Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 10

Part 10

Next morning.. Geet got up with a confused look on her face..

Geet: firse wohi sapna.. Uff.. Babaji.. Ye kaise sapne dikha rahe ho aap..

Irritated by the same dream stating her soul mate to be Maan, she got up from her bed & paced towards the washroom..

She had a peaceful yet thoughtful bath.. She kept thinking about the dream she had seen.. She was very confused with the way her thoughts were running..

Geet: pehle to wo sapna.. Aur fir wo khuli aankhon wala sapna.. Babaji.. Ye mere sath kya ho raha hai.. Mai to na pakka pagal ho jaungi aise.. Please babaji.. Apni is bandi ki raksha karo..

She had her bath & moved out wearing her bath robe.. She started searching for Maan in the room.. She didn't know why but she wanted him to be there with her.. Her eyes wandered throughout the room..

Geet(self talk): kya kar rahi hai Geet.. Maan yahan kaise ho sakta hai.. Tujhe kya ho gaya hai.. Apne thoughts pe control kar jhalli..

She laid down on her bed & closed her eyes.. She started getting images of Maan looking at her intensively.. She saw him coming towards her with a smirk on his face.. She shied.. She exactly knew what he intended to do.. Maan came forward & held her by her waist.. Held her as such that there was no gap even for the air to pass.. Geet could feel his arousal poking her tummy.. She felt greatly aroused.. She raised her hand to caress her cheek but Maan held her hand.. He smirked & nodded his head negatively.. Geet pleaded him to leave her hand but he locked her hand behind her back.. He pushed her onto the bed & held her hands on either side of her body.. She looked into his eyes.. They were immensely dark with desire.. But that desirous shine wasn't lust.. It was LOVE.. She smiled.. She closed her eyes anticipating her to take over her.. He kissed the crook of her neck.. She hissed.. It was a beautiful sensation.. His slight stubble that caressed the skin of her neck.. That touch burned her skin.. She felt the fire.. He then kissed her chin.. Her lips parted.. She wanted to kiss him.. She wanted to taste his saliva..

Geet: Maan.. Kiss me please.. Stop torturing me..

Maan: ahh.. Have patience darling..

Maan himself was losing his patience but he didn't give up.. He wanted Geet to anticipate his every move with as much fervour as him.. He then kissed her right cheek.. She hissed.. Her breast heaved up in anticipation.. Maan then kissed her left cheek.. She hissed again.. Maan rubbed her hands.. He then kissed her eyes.. She smiled.. Maan then lifted himself a little.. Geet felt him going away.. She frowned.. Her forehead immediately showed some lines.. Maan smiled.. Ohh how much he loved her.. She was such a sweetheart..

Maan looked at her luscious lips.. They looked so inviting.. Slightly parted.. Waiting for him.. Geet frowned.. What was taking Maan so much time.. She opened her eyes.. Immediately Maan took her lips into his.. They felt so juicy.. He sucked her lips.. Maan parted her slightly parted lips more & entered his tongue into her mouth.. Feeling every corner of her mouth.. Licking & sucking every crevice of her mouth.. Both of them felt completely different sensation.. They loved this new sensation.. It felt like 7th heaven.. Both their saliva mingled.. Both their tongues were exploring each others' mouth.. It tasted amazing to them.. Maan bit her lips slightly.. Geet moaned his name..

Her moan connected her dream to Maan's.. Now Maan could see her moaning to his bites.. He licked her lips to south the slight pain he had caused.. Geet moaned further.. Lost in the taste of Geet's mouth, Maan left her hand.. Her hand immediately started brushing his hair.. Like it was a reflex.. Both of them kissed each other passionately enjoying each others' taste.. Maan moved down to her shoulder.. His licked her exposed shoulder.. Geet hissed.. He then bit her shoulder marking it his.. Geet moaned.. Maan slipped her bath robe further down exposing her cleavage.. He bit her cleavage.. Geet held his hair tightly pushing him further into her cleavage.. She wanted him more.. Maan too was no less.. He slipped the robe further down.. & there came the most beautiful vision in the world.. Her breast looked inviting.. Her nipples were as hard as a rock.. He pressed her nipple with her fingers.. She moaned lifting her chest further.. He held both her breasts in in his hands & rocked it.. Her skin felt so soft under his hard skin.. It was as smooth as a butter.. He rocked & rocked it.. Till he couldn't control anymore & he bit her nipple.. She screamed.. MAAN...

(Abreshmina- baap re aisa dream.. Babaji... Mai to extremely zada wala blush kar rahi hun)

The dream vanished.. Geet opened her eyes.. Shocked at her dream.. Was she so desperate?? She closed her eyes again but this time in shame..

Geet(thinking): chi chi babaji.. Ye Maan ko leke mai kaise kaise dreams dekh rahi hun.. Ye mujhe kya ho raha hai babaji.. Har waqt mere khayalon me wohi kyun hota hai babaji.. Batao na..

Unknown to her.. Babaji had already answered her question.. It lay in her heart.. She just didn't want to believe what her heart was telling her..

On the other hand.. Maan sat on his bed.. Relishing his dream.. He knew he had desires regarding Geet.. He knew he loved her so much.. & he wanted her.. Wanted to taste her..

Maan(thinking): ohh god.. When will this dream come true.. Mai chahta hun Geet jald se jald meri ho jao..

He smiled at his thought...

Maan(self talk): abhi to friendship hui hai & abhi hi wo chahie.. Sabar kar Maan.. Sabar ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai... Wink

Maan got up from his bed & head towards the washroom to have his morning bath..

Geet lay on her bed when her phone started ringing..

Geet: uffo.. Ye call bhi abhi hi aana hai.. Mai waise hi itni pareshan hun..upar se baat bhi karo..huh.. Ermm

She picked up the call..

Caller: hello.. May I speak to Geet Handa please..?

Geet: yes.. You're speaking to Geet Handa..

Caller: ohh.. Hello ma'am.. Actually I'm calling from XYZ ad agency.. Ma'am actually we needed a face for our new ad of a cell phone.. You're one of the shortlisted faces.. Would you like to come here & give the audition..

Geet beamed with happiness hearing the news..

Geet: yes.. I would love.. When do I have to come & where..?

Caller: ma'am you've to come to the agency office sharp at 5pm.. Please note down the address..

Geet noted down the address..

Geet: thank you so much..!! Big smile

Caller: thank you ma'am.. Hope to see you during the auditions..

& the caller cut the call..

Geet jumped around the entire room with happiness.. She completely forgot about the dream.. She quickly wore a denim shorts & a pink top.. & rushed out of her room towards Rimi's room..

Geet: Rimi.. Rimi.. Tujhe pata hai.. Aj ek ad agency se phone aaya.. Ek cell phone ke lie meko auditions dene jana hai.. Big smile
Rimi: awesome Geet... Congrats..!! Big smile

Both jumped with joy & danced for sometime..

Geet: chal Rimi.. Breakfast karte hain.. Meko to bohot bhook lag rahi hai..

Rimi: haan chal..

Both of them have their breakfast & started planning things for the audition..
On the other hand.. Maan too had his breakfast & then went to his study & worked..
Geet & Rimi were all ready to set off for the agency when Rimi's phone rang..

Rimi: hello...

Caller: hello Rimi.. Jaldi abhi office aa.. Sir ko kuch baat karni hai sare models se..

Rimi: are yaar.. But mai to abhi busy hun.. I have some work yaar..

Caller: nahi Rimi.. Come here.. Sir has strictly asked all the models to come..

Rimi: okay.. I'll be there.. Bye..

Rimi went to Geet with a sad face..

Geet: kya hua Rimi.. Kuch problem hai kya??

Rimi: haan Geet... Mai tere sath audition pe nahi chal paungi yaar.. Office se phone aaya tha.. Sir ne bulaya hai.. Cannot miss out.. Important hai..

Geet: are Rimi.. Ye kya baat hui..

Rimi: sorry yaar.. Disapprove

Geet: chal koi nahi.. Mai chali jaungi.. Tu apna kaam dekh le.. Bye..

With that Geet strode out of the house & took an auto & reached the office of the agency..

Geet went at the reception..

Geet: excuse me.. My name is Geet Handa.. I'm here for the auditions..

Receptionist: yes ma'am.. Please wait here.. Yours is the 4th number..Smile

Geet: thank you.. Smile

Geet sat down on the sofa.. But then she started feeling really nervous.. Her hands & feet went cold.. She started shivering..
She thought of calling up Maan..
Maan was doing his work when he phone rang.. Maan looked at the caller ID.. It was Geet.. He smiled..

Maan: hey Geet... Big smile

Geet: hi Maan...

Maan: kya hua?? You sound tensed..

Geet: ahh you caught it.. Yaar wo.. I have come to XYZ ad agency for the audition of a cell phone ad.. & Rimi couldn't come with me because she had to go to her office.. & I'm hyper nervous Maan..

Maan: chill Geet.. First of all.. Take a deep breath & relax yourself.. You don't have to worry so much ok.. Just remember.. You're amazing at whatever you do.. Smile

Geet: aahh.. Thanks for making me feel better Maan.. But I'm still very nervous..

Maan: Geet.. Do one thing.. Cut the call.. Close your eyes.. Think about the goods & relax..

Geet: yeah okay.. Bye Maan..
Geet cut the call & relaxed herself the sofa..
On the other hand.. Maan quickly takes his car & drives to the agency's office..
He entered the office & saw Geet sitting on the sofa with her eyes closed exactly like he had told her.. He smiled.. She look so pure & angelic... Exactly like a cute doll..
Maan went towards Geet..sat on the sofa..& encircled his arms around her shoulder..
Geet immediately opened her eyes.. She did recognize the touch & the warmth..

Maan(smiled): hey my dear angel.. Smile

Geet: Maan..tum yahan? Smile

Maan: haan maine socha meri nervous friend ki nervousness door karte hain.. Wink

Geet: ohh Maan.. You're such a sweetheart..Smile

Maan lightened up Geet's mood.. & she completely forgot her nervousness..
Finally it was Geet's turn to go for the audition.. Maan held her hand..

Maan: don't worry Geet.. You're the best & I'm sure you'll rock it..!!Big smile

Geet: thanks Maan...Smile

Geet went inside the audition room.. It was huge room with glass windows.. She saw Maan standing outside the window looking at her.. The director said was a fat man with a light mustache & huge beard..

Director: okay.. So you're ready for your audition??

He had an authoritative tone in his voice.. It wasn't pleasant & warm but cold & strict..

Geet(nervously): yes sir..

Maan saw Geet getting nervous again..

Director: okay.. So here.. Take this cell phone & advertise it..

Geet took the phone while her hands were shaking badly..

Geet lifted her head & looked towards Maan.. Maan smiled at her assuring her that she'd be great.. Gave her a flying kiss.. He gave her thumbs up..

Geet smiled & thereafter, thee nervousness that was shaking her confidence sometime back vanished completely & she gave her audition confidently..
As soon as the audition got over.. Maan clapped for her from outside & gave her a big grin..
She smiled at his sweet gestures.. Probably that's why she loved him..
Oops.. Where did this love come from..

(Abreshmina- dil ki baat hai Geet..ab to samajh jao.. Wink )

The director's voice brought her out of her chain of thoughts..

Director: okay.. If you want you can wait outside, the results will be out in another 15mins..

Geet: yes sir.. I'll wait.. Thank you so much.. Smile

Geet moved out of the room..

Maan: you were brilliant Geet.. Cheers..!! Big smile

Geet: thank you.. Thank you..!! Big smile

Both of them waited for the result while talking & laughing..
After 15mins.. A person came out..

Person: hello everyone.. Attention please.. The result is out..

Geet's heart thumped inside her chest.. She felt as if she was a part of some reality show..

Person: Miss Geet Handa you've been selected for the advertisement.. We'll call you regarding the date & time of the shoot.. Congratulations.. Smile

The person left.. & Geet immediately jumped & hugged Maan tightly..

Geet: ohh Maan I LOVE YOU...!!!

Maan stood numb & dumbstruck with a shocked expression on his face.. Shocked

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