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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 23

Part 23

The morning rays blurred Geet's vision as she stretched herself on the bed.. Suddenly she realised a strong hold her.. She rubbed her eyes to see her Maan sleeping peacefully holding her in the safety of his arms.. She smiled looking at her love and slowly slipped out of his embrace.. She carefully took out her clothes to dress up and went to have her morning shower..
Geet stood beneath the shower letting the water droplets wash away all her tensions and worries.. She calmed herself and wore her clothes and stepped out of the washroom..
There lay Maan gazing at his love's wet avatar.. Water droplets dripping from her hair and grazing her cheek.. Maan was about to get up in trance when Geet quickly ran forward and made him sit back..

Geet: Maan.. Are you ok..? Do you need anything..?? Kya zarurat hai uthne ki.. Saamne khadi hun bolo to sahi..

Maan just laughed..

Maan: Geet.. I was about to romance with you.. But tumne to saare romance ki batti bujha di..

Geet laughed out loud..

Geet: omg Maan.. Tumhe is haalat me bhi romance soojh raha hai.. You're crazy.. Okay listen.. I have got your bath tub ready.. I'll help you get in and then aaram se, take your time and have your bath.. Don't exert yourself, get it..!!

Maan just kept looking at his angel.. So innocent yet so bossy..
He smiled to himself..

Maan: yes boss..!!

Geet smiled at him and helped him get in the bath tub..
She moved out and set his clothes outside..
Maan lay in the bath tub washing away the negativeness from his life.. He wanted to keep his angel happy and he knew he has to stay happy for that...
He wiped himself and was about to get up when he heard Geet say..

Geet: Maan.. Are you done..?? Jaise hi you have your bath.. Just wrap your towel and call me.. I'll help you out..

Maan quickly wrapped his towel around himself and called out to Geet..
Geet helped Maan come out .. She took another towel and wiped his hair..

Geet: Maan.. I'm turning the other side.. Tum baithe baithe change kar lo..

Maan: Geet.. Mai nahane me bohot thak gaya hun.. Tum change kardo nah..

Geet hid her head on Maan's naughtiness...

Geet: Maan Singh Khurana.. Don't be too smart samjhe.. I know what you're trying to do.. Chup chap khud se change karo.. And apni naughtiness band karo..

Maan laughed out to her and changed his clothes..

Geet: hmm.. Ab thik hai.. Tum leto thora.. Mai breakfast leke aati hun..

Geet got Maan his breakfast and fed him..

Maan: Geet .. I feel like the luckiest man right now.. Mera accident hua but see the positive.. I mean tum mujhe apne haanthon se khana khila rahi ho.. Mera itna khayal rakh rahi ho.. I feel so good.. Bas ab tum hamesha ke lie mere paas hi aa jao..

Geet smiled..

Geet: haan Maan.. Mai jald hi hamesha ke lie tumhare paas aa jaungi.. Ab mujhse bhi tumhare bina nahi raha jaega...

Maan thrust his lips on Geet's and passionately described his love to her.. He nipped her lips bruising it but Geet was pleasuring the pain.. Maan broke the kiss after a long time.. And both gasped for breath..
The entire day.. Geet took immense care of Maan.. She took care of every need of his.. By the end of the day, Geet herself was very tired.. But she kept herself up because she knew that Maan needed her..
Geet came back in the room after dinner..

Maan: Geet.. You look so tired .. Aa jao.. So jao aaram se..

Geet: nahi Maan.. I'm fine.. Tumhe sar dard ho raha tha na.. Aao mai sar daba deti hun tumhara..

Geet placed Maan's head on her lap and started massaging it..
Maan closed his eyes feeling her soft fingers ruffling through his hair..

Geet: Maan.. Aise kitna acha lag raha haina.. Sara waqt hum dono ek saath..

Maan: haan Geet.. I can't wait anymore.. I want to make you mine forever...

Geet: haan Maan..hum jald hi hamesha ke lie ek dusre ke sath honge..

Maan: but Geet.. What about your career.. Mai apni taraf se koshish karunga par ye industry...

Geet placed her finger on his lips..

Geet: mai jaanti hun Maan.. Par mera career mere lie tumse zada important nahi hai.. Mai tumse judna chahti hu.. Bhale uske lie mujhe acting hi kyun na chodni pade..

Maan slammed his lips on hers and drove her into the world of their passion..

After 6 months..

Maan was running around the house all tensed up.. He was setting things and then picking them up and setting them again.. He had checked himself a hundred times in the mirror and still he kept stealing glances at himself...
Finally the bell rung and Maan's heartbeat also raised.. He went forward and opened the door and there stood Geet with her father and mother..
All three of them came in and seated themselves..

Maan: namaste uncle .. Aunty.. Mai aap logon ke lie paani leke aata hun..

Maan went to the kitchen..

Geet: papa.. Mai Maan ki help karti hun..

Geet followed Maan to the kitchen.. She tapped his shoulders..

Maan: Geet.. Tum kyun aa gai.. Uncle aunty ke paas baitho na.. Kya sochenge wo.. Tum peeche aa gai.. Uff.. Angel..

Geet: Maan.. Sshh.. Why are you so freaked out.. Mere papa tumhe hitler lagte hain.. Itna kyu darr rahe ho..

Maan sighed..

Maan: Geet.. Uncle aunty will like me nah..?? What if they don't like me.. I can't stay without you in my life..

Geet: uff Maan.. Itna mat daro.. Mummy papa hamare baare me jaante hain sab.. Wo bas tumse milna chahte the.. They will love you.. I'm sure.. Tum please aise freak out hona band karo..

Maan: I'm still scared Angel..

Geet embraced Maan trying to calm him down..

Mr. Handa: ahem ahem.. Bhai.. Hamen paani milega ya nahi..

Maan immediately parted getting scared.. And Geet burst off laughing..

Geet: papa.. Please.. Stop scaring him.. Zindagi me pehli baar MSK kisi se itna darr raha hoga..

Mr. Handa came forward and placed his hand on Maan's shoulder...

Mr. Handa: beta Maan.. Aapko itna darne ki zarurat nahi hai.. Hum jaante hain ki aap hamari Geet se kitna pyar karte hain.. Hum to bas aapse milna chahte the..

Maan immediately hugged him.. After his parents' death.. He had always missed an elderly presence in his life.. Seeing Mr. Handa like this.. He just couldn't stop himself from looking at him like his father figure..

Maan: uncle.. Mai aapko papa bula sakta hun..??

Mr. Handa: of course beta.. Aap aur Geet ab hamare lie alag thori na ho..

Maan: bas.. Uparwale ne aaj mujhe mere papa bhi de dia..

Maan bent down and touched his feet..

Maan: welcome to your home Papa... Smile

Mrs. Handa saw this from behind and immediately spoke up..

Mrs. Handa: akele akele aapne bonding bhi kar li Maan beta ke saath.. Mujhe to alag hi kar dia..

Mr. Handa, Maan and Geet.. All of them laughed at Mrs. Handa's antics.. Maan moved forward and touched her feet..

Maan: aisa nahi hai Maa.. Aaj to mujhe maa bhi mil hi gain..

Maan hugged Mrs. Handa tightly feeling his motherly figure after years..
Mrs. Handa felt Maan's emotions and ruffled her fingers through his hair..

Mrs. Handa: haan Maan beta.. Ab se tumhari maa hi hun mai.. Aur tum mere bete.. Jo jee me aae apni maa ko bol sakte ho..
Maan smiled and hugged her even more tightly..
Geet moved forward and settled herself in the hug of her mother..

Geet: even I want to receive the warm hug..

Mr. Handa moved forward and coocooned all of them under his arms.. The family looked perfect.. So perfect that even perfection would smile looking at them..!!

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