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A Companion In Solitude..!! Yash-Aarti OS

hello everyone..
this is me Abreshmina...I absolutely love Punar Vivah and especially GC... Embarrassedso here I am, with my first OS on Yash and Aarti..I am hoping you'll like it...please do let me know your views... Smilelove to all.. Hug
A Companion in Solitude

Anguish was all I could feel at that moment.. My heart was bleeding.. I had blurred images of my past roaming in front of my eyes.. My first meet with my love.. My proposal.. Her acceptance.. Our 10 years long relationship.. Our marriage.. Our first night.. Every moment was right in front of my eyes.. And beside me lay the dead body of my love.. The spark in her eyes was lost.. The body which used to be active all the time was still now.. But she was still smiling.. I couldn't comprehend why.. Why and how she was smiling.. My heart was aching with the pain of being alone forever.. I looked up in the sky.. And I remembered the moment of my life.. The moment I proposed Aarti..

Aarti: Yash.. Where are you taking me?? And that too with this stupid hanky on my eyes..
Yash: Aarti.. For God sake.. Have some patience .. You're gonna eat up my head by the time I take you there..
Aarti: moron.. Huh..
Yash took Aarti to a beach.. The beach where their friendship had started.. He took off the hanky from her eyes.. She opened her eyes to see the mesmerising effect of the moonlight over the sea.. The water was shining as the moonlight spread in the sky..
Aarti: Yash.. How beautiful this is.. Isn't it..?? We never came at night.. That's why you got me here right..?? To show me how beautiful this place looks at night??
Aarti turned back to see the place empty.. Yash was nowhere to be seen.. She panicked..
Aarti: Yash.. Yash.. Where are you..??
She turned again to see the moonlight lighting up the engraving on the sand.. "YASH LOVES AARTI"..
Aarti looked mesmerised and surprised towards the engraving.. She smiled through her tears.. Suddenly she felt two hands encircling her waist.. She knew the touch.. She smiled and held those hands..
Yash rested his cheek on her shoulder..
Yash: Aarti.. I love you.. You know I'm not a man who can vent out his feelings with perfect words.. I can only tell you.. That you reside in every heartbeat of mine.. Your name is engraved in the deepest of valley of my heart.. When I close my eyes, all I can see is you.. I just love you Aarti.. Will you allow me to shower my love on you..??
Aarti wiped away her tears and smiled.. She turned towards Yash.. And kissed his cheek..
Aarti: yes Yash.. Shower your love on me.. I'm here to embrace it all to shower back on you..
Yash kissed her forehead and they hugged..

Tears flowed out of my eyes in accordance of their own.. How I wish I could bring her back in my life.. But she lay lifeless beside me.. I kept my head over her heart.. The heart that once used to beat for me was silent now.. I could hear no heartbeat..

Aarti placed her head over Yash's heart..
Aarti: Yash.. You're heartbeat is so fast..?? Why is you heart beating at such a speed..??
Yash smiled at his love's innocent question..
Yash: That's because you're beside me my dear.. My heart beats for you..
Aarti: ohh really.. Wow.. I'm gonna hear it all the time.. The sound of it is so soothing..
Yash smiled..
Yash: This heart will always beat for you Aarti.. You can always hear it..

I looked at Aarti's face with my teary eyes.. My heart was still beating for her.. But she wasn't there to listen to it.. I felt lifeless.. I wanted my heart to stop beating that very moment.. I cried even more.. I hated my heart for still beating… why was it still beating when my Aarti was gone…?? When she wasn't  there to hear my heartbeat, why was I hearing it beat?? I shouted aloud in misery.. 
I leaned forward to kiss her eyes.. Those chocolate brown eyes that always looked into my eyes and assured me that the bad times will pass away.. Now bad times were there forever.. And those chocolate brown eyes weren't open to provide me strength and assurance to live.. I felt miserable.. I could feel my soul dying.. And I couldn't see those chocolate brown eyes smiling at me..

Yash came back home with misery written all over his face..
Aarti smiled looking at him… she knew she'll have to cheer him up again…
She went with a glass of water to him…
Aarti: Yash.. Have some water..
Yash: no Aarti.. I don't want anything right now.. I'm in a very foul mood.. can't you see it..??
Aarti: Yash.. how can I not see it..??
Yash looked at Aarti and sighed… of course she would know it.. nobody knew him better than her..
Yash: Aarti.. I lost a 200 crore deal today.. It was such an important deal.. And I just lost it…
Aarti sighed… Yash always used to get worked up after failing in something..
Aarti: Yash.. look at me..
Yash turned to look into her eyes.. her eyes still had the spark that always emitted from her eyes..
Aarti: Yash.. do you remember when you failed in one of your papers in your first year of college..?? I was tensed for you and you were stress free…
Yash smiled.. of course he remembered everything..
Aarti: remember.. you told me.. "Aarti.. what if I failed this time.. next time I'll work harder and pass my paper with flying colours"..
Yash nodded his head..
Aarti: so why don't I see the same Yash right now..??
Yash: that was college Aarti… this is business…
Aarti: so what.. just the areas of performance have changed Yash.. you're still the same.. what if you lost this deal.. you'll get another deal.. this isn't the end of your life… you've got to work harder for the next deal and grab it.. if you keep thinking about this loss.. you will never work for the next one..
Yash bored his eyes into Aarti's eyes.. he could see himself in her eyes.. the confidence she had on him was immense.. he could never let her down..
Yash kissed her forehead and got up to work for the next deal..

I felt a void inside me thinking I would never be able see those confidence-filled eyes again.. I had no idea how I would cope up with my life now that there was never going to be any one to boost my confidence..
I traced my fingers on Aarti's hands and entangled my fingers with her.. Our last moment flashed in front of my eyes..

Aarti had a very bad accident.. Yash was taking her to the hospital.. he held her hand with eyes full of tears… He could never let his Aarti slip away from him..
He held her hand tightly..
Yash: I won't let anything happen to you Aarti… I won't let you go…
Aarti just smiled… Yash held her hand tightly not leaving it even for a second.. he just couldn't afford his Aarti leaving him alone..
Aarti was being taken towards the operation theater and all this time, Yash never left her hand.. He kept his hold tight on her.. finally she was being taken inside the operation theater and Aarti's fingers untangled from his.. at that very moment.. Yash felt a void covering his heart… He felt his Aarti going away..
Half an hour later the doctor came out to tell him the only thing he never wanted to hear..

My Aarti left me the moment our fingers got untangled.. She was alive only till I held her close to myself.. I was cursing myself for having left her… she would have never left me if I hadn't left her..
I closed my eyes in frustration and repentance.. I wish I could turn back the time but alas! It wasn't possible.. Aarti had gone away..
I was still wondering why she was smiling.. I bent my forehead touching hers.. my tears fell on her cheek..
Suddenly a hand held my hand.. I instantly recognized the touch… I looked up in astonishment and called out in amazement..
Yash: Aarti..
Aarti smiled at me.. boring her eyes into mine.. I could clearly see her shiny eyes reflecting my pain but still those eyes were projecting some strange sparkle and goodness..
She blinked her eyes assuring me again that things will resolve in the end..
I still looked at her surprisingly.. I turned my head towards Aarti's body that lay beside me and then turned to look at Aarti holding my hand smilingly..
She pressed my hand and made me get up.. I was feeling some strange relief within me.. I was feeling the void being dissolved in my heart..
She held my hand and made me carry out Aarti's cremation.. my hands shook while doing the cremation but she held my hand tight supporting me and providing me with some sort of strength..
After the cremation, she started guiding me away from Aarti's body.. I looked back towards Aarti's burning body but she held my chin and made me look away.. she started guiding me towards the main city.. The city was buzzing with crowd.. She walked along with me through the city and took me to my office.. She made me sit on my chair and placed a file in front of me..
I opened the file and what I saw amazed me..
The file had no papers but it had a phrase engraved over it..
I instantly smiled… I exactly knew what my Aarti wanted me to do..
I closed my eyes remembering my love and promised her to fulfill her last wish.
okay.. this was my OS
i hope you'll like it...
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