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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 17

Part 17
Days passed and Geet's fan following grew each day.. Some loved her.. Some respected her.. Some envied her.. The talk of the town said.. Geet Handa dating Maan Singh Khurana - A newbie dating an established..
Geet was happy plus scared of all this fame and buzz.. She always wanted the fame but not in the name of someone else.. Not even Maan.. Other than that.. She would never want to tarnish Maan's image..

One day.. She was sitting in Maan's lap and she asked..

Geet: Maan.. All this news buzzing in the town.. I'm sorry to have troubled you so much..

Maan laughed..

Maan: Angel.. I belong to this same media industry.. I know every bit of it.. It's never about me and you.. If I would have been seen a couple of times with any other girl or even a guy for that matter.. You never know, I might have been linked with any of them too.. (laughed).. In fact Geet.. I'm glad that I'm being linked with you.. Because that's supposed to be a truth.. Smile

Geet smiled and look into Maan's eyes with utmost love and respect.. She kissed his nose lightly..
Maan smiled and kissed her forehead.. Both sat peacefully in each other's embrace..

Finally the day of the release of Geet's movie arrived..
Geet was very nervous.. She was pacing up and down the entire house..

Rimi: Geet.. Ye kya kar rahi hai..?? Relax kar yaar.. Itna kyun tension le rahi hai.. I'm sure the movie is going to be a hit.. Please.. Now stop pacing up and down like this..

Geet: yaar Rimi.. Phir bhi.. Tension to hoti hai na.. Rehne de.. Maan bhi ni aaya abhi tak.. Pata nahi kahan hai.. Mai ja rahi hun upar...
Rimi: uffo.. Phir Maan ki painting ke aage baithi rahegi...

Geet: haan to.. Jab tak wo ni aata.. Uski painting hi sahi... Mai chali..

Geet goes upstairs and Rimi shouts..

Rimi: Geet Handa.. You're crazily and madly in love with Maan Singh Khurana... Bless u..
(here's d tinge of my dear friend.. Angel this one's for you.. Luvya gf.. Wink)

Geet went to her painting room and sat in front of Maan's painting..

Geet: kya Maan.. Kabse wait kar rahi hun.. Ho kahan tum?? Phone bhi nahi lag raha.. Unhappy mera itna big day.. And you're lost.. Huh.. Jao.. Mai tumse gussa..

Geet kept complaining to Maan's painting..
The doorbell rang and Rimi opened the door..

Rimi: thank God tum aa gae Maan.. Jao.. Ab tum hi apni Angel ko samjhao.. Subah se pagal ho rahi hai..
Maan: oops.. Mai to gaya.. Gussa hai kya??

Rimi: ofcourse.. Gussa waise bhi Geet Handa ke naak pe rehta hai upar se aaj subah se tum gayab the and phone bhi band.. The kahan tum??

Maan: are yaar.. I was setting up everything at the premier venue.. Phir Indian Herald ke office bhi jana pada.. Wahan I had to select the journalist who'll do the review for Geet's movie today..

Rimi: jo bhi hai.. Jao jaake apni Geet ko hi ye sab samjhao.. Upar painting room me hai..

Maan bit his lips n went upstairs.. He opened the door and saw Geet sitting in front of his picture pouting and complaining to him..
Aww.. She looked so cute.. With her change of expressions after every second.. Her little nose which was red now.. Her rosy lips which were constantly complaining to him.. She looked like such a cute baby.. He felt like taking her in his embrace and hide her from the world..

He went inside the room..
Geet turned feeling his essence in the air.. She looked at him.. He stood there holding his ears and looking at her with an expression saying sorry..
She flared her nose and turned her back to him..
Maan smiled and went towards her.. He held her shoulder and turned her towards him..

Maan: Angel.. Sorry.. Me sachhi me busy tha..
Geet: itne busy the ki phone bhi off kar rakha tha..??
Maan: sachhi baba... Mai premier venue gaya tha.. Wahan sab dhang se set karne.. Phir office bhi jana pada.. Had to select the journalist who's going to do your movie review today.. Free hote hi mai tumhare paas aaya hun..

Geet looked into his eyes.. There was so much of sincerity in those eyes.. She knew she couldn't stay angry from Maan..

Geet: thik hai.. Abhi maaf kia but dobara se aisa nahi hona chahie..

Maan smiled and hugged her..

Maan: aur tum itni tension me kyu ho??
Geet: tension kaise nahi hogi.. Aaj premier hai.. Waise itni nervous hun.. Upar se tum bhi gayab the..

Maan: aww.. Meri pyari Angel.. Ab mai aa gaya hun na.. Geet.. You know you've given your best.. To phir ye tension bilkul nahi.. Aur phir mai hun na tumhare sath.. To phir tension kis baat ki.. Smile

Geet: Smile love you Maan.. Tumhari wajah se meri tension door ho gai..

Maan: you're always welcome my Angel.. Acha haan.. Ek aur baat.. Tumhe to pata hi hai wahan media bhi hogi.. Hum dono sath jaenge to wo hamare baare me sawaal puchenge hi.. To kya aaj hum duniya ko bata sakte hain ki Maan aur Geet sach much ek hain??

Geet was overwhelmed hearing that..

Geet: isme mujhe aitraaz ho hi kaise sakta hai Maan.. Infact.. I'm super happy... Big smile

Maan: ab last but not the least.. Here's a gift for you.. Aaj premier me yehi pehenna.. Bilkul Maan Singh Khurana ki Angel lagogi.. Smile
There was pure love in Maan's eyes.. Geet just couldn't stop the tears from flowing through her eyes..
Maan wiped her tears lovingly and just nodded his head negatively..

Geet went to her room and took out the dress...
It was a baby pink gown with net sleeves..
Geet was astonished by the beauty of the gown.. She smiled bright n changed herself into it..
Geet came out of her room all ready to go..
Maan just couldn't take his eyes of her.. She looked thousand times prettier than what he had imagined.. He realised his imagination could never match up to this epitome of beauty.. She truly looked 'Maan Ki Angel'..
Geet noticed Maan's intense gaze on her and lowered her eyes unable to look upto him.. A deep blush crept up on her cheeks..

Rimi looked at their wordless conversation and finally decided to intervene.. She coughed loud that got both of them out of their trance..

Rimi: ab chalen ya premier ke baad pohochna hai..

Geet smiled out of embarrassment and Maan laughed..
All three of them got into Maan's car and reached the premier venue..
As soon as the car reached the venue.. Media started to hurdle around their car..
Geet started getting nervous again.. Maan stopped the car in the parking and squeezed her hand reassuringly..

Maan: don't worry Geet.. Everything's going to be great.. And then me and Rimi are here with you.. Now smile Angel..

Geet smiled an nodded her head..

They stepped out of the car and the journalists started pouring their questions on them..
Maan, Geet and Rimi walked passed the journalists and reached the entrance of the hall..

Maan: everyone.. Please keep your questions for the interviews after the premier.. Thank you..!!

With that Maan held Geet's hand and the three of them entered the hall..
The three of them took their seats and Maan reassuringly squeezed Geet's hand asking her to shed those lines of worries from her forehead..
She smiled at his gesture..

Finally, the premier came to an end and it was time for Geet's interviews..

Geet: Maan.. You're coming along?
Maan: yeah.. Can't stay away from you.. Wink

Geet and Maan went ahead for the interviews..

Journalist 1: Miss Handa.. You're last movie was a disaster even though you were praised.. What do you think will be the fate of this movie..?

Geet: the fate of the movie isn't in my hands.. last time I worked hard and even this time I've given my best.. I can just hope for the movie to do great.. Rest is in the hands of the audience..

Maan was proud of Geet's answer.. He looked at her with utmost pride and affection in his eyes..

Journalist 2: why do you think you got this role..??

Geet: I got this role because I deserved it..

Journalist 3: Miss Geet Handa.. Are you dating Mr. Maan Singh Khurana..??

Geet looked at Maan smiling.. Maan squeezed her hands and blinked his eyes asking her to let him take the lead..
Geet smiled at him and nodded her heart..

Maan: first and foremost.. Please don't use the word 'date'.. It just sounds really hollow to me.. Then coming to the question.. Yes.. Me and Geet are in love with each other.. We are together and together for life.. Yes.. MAAN SINGH KHURANA HAS LOST HIS HEART TO GEET HANDA..

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