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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 7

Part 7

Next morning brought a very different sunshine to Maan's room.. It wasn't just the sunshine lighting the room but it was lighting Maan's heart.. Maan smiled feeling the rays of sun peeping through the curtains of his room.. He always liked to keep his room dark but today he felt like lighting it up with every possible type of light.. He laughed at his own thought.. This girl has surely driven him crazy.. His thinking horizon is stuck on GEET HANDA.. He cannot think anything beyond her..

Finally shrugging of the laziness.. He got up from his bed & went to have his morning bath..

He was washing himself under the shower.. The water droplets were flowing over his body.. Touching it.. Cherishing the chiseled muscles..
Even the water droplets were fantasizing his perfectly shaped body..

Maan felt the water droplets on his skin.. It provided a cooling effect to his body.. The thoughts of Geet always make him aroused heating up his body in turn.. He relaxed with the coolness of the droplets.. But he still couldn't stop himself from thinking about Geet.. She was an epitome of beauty.. Maan had lost himself to her.. He smiled thinking 'LOST HIMSELF TO HER'... Yes he had lost himself to this girl..his dream...his lifeline..his soul mate..

He wiped himself with the towel & changed into his tracks & t-shirt.. He stood in front of the mirror combing his hair.. He started getting flashes of his dance with Geet...he still felt her touch..it send tremors through his body..he felt aroused.. OMG.. This girl seriously had some magic in her..she was greatly arousing Maan only by her thoughts.. She had invaded Maan's mind & heart completely..she had captured Maan Singh Khurana forever & ever..

Geet on the other hand got up with a dream.. She felt frustrated & confused by her dream..

Geet(to herself): nahi Geet.. Tu pagal ho gai hai.. You're just thinking too much about Maan.. How can HE be the guy of your dreams..

Rimi: why can't he be..?

Geet: Rimi...

Rimi: haan Geet..answer me.. Why can't he be..?? He's a nice person.. He's genuine.. Hunk.. So how can he NOT be the guy the wind tells u about..??

Geet: but Rimi.. He's like I dunno.. I am confused.. I've got to stop thinking about it all the time..

Rimi: yeah right.. Don't think about it all the time.. But think about it once.. & carefully.. Analyse your feelings for him Geet.. Haven't you told me that whenever you felt the signs of the wind..Maan has always been there.. What else do you possibly need to know..??

Geet: mujhe sochne ka time de Rimi..chal.. I'll go & have a bath..

Geet stood under the shower thinking about Maan.. Just with his thought.. She seemed to blush.. Her n*****s hardened.. She looked at her bare body.. The water droplets felt like Maan' touch to her.. She shied.. She quivered.. She hid herself as if Maan was actually looking at her bare body.. She quickly scrubbed herself trying to get Maan off her thoughts & wrapped herself in the towel.. As soon as she stepped out of her washroom.. She got the shock of her life.. 

She looked here & there trying to figure out a place to hide.. Yes.. Maan stood there smirking & looking at her with his desirous eyes.. He eyed her throughout.. Trying to judge every curve of hers.. Geet was shocked beyond her limits to see him there.. She turned around trying not to look at him.. All kinds of questions invaded her mind.. Why is he here? Is he feeling the same as I am feeling? Did Rimi call him here? Why is he smiling at me? OMG.. She couldn't figure out anything.. She turned to have a look at him & he was gone.. He had vanished.. Geet searched the entire room for him but he was no where.. She panicked.. Where did he go?? Suddenly there was a knock at her door.. And then came Rimi's voice..
Rimi: Geet.. Itni der kya lag rahi hai tujhe.. Breakfast thanda ho raha hai.. Jaldi kar..

Geet: haan Rimi aai..
(to herself) hey babaji..mai to khuli aankhon se sapna dekh rahi thi wo bhi aisa.. Chee chee.. Ye banda mujhe pagal kar dega.. Meri raksha karna babaji..

She looked up & prayed to her babaji & then changed her clothes & went out to have her breakfast..

Maan had his breakfast but his restlessness seemed to increase every second.. He was missing Geet.. Missing her terribly.. He wanted to hear her voice.. Talk to her.. Get to know her better.. Tell her more about himself..

[Abreshmina- OMG.. Is Maan Singh Khurana thinking about voicing himself to Geet...!!! Shocked *faints*]

Each moment was getting difficult to pass for him without her.. He so wanted to see her.. Hold her.. Make her his forever..

Finally shrugging off his apprehensions.. He decided to ask George for Geet's number..

Maan: hey George.. Whats up??

George: hey hi.. Nothing much yaar.. Just laying around.. The party got me tired man..

Maan: of course.. It was an amazing party man.. Thanks a lot.. Smile

George: aahh.. Don't mention that Maan.. Well.. Did you call up for something important..??

Maan: uhh..wo.. Yah.. Can you give me Geet's number.. i forgot to take it from her yesterday..

George: ahhaaann.. So somebody's wants to talk.. Wink

Maan: aahh..no.. You're taking it wrong George.. I just had to discuss some offer that has come up for her..

George: let it be dude.. Here.. Take the number..

Maan took her number & looked at it.. Though he had taken the number.. But now he was confused.. Should he call? What if she takes it wrong? He was sooo nervous...

Finally after looking at the number for quite a long time.. He decided to call her up.. Keeping aside his nervousness.. He called her..

Here Geet was missing him too.. She wanted to talk to him too but she being dumb forgot to take his number.. When she was lost in Maan's thoughts..her phone rang.. She looked at the number..

Geet(thinking): ye kaun hai?

She picked up the call...

Geet: hello..
Maan smiled hearing her voice.. He felt so much at peace..

Maan: hello..

Geet instantly recognized his voice.. OMG OMG.. It was Maan.. She felt elated.. He was missing her too..

Geet: Maan.. What a pleasant surprise.. How did you call up??

Maan: uhh.. Geet... Wo...

Geet: why are you stuttering Maan.. Bolo na..

Maan: uhh.. Yeah.. I'm sorry... Yeah.. Wo... I got some calls regarding the new offers you're getting...(he said all this in light speed)

Geet: what...??? Make some sense Maan... What are you trying to say..??

Maan: Sorry.. I said.. I got some calls regarding the new offers you're getting.. Just wanted to tell you.. Make sure you pick the right ones..

Geet: yeah Maan...

*Beep* *beep* *beep*

Maan hung up the call immediately... He didn't have the courage to say anything to her... OMG.. He got so nervous..

[Abreshmina- ye sab pyar ka nasha hai Maan babu... Wink Tongue]

He was breathing heavily.. Just hearing her voice tickled his senses.. He couldn't control his urges...

Maan(thinking): I have to do something about these feelings of mine.. I have to keep them in control...

While Maan was trying to make plans as to how he can control his feelings.. Geet was very worried about the offers.. She wanted to discuss it with Maan.. Wanted to know his views about them.. More than business .. She only had the urge to talk to him.. To listen to his voice.. Her heart was thudding inside her chest non-stop telling her to talk to Maan..

Finally she giving up to her urges.. She decides to call him..

Geet calls him...

Maan(nervously): hello..

Geet: hello.. Uhh.. Wo.. Maan...

Maan: sometime back you were asking me not to stutter.. Now you're doing that yourself.. Kya baat hai tell me..

Geet: uhh... Wo.. Shit.. Nothing.. Galti se tumko call lag gaya.. Bye..

& she cuts the call...

She breathed heavily.. She went dizzy just listening to his voice.. She forgot everything she wanted to say...

Geet(self talking): shit Geet.. Tu fultoo pagal ho gai hai...

Maan on the other hand smiled... He was glad that she was as nervous as him.. At least wo akela nervous nahi ho raha...
[Abreshmina- hahahaha... Company chahie.. Wo bhi Geet hi ki... Tongue]

after all nervousness is not something that suits MAAN SINGH KHURANA but nevertheless GEET HANDA was changing quite a lot in him these days... Wink

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