Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 6

Part 6

Party went on really well...there was good music.. Good food.. Everything was perfect..
Suddenly all the lights went out..
& there from the spotlight appeared Ash King..

Ash: hey guys.. I hope you all know me.. I'm going to sing my song 'I love you' from the movie bodyguard.. I hope you all enjoy it & to enjoy it better..please everyone get on the dance floor with your partners.. Smile

Maan held Geet's hand..

Maan: you're gonna dance with me..aren't you? Smile

Geet: of course.. I won't get a better dance partner... Wink

with that both head towards the dance floor holding hands..

Maan: Geet..what style are we going to do?? Confused

Geet: ummm... I don't really know...Aaahhh... Let's do Bollywood duet.. Big smile

Maan: yeah.. That would be perfect.. Smile

& the song started..

Dil ka yeh kya raaz hai
Jaane kya kar gaye
Jaise andhero mein tum
Chandni bhar gaye..
Dil ka yeh kya raaz hai
Jaane kya kar gaye
Jaise andhero mein tum
Chandni bhar gaye
Kar chaand taaron ko
Mashoor itna kyun
Kambakht inse bhi khoobsoorat hai tu..
I love you
Tu ru ru... Unnere..yeah yeah...
I love you
Ooo.. ye.. ye.. yeah yeah
I love You

Maan swung Geet right & left.. Making her swirl.. Making her look even more pretty with the swirl.. Picking up each beat..having his hand on her waist.. Maan brought Geet closer to him.. So close that they could feel each others' breath fanning their faces.. Holding her from the waist.. Maan twirled Geet around on her toes & then held her stable pushing back towards him again..

Kabhi kabhi main khud se hoon yeh poochta
Main tere kaabil bhi hoon kya
Maan bent on his knees & held her hands & twirled her around...
Itna toh mujhe hai maloom
Milke tujhe Behtar main insaan ban gaya
Maan got up again & held her back making her bend down & twirled her back around..
Thoda thoda tujhse sikha
Pyar karne ka tareeka

Maan kissed Geet's hand..

Dil ke khuda ki mujhpe inaayat hai tu..
I love you
Maan bent on his knees again & stretched out his arms..
I love you
I love you

He got up again.. Held her hands.. & their feet moved back & forth with the beats..

I love you
I love you
I love you

By the end of the song...everyone was cheering & clapping & shouting to appreciate Maan & Geet's performance.. They smiled & thanked everyone for their appreciation.. & headed towards the drinks counter..

George: wow.. Geet.. Maan.. You guys were incredible.. What chemistry.. What moves.. Tum log to chaa gae yaar...

Maan smiled & blushed slightly..

Geet: thanks yaar George.. It had to be good yaar.. After all its me.. Geet Handa.. Wink

George: ya ya.. Chalo I'll go attend others.. Smile

Rest of the evening, Maan & Geet spent chatting & getting to know each other..

Geet: you're a nice guy Maan.. Who the hell said 'First Impression is the Last Impression'.. Your first impression is definitely not the last impression.. Wink

Maan: owww.. . Thanks Geet...Geet ...its quite late now.. Would you like me to drop you..??

Geet: yeah Maan.. Thanks a lot..

Maan: ohh you're welcome.. Let's bid a goodbye to George & leave..

Both went to George..

Maan: hey George.. We are leaving.. Thanks buddy for such an awesome party... [:)]

George: ohh cumon dude.. I just threw the party.. But it were you guys who made the party.. & for the last time in the evening.. You too were sizzling... Wink

Geet: yeah thanks George.. Big smile bye...

Maan: bye George...

George: bye guys... Smile

Maan dropped Geet home & bid her a goodnight & went back home.. He freshened up quickly & laid down on the bed..
Today.. He was happy.. Delighted.. Happiness which was new to him.. A feeling that was his first time.. He felt elated.. He couldn't stop thinking bout her smile... Her moves.. Her curves.. Her hair.. Her innocence.. Her chatter... He was thinking possibly everything about her.. Suddenly he felt like penning down his feelings.. He opened his diary & wrote..

I've got the girl of my dreams,
she's the only one it seems..
She has got me bound to her charms,
now I just wanna feel her in my arms..
I feel blessed having her here,
will never let her eyes escape a tear..!!

We are not yet together,

but I'm sure soon I'll feel her feather..
She's like my pretty angel,
and our hearts seem to mingle..
Girl you've got to be mine,
coz baby you're my lifeline..!!

Feeling contended of expressing his feelings.. He closed his diary..kept it aside..& dossed off into the world of his dreams...!!!

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