Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 3

Part 3

Maan enters the office..
Geet suddenly felt some different essence in the air..she felt THE WIND in the wind of the fan..

Geet(thinking): OMG.. Is he here? Does he know me that he's everywhere I go..? Will I be able to meet him today? Ohh God.. I feel butterflies in my stomach.. Blushing Day Dreaming

Meanwhile.. Maan felt the difference too.. He knew she was here.. He had already stopped fighting with his feelings.. He had accepted it that Geet Handa was the girl of his dreams..he calms himself down & goes to his cabin.. He saw Geet sitting there waiting for him..

Maan(thinking): ohh how sweet.. She's waiting patiently for me..Smile

Least did he know that Geet wasn't patient & calm..
(Abreshmina - Maan babu.. ab Geet Handa se pyar to kar lia...ab zara achhe se janne ki bari hai...LOL Tongue)
He went to his chair & sat down..

Maan: I am sorry Miss Geet Handa for making you wait for so long..

Geet was lost in the aroma she just felt right at that moment' In the air.. The aroma of her soul mate..She didn't even notice Maan entering the cabin.. She was just inhaling the aroma.. Day Dreaming

Maan: hello.. Are you listening to me..?? Confused

The voice broke Geet the trance Geet was drowned in.. She stared at him rather gaped at him.. She felt the tinge of her soul mate in him.. His aroma.. His essence that just filled the room was exactly the same that she feels every night in the wind..
but suddenly she remembered that she had been made to wait by this man for the past 25mins..

Geet: sorry? Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.. you wasted like almost half an hour of my time & you say sorry for that?? Angry

Maan: excuse me Miss.. What else am I supposed to do.. bow to you or fall on your feet & ask for forgiveness...huh.. Ermm I reached here as fast as I could to attend to you..

Geet: your fast wasn't fast enough Mr. Why couldn't you have come to your office at time..?

Maan: that's none of your business.. & yes.. If you're here to talk some sense then go ahead or else I'm not interested in your nonsense..

Geet: hawww.. Shocked You call my talk nonsense.. Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.. Where do you get this stupid attitude from?

Maan: I don't find you important enough to answer that question..

Geet: hawww... What... What did you just say??

Maan: stop stuttering.. Yes you heard it right.. I don't find you important enough.. Now as I see you don't have to talk some sense & you're here just to pass you time with me & as I'm not interested.. You can leave...Stern Smile

Geet: even I'm not interested in sitting here & taking your fake arrogance.. Angry

With that she stomped her feet & strode out of the cabin in sheer disbelieve & anger.. She hated his attitude & arrogance.. Angry Angry

Geet(thinking): sheer wastage of time with such a jerk.. Huh... I would have better not come in gratitude to thank him for his compliments.. Huh... He doesn't even deserve my thanks.. Angry

Maan went to the CEO..

CEO: what happened Maan.. Why was she here?

Maan: nothing sir.. She was here for utter nonsense..

CEO: what are you saying Maan..? She wanted to meet you.. I think she wanted to thank you for appreciating her..

Maan: uhh.. Such an attitude freak can never come to say thank you sir..

CEO: i don't know what happened between you two.. But I would advice you to sought it out..

Maan: ahh.. Let it be sir.. I think I should leave.. Bye sir..

CEO: bye Maan..

Maan left the office thinking about the incident between him & Geet..
Suraj had seen the fight between Maan & Geet.. He was glad that there was at least someone who was not charmed by the charm of Maan Singh Khurana..
Maan kept thinking about Geet throughout his way back.. He thought of her smile.. Her hair.. Her anger everything..

Maan(thinking): did she really come to thank me? Was I arrogant to her? OMG.. What did I do.. I fought with my dream girl the first time I properly met her.. Shit.. I should have been more patient.. She had to wait for me.. Of course she would get angry.. Her time is precious too.. Damn.. I should have been calmer.. What do I do now.. I don't even know if she'll ever talk to me again.. Will I ever get a chance to meet her again & say sorry.. Shit.. Idiot Maan.. What did you do.. Huh... Unhappy Unhappy

With a sad & disappointing feeling in his heart.. Maan laid down on his bed listening to some good music that might calm him down..

Meanwhile.. Geet reached back to her place still angry due to the incident..

Geet: idiot.. Moron... Battameez.. Gadha.. Ullu... Besharam.. What does he think of himself.. Geet Handa ke paas world ka sara vella time hai us gadhe ke paas jake timepass karne ke lie.. What a jerk he is.. Angry OMG.. Babaji aap aise log bhi banate ho jinko apne aap se kabhi fursat hi nahi milti.. Jinko apne alawa koi aur kabhi dikhta hi nahi.. Huh.. Please babaji.. Dobara us moron ki shakal mat dikhana mujhe.. Please.. Disapprove

With that she went to her room & laid down on her bed with some music to calm her down..
Both had no idea that they were doing the same thing to calm down themselves at the same time.. They were so meant for each other.. Then why would babaji not make them meet again..??

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