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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 9

Part 9

Maan sat on the terrace lost in his feelings that he just wrote down.. He just couldn't express enough about Geet.. He just loved thinking about her... She was his dream.. He felt like writing more & more about her.. So he wrote..
You're a glass doll
Who comes with a tag saying
care for me, not play like a ball..

You look pretty when you smile
You look gorgeous when you laugh
You're an angel with a style..

I have no words to describe you
You make me go speechless
You're just perfect in whatever you do..

After writing about Geet..whatever little he could manage to write in words.. He felt like floating in the sky.. He felt like he was in heaven.. He had been blessed with an angel of her dreams.. He thought to himself.. 'once Geet is mine.. I'm definitely going to call her my ANGEL'... He smiled at his own thought.. He was already dreaming about her being his..

Geet smiled.. She felt HIM smiling.. Ohh he was happy now.. She could feel it.. She could feel him contended.. He didn't say anything but she just felt it..

Geet: ye kaisa ehsaas hai
Dil se dil juda hai..
Uska har dard hota hai feel
jaise ho wo ek jheel..

Na jane kabse hain jude ye ehsaas
kis mod pe le jaenge ye sapne khaas..
Chahti hun wo aae jald mere samne
taki bayaan kar sakun uska haanth thaamke..

She smiled..

Geet: haae babaji is anjaan insaan ne to mujhe shayar bana dia..hehehe...
Mai shayar to nahi
magar ae haseen
jabse mehsoos kia maine tujhko
shayari aa gai...

She laughed.. With all her heart...

Maan jerked.. He could feel her laughing.. Her voice felt so melodious.. He felt like hearing her voice.. He picked up his phone & dialed her number..

As soon as he dialed he cut it again..

Maan(thought): should I call or not??

He again dialed her number & cut again.. He did that several times.. Finally after gathering tons of courage.. He called her..

Geet was lost in her thoughts when she heard the ring of her phone.. She saw it was Maan calling..

Geet(thinking): what an irony.. Whenever I feel my soul mate.. Maan is always somewhere near... Strange..!!

Keeping her thoughts aside.. She picked up his call...

Geet: hey Maan.. Smile

Maan: hi Geet.. Smile

Geet: kya hua Maan.. Kuch kaam tha.. You called up at this time of the night..??

Maan started feeling odd.. He thought he might have disturbed her..

Maan: uhh..nahi kuch kaam nahi tha.. Aise hi.. I think I've disturbed you..kal baat karte hain..

Geet: are nahi Maan.. Mai to aise hi puch rahi thi.. Good that you called.. I was getting bored anyways...

Maan: ohh yeah?? Me too... Smile
acha Geet.. Can I ask you something..??

Geet: of course Maan.. We are friends now..

Maan: hmm... Do you have a boyfriend??

Geet: hahaha.. Tum ye puchne ke lie itna jhijhak rahe the.. Waise nahi Maan.. I don't have a boyfriend.. I'm still waiting for my Prince Charming.. Big smile

Maan was literally dancing with the joyous news of Geet being single...
Somehow he composed himself..

Maan: aww... Nice.. Hope you get your Prince Charming.. Smile

Geet: thanks.. Smile
by the way Maan.. Do you write anything besides writing articles & reviews..

Maan stiffened with the question.. He couldn't tell about his hobby of writing poems.. Though he did want to say but he couldn't..

Maan: uhh... No..

Geet: kya Maan.. How boring is that... Ermm

Maan: acha ji.. What do you do besides acting..??

Geet: uhh.. I dance & paint...

Maan: dance to I've seen & I must say you dance beautifully... But when are you showing me the paintings..??

Geet: uhh..come home someday.. I'll show them to you.. Smile
Maan: ahhh.. That's great.. Big smile

Geet: dekha I'm more talented than you... :p heheheh... Sachhi batao na Maan.. Acha aur kuch likhna nahi... Like do you have any other hobby??

Maan: hmm.. Let me think.. Haan kuch to hai.. Like.. I dance & wo to tumne dekh hi lia.. & plus yeah.. I sing... Smile
Geet: whoaaa... You sing... Big smile
kya baat hai mere singer.. Cumon.. Ek gaana suna do... Big smile

Maan: ohh wait.. Hobby batane ki baat hui thi.. Uska showcase karne ki nahi...

Geet: cumon Maan.. Don't be a spoil sport.. Even I'm going to show my paintings to you nah... Chalo gaana gao na...

Maan: acha thik hai.. To aap konsa gaana sunna pasand karengi madam Geet Handa... Tongue

Geet: heehehe... Aap jo hamen dedicate karna chahen Mr. Maan Singh Khurana... Wink

Maan: uhh ok.. So here I go... Wink

Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyaan
Maaf Hon
O Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyaan
Maaf Hon
Ek Tuk Tumhein Dekhti Hain
Jo Baat Kehna Chaahe Zubaan
Tumse Vo Ye Kehti Hain...

Aankhon ki.. Gustakhiyaan aan maaf ho..

Geet: hold on hold on... Mujhe ye aankhon ki bhaasha nahi samajh aati.. To aap plzz batane ka kasht karenge ki aapki zubaan kya kehna chahti hain??
Maan: you really want to hear all that?? Are you sure..??

Geet: yeah.. Cumon.. Go ahead...

Maan: ohh k..

Ho Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Jaise Khilta Gulaab
Jaise Shaayar Ka Khwaab
Jaise Ujli Kiran
Jaise Van Mein Hiran
Jaise Chaandni Raat
Jaise Naghme Ki Baat
Jaise Mandir Mein Ho Ek Jalta Diya
Ho Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

Ho Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Jaise Subahon Ka Roop
Jaise Sardi Ki Dhoop
Jaise Veena Ki Taan
Jaise Rangon Ki Jaan
Jaise Balkhaaye Bel
Jaise Lehron Ka Khel
Jaise Khushboo Liye Aaye Thandi Hava
Ho Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

Ho Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Jaise Naachta Mor
Jaise Resham Ki Dor
Jaise Pariyon Ka Raag
Jaise Sangdal Ki Aag
Jaise Sola Sighaar
Jaise Rasti Fuhaar
Jaise Aahista Aahista Badhta Nasha
Ho Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga...

Geet was totally at loss of words.. Did he really feel like this about her..? Itna sab kuch.. Did he really find her so pretty..?
In all this confusion.. All she could manage to utter was..

Geet: Maan...

Maan could feel the emotions in her voice.. He was mesmerized by her voice.. To an extent he had actually expressed his heart to her.. But he couldn't tell her about the love for her that he has kept safe in his heart... He meant every word he said to her.. But alas! He couldn't say that.. Keeping his emotions in control.. He finally managed to utter..

Maan: yes Miss Geet Handa.. So how did you like my singing skills..

Geet broke out of her thoughts.. OMG.. He was just singing a song for her..
Controlling the tears that were threatening to fall any moment..

Geet: ahh amazing Maan.. Tum to bohot acha gaate ho yaar...

Maan: shukriya shukriya.. Big smile

Geet was trying hard to control her tears.. But she was losing her self control..

Geet: Maan.. I'm really sleepy now.. Lets talk tomorrow.. Good night.. Bye..

Maan: ok.. Good night.. Bye..

Geet quickly cut the call.. & burst into tears.. She cried & cried..

Geet: why do I feel so bad..??
I asked him to sing..
Why does it affect me so much??
I'm just a friend to him..
Why do I feel so different about him..??
Am I in love with him..??

Geet laid down on her bed amidst all this confusion.. She kept thinking about all her feelings but couldn't figure them out.. She kept crying.. & when she slipped off to slumber.. She didn't know..

Maan was also restless.. He could feel the pain in her voice when she kept the phone.. He couldn't figure out the reason of that pain.. He was frustrated.. Frustrated with this confusion.. He wanted to take out that frustration.. & so he wrote..

Tum ho udaas pata hai mujhe
par samajh nahi paya mai wajah uski
naraz hun khud se us dard ke lie
kya karun ki wo dard ho nahi..

Pyar karta hun tumse
ye keh nahi pata
dard wo tumhara
mai jhel nahi pata..

Samajh nahi aata ki karun kya
tumhari aahaton ko samjhun kaise
kar to lia hai pyar tumse
par is pyar ko nibhaun kaise..

Aa jao mere paas
samajh lo meri khamoshi ko
taki door kar sakun mai
dard jo bhi tumhara ho..!!

He closed his diary relaxing a little after expressing his frustration but he was still confused about what to do.. He wanted to erase that pain from her life but he had no idea what the pain was about..

He laid down on his bed thinking about her & slipped off to slumber to see her in his dreams..

Abreshmina - look at the irony yaaron..
Dono aana chahte hain paas
par aa nahi paate
hain dono ek doosre ke dard ka raaz
par ye samajh nahi paate

Dono me pyar hai itna
ki kar paate nahi bayaan
hai uljhi inki zindagi kyunki
hain wo ek doosre ke pyar me fanaa...

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