Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! MG FF

Geet stood near her window feeling the wind on her skin.. This is what she does every night before going to sleep.. She loves the feel of the wind.. It feels as if the love of her life is touching her.. Though she has no idea where he is or what does he look like but she knows he somewhere near & the wind makes the connection between them.. She knows that this wind is HIS MESSAGE..
Maan sat on his terrace with his diary & pen.. He was letting the wind touch his face.. He let the emotions flow through him & as he was a MAN OF WRITING.. He could never speak out his feelings & so he wrote..
Ye hawaen kuch kehti hain humse
ye ghataen behti hain jaise
ye koi ishaara hai us uparwale ka
jisne bheja hai hamare lie koi khaas sa..
Ye hawaen chooti hain aise
koi aasman me haanth phere jaise
is dil me hai ek tasveer anokhi
jo aaegi samne kabhi na kabhi..
Ye behti hawaen aai hain wahan se
mere humsafar ne bheji hai jahan se
ye hawaen khat hai us humsafar ka
ki aaegi wo is dil se dil jodne apna..!!
He closes his diary feeling contented sharing his feelings with his only friend.. HIS DIARY.. He smiles.. He has never had a friend other than his writings.. They were his friends.. His companion.. But still they could never become His Life.. His Soul mate.. He was still waiting for His Love to knock his door & sweep away his life with her...!!!!
Maan Singh Khurana: A prolific writer.. Writes articles for newspapers & magazines related to bollywood & fashion & television.. He is an ace writer & thus takes interviews of only big celebrities.. Writing poetry is his hobby & thus never publishes them.
Geet Handa: A beginner in bollywood.. A struggling actress.. Has done only few films as yet & thus is not very much popular.
Rimi Malhotra: Geet's best friend & a model.. She is an established model.
Rest of the characters will be introduced with the progress of the story..
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