Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 8

Part 8

Geet was roaming about the entire house..telling Rimi things that sounded alien to her.. She was so tensed up regarding God knows what & was speaking utter nonsense...

Geet: yaar Rimi tujhe pata nahi hai mujhe na kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai konsa offer lun konsa na lun ab to Maan ne bhi phone karke bol dia ki dhyan se offer choose karna aur fir jab mai puchne gai to usne phone rakh dia aur fir jab maine phone kia to mai kuch bol hi nahi pai mai bhi na Rimi ek dum jhalli hun pta nahi kya ho gaya ab bata mai kya karun..??(she said all of this in one breath)

Rimi(lost): -----------

Geet: Rimi..tu sun rahi hai ki mai kya keh rahi hun.. Bata na..

Rimi: kya bataun Geet.. Bilkul shatabdi ki speed me bol rahi hai.. Ek word nahi samajh aa raha hai ki tu kya bol rahi hai... Ab thik se bolegi tab to mai kuch help karungi na..

Geet: sorry yaar Rimi.. Wo I'm just too worked up yaar...

Rimi: koi nai Geet.. Ab tu please aaram se bata whatever you were saying so that I can help..

Geet: haan mai keh rahi thi.. Tujhe na pata nahi hai ki mujhe kitni tension ho rahi hai in offers ko leke..kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai ki konsa offer lun aur konsa na lun.. Ab to Maan ne bhi phone karke bol dia ki dhyan se offer choose karna.. Aur fir jab mai puchne gai to usne phone rakh dia.. Aur fir jab maine phone kia to mai kuch bol hi nahi pai.. Mai bhi na Rimi ek dum jhalli hun.. Pata nahi kya ho gaya hai.. Ab tu hi bata mai kya karun??

Rimi: acha thik hai.. Pehle tu saans lele.. Aur ab.. Sun I can't help you much with this.. Kyunki mai bollywood ke logon ko nahi janti.. But jab Maan ne tujhe call kia tha salaah dene ke lie.. To tu usi se puch na.. Use pata hoga logon ke baare me tabhi to he called you..

Geet: are yaar Rimi.. I know that but mai uske samne kuch bol hi nahi pati.. Kuch samajh nahi aata..

Rimi: tu pagal hai.. Aaram se jaa aur baat kar usse... Career ka sawaal hai yaar... Jaa call him up..

Geet: thik hai...

Here.. Maan was equally worried.. He was worried about Geet's decision.. If she doesn't choose the right offers, she might land up in big problems that will ruin her career completely.. He wanted to advice her.. But then he doesn't know if he really has the right to interfere in her decisions..

He was amidst his confusion when his phone rang..

Maan: Geet?? Shocked

He picked up the phone immediately..

Maan: Geet.. Hey.. Kya hua??

Geet: Maan I really need your advice regarding my offers.. I really don't know people here & I'm not able to decide which offers to take up.. Will you please help me with this Maan.. I'm really tensed up because of all this..

Maan: relax Geet.. Don't worry... I'll gladly help you with this.. Just relax.. Let's meet somewhere outside & we can discuss everything there.. Okay?
Geet: but meeting outside??

Maan: yeah.. Call it a date if you want to... Wink

Geet instantly smiled & blushed.. All her tensions got washed away..

Geet: ahhaaann... Date.. So.. Mr. Maan Singh Khurana is taking me out for a date.. Is that what you mean Mr. Maan Singh Khurana?? ;)

Maan: yes.. If that's what you want to hear Miss Geet Handa..

Geet: ohh chuck it Maan.. You said that's it's a date...

Maan: ohhh no ways.. I said call it a date if u want to... & you took it to be a date.. So probably you did want to go out on a date with me.. Accept it Miss Geet Handa.. You die for Maan Singh Khurana...

Geet: uhh... Die for you.. There are hundreds of guys lining up for me outside...

Maan: yeah... Roadside pe haina... Tongue

Geet: haaawww... . Maan... Mean creature... Roadside wale.. Go away.. I don't wanna talk to you...

(okay.. guys.. consider this picture with a top instead of the sari & without the accessories..)

Maan: are baba... I was just joking.. Don't get so angry now.. Thik hai.. Now please cheer up..

Geet: yeah okay.. I'm fine.. Ab ye to btao kab aur kahan milna hai.. Date ke lie...?? Wink

Maan: LOL.. Yeah DATE ke lie.. Let's meet in Costa Coffee.. Okay?? & since I decided the place you'll decide the time.. I don't want to do the entire job myself... Wink

Geet: Maan.. You're impossible.. Okay.. 5pm Costa Coffee.. Done.. Be there on time please..

Maan: you're an actress Geet Handa.. You need that more.. Press wale to waise bhi punctual hote hain... Tongue

Geet: acha ji... Remember the event of 2 days back Maan Singh Khurana...

Maan: Geet.. That was different..

Geet: acha really?? & how was that different..??

Maan: Geet.. You want to meet ya phir sari baaten phone pe hi khatam karni hai..??

Geet: are nahi...thik hai phir milte hain.. Bye... Smile

Maan: bye.. See you... Smile

Maan immediately kept the phone down... Damn.. Only he knows usne itni der kis tarah ab dil ko sambhal ke baaten ki.. While his heart was racing at full speed..

Maan(self talking): seriously Maan.. Yehi tumhari dream girl ho sakti hai.. Jise dekhke to choro.. Sirf awaaz sunke hi tumhara dil itna zoron se dhadakne lagta hai.. Jab bhi wo aas paas hoti hai.. Hawaen hi uska ehsaas dila deti hain.. Dekhne ki ya awaz sunne ki zarurat bhi nahi padti ye janne ke lie ki wo mere paas hi hai.. Yehi to hai meri soul mate..

With a smile on his face.. Maan went to change his dress & get ready for his so called DATE...

On the other hand.. As soon as Geet kept down the phone.. She blushed.. She panted..

Geet(thinking): babaji.. Ye mujhe kya ho raha hai... Maan se baat karke dil ko itna acha sa kyu laga.. Saalon baad jaise koi apna sa mil gaya ho..? Kyu uski awaaz sunke.. Dil me ek khanak si jaag uthi.. Jaise dil ko thande behte pani se saaf kar dia ho..? Kyun uski wo hasi maine mehsoos karli jo mai samne se dekh bhi na saki? Kyu mera dil usse baat karne ko bechain hota hai maano jaise ye adhoora ho uske bina..?

A knock at Geet's door broke her chain of thoughts...
Rimi: Geet..kahan khoi hui hai?? Maan se baat hui??

Geet: are haan.. Maan se baat ho gai hai.. Usse milne jana hai 5 baje..

Rimi: chal phir to acha hai na.. Chal to phir tayyar hoja na..

Geet: haan...

Geet went to her cupboard & stood in front of it for like 30mins.. She looked through the clothes.. But she couldn't figure out what to wear..

Rimi entered her room...

Rimi: GEET...!!! What have you done with your room..?? What's all this mess?? Pura bed clothes se bhar rakha hai... Shocked

Geet: wo chod na Rimi.. Dekh na ..mujhe samajh hi nahi aa raha hai ki mai kya pehenke jaun..

Rimi: tu pagal hai kya Geet.. Kuch bhi pehen le.. Baat karne jaa rahi hai.. Date pe thori na jaa rahi hai...

Geet: are nahi.. Maan ne to kaha consider it a date..

Geet bit her lips.. oops.. Shit she was not supposed to say that...

Rimi: aahhaaann... Date.. Oh my God Geet... Tu Maan Singh Khurana ke sath date pe jaa rahi hai.. Tabhi to kapron ko leke itna socha jaa raha hai... Wink
Geet: ji nahi.. Aisa kuch nahi hai.. Wo to mu se aise hi nikal gaya.. Aur kapre to ache hi pehenne chahie islie I'm thinking...

Rimi: acha ji.. Mujhse jhoot...

Rimi kept teasing Geet for quite sometime..

Then finally Geet picked up a pair of jeans & a spaghetti top & got ready...

While Geet was leaving the house...

Rimi: best of luck for your date Geet Handa... Wink Tongue

Geet: chup kar.. Bye...
Geet reached costa coffee & saw Maan sitting there waiting for her in a corner seat...

She felt the heat... The aroma.. The wind that was no where up till now started blowing on her face..making her face glow.. Tickling her.. Trying to tell her that her soul mate is right here waiting for you..

Maan too felt the wind caress his cheek... He smiled.. By now he was used to it.. He knew Geet was here now.. He didn't need to see her to know about her presence..

Geet..keeping aside her nervousness went & sat opposite to Maan..

Geet: uhh.. Sorry.. I'm a little late..

Maan held his breath.. Her voice sounded so fragile & so soft.. He just wanted to melt in its essence..

He quickly brushed of his desires..

Maan: aur koi mujhe punctuality ka lecture de raha tha.. Tongue

Geet: acha thik hai.. I have reasons to be late..

Maan was glad that she wasn't nervous anymore..

Maan: haan to you wanted my advice for the offers..

Geet: Maan.. Pehle ek coffee order karen..

Maan: yeah sure..

Maan called the waiter & they order for two cappuccinos...

Maan: haan to.. Where were we??

Geet: offers..

Maan: yeah right..

Then they discussed about the offers while having their cup of coffee..

Maan told her about each person whose offers had come to her.. He briefed her about each of the offers.. Finally after a long discussion they decided on three offers out of seven..

Geet: thank you so much Maan.. Tum nahi hote to I wouldn't have been able to decide.. Smile

Maan: you're welcome Geet.. I'm always there to help.. Smile

Geet: are haan Maan.. You didn't tell me ki why weren't you in the office that day...??

Maan: Geet.. Actually I'm not a permanent employee there.. They pay me for each write up that I do for them.. I'm a free writer Geet.. I work for anyone who gives me an offer to write on the topics of my interest.. & I get paid for each one of them..

Geet: OMG.. That's a big thing Maan.. Being a free writer.. Wow.. Waise Maan.. Was my movie of your interest?

Maan: uhh Geet.. To be honest no.. I don't really analyze such low budget films.. But I did it for the CEO of Indian Herald because he's my mentor & I respect him a lot.. But yeah.. I don't regret coming for the movie.. Because I saw you.. Wink

Geet blushed at his sentence.. She couldn't raise her eyes to look at him.. After gathering some courage.. She spoke up...

Geet: thank you so much for the compliment Maan...

Maan: you're welcome.. Smile

Both of them stayed quite for quite a long time.. They didn't know what to talk.. They just sat there in silence.. Inhaling each others' aroma.. Feeling each others' raised heartbeats..

Finally.. Bored by the silence..

Geet: Maan.. It's quite late.. I think I should leave..

Maan didn't want her to leave but alas! He couldn't ask her to stay as well..

Maan: uhh..yeah right.. So your car is here?

Geet: no.. I'll have to call the driver...

Maan: let it be Geet.. I'll drop you home..

Geet: uhh no Maan.. It's fine..

Maan: Geet.. Maine kaha na I'll drop you.. Ab chalo...
Geet: chalo if you insist..

Both the them moved towards Maan's car trying to control their rising heartbeats...

Maan(thinking): maine Geet ko sath chalne keh to dia.. Par ye apne is stupid heart ko kaise chup karaun.. Itni zor zor se dhadak raha hai.. Use pata chal gaya to...

Geet(thinking): Maan ke sath chalne ko raazi to ho gai par is stupid heart ka kya karun.. Jo use dekhte hi sara blood cheeks ko pump kar deta hai...

(Abreshmina- hehehhehe... Ye to bio laga di by god... The actress Geet ko bio bhi aati hai... Shocked Tongue LOL)

Both sat in the car... The journey to Geet's house was completely silent.. None of them spoke.. Not like they didn't know what to talk about.. But they were so lost & flushed with their own thoughts that they couldn't really voice out.. Finally they reached Geet's place..

Maan: Geet.. Tumhara ghar.. It was a great evening Geet.. Thank you for you company.. & remember whatever I have told you.. Smile

Geet: yeah.. Thank YOU so much Maan for your advice & support.. Smile

Maan: you're welcome.. :) bye ... Good night.. & take care... Smile

Geet: yeah.. Good night.. Bye.. Take care.. Smile

Geet stepped out of the car & Maan felt a pang of hurt seeing her leave...

Suddenly.. Geet turned back..

She gave him a kiss on his cheek & said
 ' good night Maan'.. & ran away inside her home...

Maan was pleasantly shocked.. He couldn't believe that Geet just kissed him good night.. He shook his head.. He couldn't believe this really happened.. His insides were jumping & rolling with happiness... He literally wanted to dance today...

He quickly sat back in his car & rushed back home... As soon as he reached.. He quickly took out his diary & went to the terrace...

Geet stood near her window feeling the blowing wind... Her lips still burned with the feel of the slight kiss that she gave him.. She couldn't think straight.. Why did she feel like kissing him? Why did she feel like staying with him? Why did she want to keep looking at him? Why did she feel him in this wind?

While Geet was searching for her answers.. Maan already had the answers for those questions.. As if he heard those questions she asked the wind.. He answered
 "because we are meant for each other Geet"..

Geet suddenly jolted.. She felt the answer.. She felt the wind answer her question saying "because they were meant for each other".. She looked lost into the sky feeling the wind touch her face..

Maan sat in his chair.. He opened his diary & wrote..

"Tumhare honthon ne ek ehsaas jagaya..
Jo ehsaas tha abhi tak begana..
Tumhare lafzon ne wo khwab dikhaya..
Jo khwab tha barson purana..

Tum aae to aai khushiyan sari..
Dil me jagi nayi ummeed pyari..
Har waqt ho zehen me tumhi mere..
Ab ek pal guzarta nahi bin tere..!!"

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