Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friendship YA Love? part 8

Part 8

The morning sunrays shone bright in the sky, though lighting the world with its shine bt the glow it brought on Maan's face was something different.. His face glowed.. Glowed like a brand new piece of marble that shines showing its beauty n intensity.. Maan was smiling..smiling wide in his sleep..cuz somewhere he knew he had his little angel by his side.. He was already smelling victory.. Victory of love.. He could see himself winning the battle of his love & he was loving the feel of it..
The beautiful thought of his victory was disturbed by the alarm.. He was irritated by the sound..he pulled out his hand from the spread & shut the alarm.. But suddenly he remembered he had to wake up Geet & prepare breakfast for both of them.. He rushed out of his bed & went to Geet's room.. & then he saw his innocent beautiful angel looking unknowingly seductive in this beautiful frame.. He just wanted to engulf this epitome of innocence & beauty in his arms.. He felt so right to see his angel peaceful & smiley..
Suddenly Geet turned towards still deep in her sleep..
Geet(murmering): Maan..tum rahoge na mere sath hamesha? Plzz Maan be there with me.. I wont be able to survive without you.. (& she started sniffing)
Maan couldnt tolerate the look of pain & fear on Geet's face.. He held her hand..
Maan: Angel..dont worry.. I'm here with you & i'll always be thea with you.. You dont have to worry.. Maan aur Geet kabhi juda nai ho skte..
It was as if Geet heard & understood everything.. There's was an expression of contentment & relaxation on her pretty face.. Maan discovered a new feeling of contentment & happiness in him which was just due the happiness that Geet felt that time.. He realised that now Geet was his life.. Keeping her happy & smiling was the biggest goal of his life..
Maan: Geet..mai aj hi tumse apne dil ki baat keh dunga.. I know tum bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho.. Aaj ke baad Maan aur Geet hamesha ke lie jud jaenge.. Smile
With the feeling of love & contentment.. Maan patted Geet's cheek..
Maan: Geet..good morning..!! utho..office ke lie late ho jaega.. Jaldi se utho n tayyar ho jao..
Geet: goodmorning Maan..!!! Kya baat hai aaj janab khud se jaldi uth gae..
Maan: haan to tumhe jagana tha na..nahi to phir galiyan padti ki Maan ki wajah se office jane me late ho gaya...
Geet(laughed): acha ab rehne do..lets get freshen up now..
Both went to get freshen up.. Maan quickly had a shower & went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast..
Geet came downstairs & saw Maan setting up the table..
Geet: Maan..laao mai help kar deti hun..
Maan: nah my baby..aaj ye bande aapki khidmat me haazir hai..islie aap bas order karen..
Geet: kya Maan tum bhi.. Acha thik hai.. Jaldi se breakfast lagaya jaae..
Maan: hahahahaha... Breakfast haazir se madam..
Both have their breakfast talking & giggling & laughing.. Both of them felt the echo of each other's laughter in their ears.. They were loving the feel of their sound laughter..
Both finished their meal & went to the office.. Geet was engrossed in her work all day.. Maan couldnt really concentrate on his work.. He was restless throughout the day to catch a glimpse of Geet..he kept thinking about her smile, her laughter, her anger & her fights.. He was enjoying the feel of knowing his angel so closely..
After some time.. Maan sneaked out of his cabin & went near Geet's cabin to look at her.. He mentally kicked himself for behaving like a lovesick puppy.. He peeped into Geet's cabin.. OMG.. She was looking soo cute.. He felt like eating her up.. She was truly a symbol of beauty.. She looked ravishing with her strand of hair falling on her cheeks.. She was in such a deep thought.. She looked so pretty with the frown on her face cuz she couldnt figure out something she was looking for..
Suddenly Maan heard someone coming towards Geet's cabin.. He quickly slid aside.. The peon entered Geet's cabin with a mug of coffee..
Geet: thank you Jim..!!
Jim: you're welcome mam..!! & he started leaving..
Geet: uhh Jim.. Wait.. Have you given a mug of coffee in Maan's cabin?
Jim: uhh.. No mam..
Geet: Jim.. Plzz give coffee to him before me.. He's more used to it.. Plzz remember this..
Jim: yes mam.. I'll take care of that..
& he left.. Maan felt himself jumping outside Geet's cabin.. He was soo happy to see the amount of care in Geet's heart.. He was overwhelmed.. Now he was very much sure that Geet loved him.. & he was determined to open his heart out to Geet.. He went back to his cabin & started working on the plan of proposing.. The entire day Maan was busy in making up a plan but he still couldnt figure anything special..
In the evening.. When it was time for them to go back home.. Maan & Geet moved out of the office & Maan's eyes fell on the rose shop on the other side of the road..
Maan: Geet please wait here.. I'll be right back..
& he started moving forward to cross the road..when he had almost crossed the road..he suddenly stopped & turned back n shouted ' Geet.. i have a surprise for you.. Just wait there'
Geet smiled hearing Maan say that but instantly her expression changed into a horrified one.. She saw a vehicle speeding towards Maan.. She screamed 'MAAN'...!!!! but it was too late.. The car smashed Maan & sped away.. & Geet stood there frozen..

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