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The Blissful Moment..!! MG OS

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The Blissful Moment
The alarm clock rang aloud and Geet sprung to her feet... She was excited and happy… she was anticipating the day ahead… It was her first day of college…!!
Geet being a late riser, literally shocked her mom by getting up herself and that too so early…She was singing.. She was dancing.. Running around the house getting ready and setting her things…

Mom: Geet.. Why are you so hyper.. Relax baby…
Geet: mom.. I'm not getting hyper… It's my first day to college.. I have got to reach on time..
Geet's college was two hours away by metro from her home…
Yes.. She lived in PQR and got admitted in XYZ College…
So.. That brought two hours journey for her…
Geet quickly got ready and took the blessings of her parents and moved out of her home to begin a new chapter of her life…
Geet entered her college confidently.. She wasn't really nervous about it.. She was excited about the new environment.. Geet being the lively and friendly person, was sure that she would make friends easily..
She entered her class with a smiling face and looked all around..
There she found a girl sitting on the first bench with a novel in her hand.. Geet quickly ran to her..

Geet: hi Aakriti.. Smile
Aakriti was the only girl Geet had befriended during the orientation lectures.. She was the only one Geet knew till now..
Aakriti looked up and a bright smile lighted up on her face.. She instantly closed her book and hugged Geet..

Aakriti: hi.. Smile uhh.. I'm so happy to see you.. I was getting scared sitting here alone..
Geet laughed off at Aakriti's statement..

Geet: Aakriti.. Why are you so scared.. It's our college not a battlefield.. Tongue
Aakriti: still Geet.. What if people here are weird.. I'm so worried...
Geet: uff.. You are just habituated in taking tensions, I swear.. Moreover, even if other people are weird, we will be there for each other babes.. Don't worry.. Smile
Aakriti instantly took a sigh of relief..

Geet: by the way Aakriti.. Uff.. Wait.. Firstly, I'm going to call you 'Aku' hereafter as Aakriti is too long to call everytime.. Hehehe...
Aku: your wish Geet.. And anyways your name is already short.. Hehhee...
Geet: haan tho.. I was saying.. Why are you sitting on the first bench.. The back seats are still empty..
Aku: so what.. I always sit on the front bench..
Geet: WHAT..??Shocked Don't tell me Aku.. Are you serious..??
Aku: of course.. I'm never going to sit in the back benches..
Geet: uhh.. Aku.. Don't torture me yaar.. I can't sit on this first bench.. I have always been a back bencher yaar.. Please let's go to the backside nah..
Aku: no way.. I'm not sitting behind.. It gives a bad impression to the teachers..
Geet: uhh.. who told you that missy.. I have always been the favorite of my teachers..
Aku: whatever.. I'm not coming back.. You sit here..
Geet: nah.. Let it be.. I'm sitting in the back seat.. You sit here and study..
The teacher entered the class and Geet ran to the back seat..
The class went on with Geet having decent conversations with few classmates..
Geet and Aakriti moved out after the class..

Geet: uhh.. What a boring class man..!!
Aku: Geet..!! Forget it..
Geet: Aku.. I'm just too hungry..Chalo let's go to the canteen..
Aku: no.. I'm not hungry.. Moreover.. Papa is here.. I have to go back to him..
Geet: ohh ok.. I'm very much hungry and I'm for sure going to the canteen.. Will see you in the next class.. Byee..
Both hugged each other and moved away..
Geet reached the canteen and looked around..
She kept her bag on one of the tables and went to the counter..
She was standing in the line when someone pushed her from behind.. She frowned and turned back only to see a guy of perfection.. His m-shaped lips, his slight stubble, his dark brown eyes, his slight smile.. It seemed as if each and every feature of his was carved with perfection..
She heard him say.. "umm.. I'm really sorry.. Woh… my friends pushed me".. Geet could just smile and he quickly went away to another table with his friends..
Geet looked at his retreating figure with sparkle in her eyes.. She blushed and looked down and mentally shrugged herself for openly drooling over a stranger..
She collected her order and made her way to her table..
As soon as she sat on her table, she noticed the same guy sitting on the table beside hers..
She looked at him smiling but quickly casted her eyes down..

Geet: Geet.. You've seriously gone mad.. What are you doing.. Concentrate on your food girl..
She quickly started stuffing her food so that she could run away from the canteen soon..
While Geet was stuffing her food, the guy looked at her and smiled.. Only by her gestures, he could clearly see her innocence.. He wondered the existence of such innocent people.

Friend 1: Maan.. Kya yaar tu bhi.. At least bandi pe line to maarta..
Geet instantly stopped eating.. She knew they were talking about her.. But instead of that what registered in her mind was MAAN..

Maan: stop it guys.. I swear you guys are so shameless.. I wonder how we became good friends.. You guys are despos really..
Geet smiled at Maan's words.. She somewhere felt good that he wasn't a despo..
Geet suddenly got conscious of her thoughts.. Why was she thinking so much about a stranger.. She didn't even know him..
Geet mentally smacked herself, quickly finished her food and left..
Maan saw her leaving.. He knew she had heard them talk and that's why she left immediately.. He smiled at her and restored his chat with his friends..
Geet went to Aakriti jumping and hopping..

Aku: what happened..?? Why are you jumping so suddenly..??
Geet looked her and there and then finally spoke up..

Geet: Aku.. I saw such a handsome guy in the canteen today..
Aakriti rolled her eyes..

Geet: uhh.. Don't give me such expressions Aku.. Seriously yaar.. I mean he is just sooo perfect... I noticed only his face but omg what perfection I tell you..
Aku: omg Geet.. You found class boring and this is what you find interesting..
Geet: shut up Aku.. It's not like I'm going to be his friend or something.. I don't even know his department.. But what's the harm in just looking at him.. Hehhee...
Aku: omg.. You're crazy Geet...
Both of them laughed heartily on Geet's silly nature yet Aakriti loved this bubbliness in her.. Geet's bubbliness turned on her life..

Aku: okay Geet.. I'm going for my disaster management class.. What are you going to do..??
Geet: umm.. I'll just check the schedule of my history class.. Bubyeee.. Smile
Geet went on to check her history class schedule but she couldn't find any information on the notice board.. She kept checking the notice boards but she wasn't getting any information..

Geet: uff.. Babaji.. Ab kya karun.. How do I dig out this schedule.. Uhh.. What if I have a class now.. Stupid idiot.. Why can't I find this schedule..
While Geet was busy talking to herself, someone tapped her shoulder.. She turned around to see Maan standing there..

Maan: umm.. You need any help..??
Geet kept looking at him dazed.. Unable to take her gaze off him.. Now she noticed his muscles.. Yet again perfection oozing out of him.. His perfectly shaped biceps bulging out of his short-sleeve shirt.. His perfectly carved upper chest that was peeping out of his shirt that had its first three buttons left open..
Maan looked at this lost girl in front of her.. He could see her looking at him but what was she looking at..
He clicked his fingers in front of her eyes..
The click brought Geet out of her reverie.. She realized what she was doing and immediately looked down in nervousness..

Geet: wo.. I'm sorry.. I was just thinking about something..
Maan: uhh.. Let that go.. I was asking if you need some help.. I guess you're stuck with something..
Geet looked at him ..

Maan: uhh.. Sorry.. I guess I would better introduce myself first..

Maan took his hand forward..

Maan: hi.. I'm Maan.. Maan Singh Khurana..
Geet forwarded her hand into his..

Geet: hi.. I'm Geet.. Geet Handa..
Maan smiled at her.. Just few seconds back she was nervous and now she was introducing herself with the same attitude as his.. This girl was surely something..

Maan: okay now.. For the third time.. You need some help..??
Geet smiled at the word 'third'..

Geet: umm.. Yeah.. Woh I'm not able to find out the schedule of my history class..
Maan: umm.. Didn't you check the notice boards..??
Geet: uhh.. Maan.. I'm not dumb.. I did check all of them...
Maan: umm.. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to tag you as dumb.. Anyways.. Go into the office there and ask them.. They'll know.. Smile
Geet: umm.. Thank you.. Smile
Geet quickly went to the office and got her schedule..
She came out of the office and saw Maan still standing there..

Geet: you still here..??
Maan: uhh.. Wo.. Just like that.. Waise.. are you doing history honors..??
Geet: Nooo... It's just my subsidiary.. I'm doing English honors.. Smile
Maan immediately had a huge smile on his face..
Geet looked at him confusingly..

Maan: wow.. Even me an English honors student.. Though from 3rd year..
Geet: wow.. And me..
Maan: 1st year.. I can guess that..
Geet smiled.. Of course he would have understood that by now..

Maan: umm.. Geet.. Do you have a phone..??
Geet: yeah.. Why??
Maan: give it to me..
Geet: why??
Maan: are give it nah..

Maan took Geet's phone and saved his number..

Maan: here.. I've saved my number.. Call me if you need any help..
Geet: yeah.. Okay.. Thanks.. Smile
With that Geet left from there and Maan stood there contemplating his sudden attraction towards Geet..
Several days had passed.. Both of them never really talked after their first meet.. But they did come across each other quite often in the department and would just exchange a hi..
A week later.. Geet received a text.. 'A juniors and seniors meet at 11 behind the auditorium.. Don't worry it would just be an introduction'..
Geet smiled at the text and got excited about the meet...
Everyone gathered behind the auditorium for the meet..

Maan: okay.. Everyone.. We are here for an introduction so that we get to know each other.. You guys don't have to worry.. We're not going to rag you.. Okay.. Who's going to come first..

The introduction started and seniors gave fun tasks to everyone.. It was purely a fun session.. Finally it was Geet's turn..
Maan stiffened seeing Geet in front..

Senior 1: uhh.. Okay introduce yourself first..
Geet: umm.. Hello everyone.. I'm Geet Handa.. And honestly I'm here to enjoy myself.. I love to sing and dance and have fun.. Big smile
Maan smiled seeing this jovial side of hers.. He had always seen her subtle side...

Senior 2: okay.. Geet.. Your task would be to speak anything continuously for five minutes..
Geet: okay.. Smile
But immediately Aakriti shouted..

Aku: no.. That's way too easy for her.. Trust me..
Everyone laughed at Aakriti's statement..

Senior 3: okay then.. Let us make it a little difficult for you.. You have propose any of the guys here..
Geet looked at him shocked.. Omg.. She didn't see that coming.. She looked towards Aakriti in anger.. Aakriti looked at her with sorry written all over her face..
Maan looked at his friend in anger.. He didn't know why but he couldn't see Geet proposing anyone even for a task..
Geet looked at Maan.. And suddenly it struck her.. They knew each other.. The task wouldn't be so uncomfortable with him..
She moved forward towards him.. Maan saw her approaching him and a strange sensation ran through him.. Geet was having butterflies in her stomach throughout the time.. She bent down on her knees in front of Maan and said.. 'heyy Maan.. I like you.. Do you mind giving us a chance..??'Everyone hooted and cheered for Geet as she finished her task.

Senior 3: awesome Geet.. That was fabulous.. Big smile
Geet: thank you..
She quickly thanked Maan through her eyes and Maan smiled back at her...
The intro got over and everyone got back to their classes..
Later.. After the classes.. Geet was moving out of the college when she saw Maan..

Geet: Maan..
Maan turned to see Geet..

Maan: uhh.. Hey Geet.. You were truly bold.. Smile
Geet: thanks to you yaar.. I couldn't have done that task with anyone else..
Maan suddenly felt delighted and proud inside.. But he quickly composed himself..

Maan: where are you going..??

Geet. Umm.. Home..

Maan: ohh.. Where do you live..??
Geet: PQR..
Maan: WHATT...???Shocked
Geet: yeah.. But I'll get a PG here in a week or so..
Maan: uhh.. Good.. It's too far away yaar.. I go there only sometimes on weekends..
Geet: uhh.. You have someone there..??
Maan: yeah.. My maasi.. She keeps calling me to her place.. She lives in ABC appt..
Geet: ohh.. Wow.. My apartment is right beside that..
Both laughed off at the coincidence and made their journey to PQR together..
Throughout the journey they kept talking to each other...
First time ever.. Geet didn't sleep while travelling.. They were just too engrossed in talking..
Finally they reached their home bidding each other a smiley goodbye..
Days passed and Maan and Geet's friendship grew stronger everyday.. Every day, in the department, one would find Geet, Aku and Maan sitting together and chatting away and even if Aku wouldn't be there, Maan and Geet will always be seen together.. They will have their lunch together.. They will study together..(Abby thinks - uhh.. Maan can help Geet.. But what will Geet do..?? Ohh yeah I know.. Drool over Maan... ROFL.. ROFL )
One day.. Maan was sitting studying in his room when his phone beeped.. It was Geet's text.. "Maan.. Big smile guess what.. Uhh chuck it out I'll tell you.. I got a PG... Wohooo.. Big smile I'm dancing dancing.. C'mon.. Dance with me.. 8 baj gae lekin party abhi baki hai.. Uhh.. I'm sooo happy.. Now I can sleep till late.. Great isn't it.."Maan laughed out loud on the text.. Gosh.. He couldn't believe someone could be so cute..
He texted back.. "congoz my girl.. I want my treat haan.. You've been burning a hole in my pocket for so long.. Time for your pocket to be burnt.. Wink "Geet replied.. "hahaa.. Yeah.. Will give a treat.. A coffee and an apple.. Hahahhaa.. ROFL"Maan looked disbelievingly at the text.. He quickly replied.. "omg Geet.. Such a KANJOOOS you are.. But anyways.. I'm going to take a proper treat.. Plus.. I'll make you stay in college till late as well.."Geet laughed seeing the word 'KANJOOS'... Indeed she was.. She replied.."ya ya.. We'll see that.. Okay now I'm setting my stuff.. Will talk later.. Bubyeee.. "
Maan smiled and replied.. "okay.. Bubyeee.. Cyaa.. "
Geet saw the text and frowned.. "yeah cyaa.. And don't text back.. You know I like to keep myself the last one to text.. Byee.. "
With that she started doing up her stuff again..

Months passed and everyone started talking about Maan and Geet's friendship.. Or rather relationship.. Everyone started considering that they were dating since they were together practically all the time..
One day.. Geet was passing by the department when she heard her name..

Person 1: Geet and Maan .. You know.. I'm sure they are dating.. Don't you see them together all the time..

Person 2: yeah I think so too.. Remember nah.. During the intro also Geet proposed Maan only.. I'm absolutely sure that they are dating..

Geet stood stunned at her place.. She was rooted to her spot.. She couldn't believe what she heard.. People were taking their friendship in a wrong way.. Tears flowed through her eyes.. She wiped her tears and suddenly fear took over her senses.. What if her parents would hear all this..?? What if they consider her wrong..?? What if her parents got angry on her for all this..??
She went to the garden and sat there thinking about their situation.. She had never imagined that she would land up in this situation.. She was lost in her thoughts when Maan came there..
Maan could clearly read tension on her face..

Maan: What happened Geet..?? Why are you so tensed..??
Geet looked at Maan with eyes full of tears.. Maan got really tensed.. Did anyone say anything to her..??

Maan: Geet.. Omg.. What happened..?? Why are you crying..?? Shit.. Geet.. Speak up yaar..

Geet: Maan.. Let's end it here..

Maan looked at Geet confusingly..

Geet: Maan.. I think our friendship is giving wrong signals to everyone.. Everyone is talking about us.. They think we are dating.. No Maan no.. I think we should just stop spending time.. That ways people will stop talking about us.. Yes.. This will be right Maan..
Maan got furious at Geet's constant rubbish talks..

Maan: what's wrong with you..?? How does it matter what others think about us.. We know there's nothing beyond friendship between us.. Why should others assumptions affect us..
Geet: Maan.. You don't understand.. Everyone and I mean everyone is talking about us.. What if my parents get to know all this.. They trust me Maan.. Try to understand.. My maa papa will get angry on me.. Maan please.. Understand Maan.. Plzz.. Cry
With that Geet burst into tears.. Maan hugged her and patted her head.. Maan felt so helpless at that moment.. He just couldn't see her in tears.. And here she was bitterly crying in front of him.. He just couldn't take it..

Maan: I understand Geet.. It's ok.. Let's end it.. If that is good for you.. I would do it.. But trust me Geet.. These days with you have been the best days of my life..

Geet smiled through her tears..

Geet: same here Maan.. I'm blessed to have a friend like you.. And now I'm destroying everything with my own hands..
And again Geet started crying...

Maan: sshh Geet.. Please don't cry.. You know I can't see you in tears.. Let's just part with a smiling face..
Both hugged each other and parted their ways..

Days passed like that.. Maan and Geet never met up or even talked to each other in college.. They did text each other but that too only for anything important..
Both of them would cross each other almost every day and would look at each other with a painful expression.. They would exchange wishes through their eyes.. They could always read each others' eyes no matter what..
Whenever Maan would feel that Geet needed some help or support, he would pester Aku to be with Geet all the time and help her..
Whenever Maan would be in any trouble or problem.. Geet would solve his problem through Aku..
But still.. Amongst all this care for each other, their heart bled to stay so close yet they stayed so far from each other.. Not being able to talk to each other even after being right in front of each other hurt them..
But still.. They kept their heart strong for each other.. They couldn't let the other weaken due to oneself..
Slowly the rumors also died.. Everyone assumed that they had a break up.. Unaware of the fact that they never dated..

Geet was standing by the window when Aku called her up..

Aku: Geet.. You remember nah.. We have the farewell party for the final years' tomorrow at IJK hotel at 7..
Suddenly it struck Geet that it was Maan's last year.. He was going to leave the college after this..
Tears started flowing through her eyes..
She somehow composed herself..

Geet: yeah.. I remember.. You're coming nah..??
Aku: of course yaar..but I'll leave around 8 you know.. Papa isn't letting me stay till late..
Geet: okay.. Even I'll return at 8 too...
Aku: your wish.. Chalo then.. See you tomorrow.. Love u babes.. Byee...

Geet: love you too.. Byeee...

Geet kept down the phone and started crying again.. All these months she had been holding back these tears for Maan.. But now he was going to leave.. She couldn't hold back anymore..
She picked up her phone and texted Maan.. "I'll miss you a lot Maan.. Stay happy hamesha.."Maan was standing near the window when his cell phone beeped.. He was surprised to see Geet's text.. He instantly got worried.. And as soon as he saw the text.. Tears dripped down his eyes.. His emotions just overflowed.. He couldn't hold back anymore and texted back.. "I'll miss you a lot too Geet.. And yeah stop crying.. I hate to see you cry.. "As soon as Geet saw Maan's text, a slight smile lit her face..
She kept aside her phone and drifted off to sleep..

The hall was thudding with loud music.. The lights were shining.. And everyone was having a fun time..
Maan stood with his friends in a black jeans, sky blue shirt and a black stripped waistcoat.. He looked completely hot and desirable.. His clothes perfectly fitted his body enhancing his perfect body..
Girls were drooling over Maan trying to gain his attention but who knew Maan was waiting to catch a glimpse of his Geet..
Suddenly the spotlight turned on the entrance and a petite figure arrived clad in a beautiful white gown with black flowery pattern on it..
Maan looked at Geet dazed.. Her perfect fit gown just beautified her figure.. Her black straight hair that she had curled a little made her look cuter.. Her round silver earrings and her black shoes perfectly complimenting her dress.. And finally her absolute natural beauty made her the most beautiful girl on earth..
Geet and Aakriti (she was wearing a red full-length gown with black heels and hair tied in a loose bun) entered the hall and made their way to a corner..

Aku: wow Geet.. This is soo exciting.. Isn't it..??

Geet: hmm.. The party is nice..
Both Aakriti and Geet had a glass of soft drink standing in a corner looking at everyone dance..
Suddenly Geet's eyes turned towards Maan who was already looking at her.. He appreciated her through his eyes and Geet smiled thanking him.. They kept looking into each others' eyes till Aakriti dragged Geet to the dance floor..
The music was in full swing and everyone was dancing to the beats of the funky tracks..
Geet also danced a little because she didn't want to spoil Aakriti's mood.. After all Aku was her only companion..
Finally it was time for Aakriti to leave and she hugged Geet and went out..
Suddenly an announcement was made..
"heyy guys.. This song is specially for the final years'.. Enjoy every moment of this evening.. You might not get this again"Geet turned to leave when suddenly someone held her hands and jerked her back.. She collided in his chest and she instantly knew who it was.. She looked up into Maan's eyes that were reflecting the same longing as hers..
N right then.. The song kick start..

Hum, rahen ya na rahen kal
Kal yaad aayenge ke ye pal

Maan placed Geet's hand on his shoulder while he placed his hand on her waist never breaking their eye contact..

Pal, ye hain pyar ke pal
Chal, aa mere sang chal

Maan guided her feet behind his feet swinging their waist looking at each other with tearful eyes..

Chal, soche kya
Chhoti si, hai zindagi
Kal, mil jaaye to hogi khush-naseebi..

Maan closed the gap between them and moved together in a ball room fashion.. Tears still dripping out of their eyes..

Hum rahen ya na rahen yaad aayenge ye pal..
Geet placed her head on his shoulders moving along with his rhythm..

Shaam ka aanchal, odh ke aayee
Maan twirled Geet around..

Dekho woh raat suhani..
Geet collided back to his chest..

Aa likh dein hum dono milke
Both joined their hands..

Apni ye prem kahani..
Both stretched their arms towards the right.. Their fingers entwined with each other..

Hum rahen ya na rahen yaad aayenge ye pal..
They brought back their hands and once again moved to and fro with the rhythm..

Aane waali subah jaane

Both moved a little away fingers still entwined with each other..

Rang kya laaye deewanee..
They stretched their arms from left to right as if displaying the colors of rainbow..

Meri chaahat ko rakh lena
Maan distangled their fingers and just placed both his hands on hers..

Jaise ho koi nishani..
Maan squeezed her hands and looked deep into her eyes blinking it for a moment as if telling her.. Far or near, they'll always be close..

Hum rahen ya na rahen yaad aayenge ye pal..

Geet placed her head back on his shoulder as if trying to hide in his warmth..

Hum rahen ya na rahen kal
Kal, yaad aayenge ye pal
Pal, ye hain pyar ke pal
Chal, aa mere sang chal
Chal, soche kya chhoti si hai zindagi
Kal mil jaaye to hogi khush-naseebi..

They swung in each others' arms enjoying their moment of togetherness.. Because none of them knew what future was to bring for them..

Hum rahen ya na rahen yaad aayenge ye pal..
Hum rahen ya na rahen yaad aayenge ye pal..

They looked into each others' eyes like this was their moment.. Wanting the moment to stop right there.. Taking them away from the bondage of this world.. In the world where they could be together forever..


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