie tha.. Kal shaam se yahin ho.. Kuch khaya bhi nahi hoga tumne.. & phir itna stress bhi ho gaya tumhe..
Geet: chup raho..mai kaise chali jaati tumhe chodke.. Waise bhi abhi tumhe khilana pilana bhi to hai..
Nurse brought the soup..
Geet: nurse.. Give the bowl to me.. I'll make him drink..
Nurse handed over the bowl to Geet & left..
Geet: chalo Maan.. Mu kholo..
Maan: nahi Geet..ye bada bakwaas hoga.. Mai nahi piunga..
Geet: ye accident karvane se pehle sochna tha.. Ab chup chap se pee lo..nai to..
Maan: acha baba.. Dhamkaao to mat.. Laao pilao..
Geet fed the soup to Maan.. & as both of them were talking to each other.. They dossed off.. Both their heads were joint.. They looked like two pure souls dying to be one..!!!

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