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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 19

Part 19
They remained in each others' hug feeling the love their hearts were radiating.. It felt a bliss.. Laying down in each others' arms away from the world.. Just in their own world..
Maan had his eyes closed.. He was feeling Geet.. Her soft skin.. Her silky hair.. How she comfortably lay in his arms.. He was just enjoying their moment of togetherness..
Geet was just looking at Maan.. She just loved the way he was smiling to himself.. She knew he was smiling because she was in his arms.. Geet just kept admiring this epitome of serenity and purity.. A man with a heart of gold..
Wind blew on his face.. It seemed the wind was capturing his smile wanting it to be forever..
Geet caressed his face lovingly smiling lightly.. Maan opened his eyes to see his Geet staring at him lovingly.. He couldn't ask for anything more when he had his Geet by his side loving him immensely..
He smiled..

Maan: Geet ..tum aise kya dekh rahi ho??

Geet: bas apni zindagi ko apni aankhon ke samne muskurate hue dekh rahi hun.. Ye dekh rahi hun.. Ki uparwale ne meri har khwahish ko mere samne rubaroo kr dia hai.. Ye dekh rahi hun.. Ye dekh rahi hun ki pyaar kitna khoobsurat ehsaas hota hai..

Maan: Geet..pyar se khoobsurat ehsaas to koi hota hi nahi.. Ab dekho.. Hum dono is tarah aaj ek dusre ki baahon me.. Isse zada sukoon hamen kabhi aur mila hai..?? Nahi na.. Smile

Geet: haan Maan.. You're right.. i feel so much at peace when I'm in ur arms..

Maan smiles and sits on the bed.. He pulls Geet and makes her sit in his lap..her back pressing to his chest.. They sat there facing the window feeling the wind blessing their love..
Maan felt the wind touching his face.. He felt like thanking the wind for everything it did for them.. His heart said..

In hawaon ne barson sath dia,
Pyar ka wo ehsaas jagaya,
Aks ek duje ka inme hua mehsoos,
Dil se jo na hoga kabhi door.

He smiled to himself.. And silently thanked the wind..
After sometime.. Geet started trying to breakfree from Maan's grip..

Maan: kya hua.. Kahan ja rahi ho Angel..?

Geet: Maan.. Khana nahi khana hai kya..?? Mai ja rahi hun khana garam karne .. Tum bhi aa jao..

With that Geet got up to leave and turned away from Maan.. Maan held her hand and stopped her from going away.. Geet turned her head towards Maan.. They looked into each others' eyes.. And Maan started singing..
Mere Bina main, rehne laga hoon

Maan smiled and stood up looking deep into the eyes of his love..

Teri hawaon mein, behne laga hoon

Maan moved the few strands of her hair that were kissing her lips...

Jaane main kaise, tera hua hoon
Mujhe to lagta hai, main shayad tere dil ki dua hoon haan

Maan pulled Geet towards himself and her back collided with the chest.. Geet lowered her head out of shyness..

tujhko jo paaya ahan
To jeena aaya

Maan held Geet's chin and lifted her head to meet his eyes..

Ab ye lamha
Theher jaye
Tham jaye
Bas jaye
Hum dono ke darmiyaan.

Both kept looking into each others' eyes emoting themselves through their eyes..

Pehle se zyada, main jee raha hu
Jabse main tere, dil se juda hoon

Maan traced his fingers on the lines of Geet's neck..

Rahon pe teri main to chala hoon
Tu meri manzil hai tere kadmon pe bas rukne laga hoon haan

Maan twirled out Geet still keeping his grip on her hand.. He then walked towards Geet and as soon as he reached near Geet's feet, he bent on his knees looking up in her eyes..

Tujhko jo paaya ahan
To jeena aaya
Ab ye lamha 
Theher jaye 
Tham jaye 
Bas jaye 
Hum dono ke darmiyaan.

He got up back on his feet..his breath fanning Geet's lips.. He traced his palm on the sides of Geet's left hand..

Teri nazar mein 
Nayi si adaa hai
Naya sa nasha bhi 
Ghula hai

Maan kissed Geet's eyes..

Kayi dinon se bandha tha 
Baadal jo tere hi 
Baalon mein khula hai

Maan traced his hand on her hair and dipped his head in her hair..

Teri hadon me 
Meri basar hai
Ab tujhe bhi 
Jaana kidhar hai

Maan raised his head and kissed her forehead..

Jahan rahe tu 
Main wo jahan hoon
Jise jiye tu 
Main wo sama hoon

Maan held her palm in his palm and swayed her away from him and then swayed her back to him..

Teri wajah se 
Naya naya hoon
Pehle kaha na maine ab ye tumse
Kehne laga hoon..

He twirled her around and bent back on his knees..

Tujhko jo paaya ahan
To jeena aaya
Ab ye lamha 
Theher jaye 
Tham jaye 
Bas jaye 
Hum dono ke darmiyaan.

He jerked her towards him making her sit on his knees..

Geet bent her head backwards on Maan shoulder..closed her eyes and kissed his cheek..

Geet: I love you Maan.. Tum sach me bohot acha gaate ho.. Aaj finally mujhe tumhari live performance bhi dekhne mil gai.. Wink

Maan: tum kaho to saari zindagi aise hi live performances deta rahunga..

Geet: love you Maan... Ab chale khana khane..?

Maan: hmm.. Chalo chalte hain..

Both went to the kitchen and warmed up the food..
They lay the table and Maan sat on the chair..
Geet sat on his lap..

Maan: haaye.. Meri Angel ki permanent seat.. Smile

Geet: aur nahi to kya.. Ye to hai hi meri permanent seat.. Wink

Both had their food feeding bites to each other..

Geet: now time for the desert.. Wink tum ice-cream laaye ho na..??

Maan: haan haan.. Fridge me hai..

Geet: good.. We'll mix that in the fruit cream..

Maan gave the first spoon to Geet and Geet did the same to Maan..
Maan quickly had his fruit cream while Geet was eating it like a kid.. Traces of fruit cream could be seen all over her lips..
Maan looked at her intensely.. The fruit cream around her lips were making her look even more desirable.. Her lips were appealing to him..
Maan moved forward and held Geet's chin.. Geet looked up to see Maan's burning gaze full of desire.. Maan licked her lips sensuously sending shivers through her spine.. She instantly closed her eyes.. And Maan started kissing her ferociously.. Geet started responding to his kiss.. Sucking and biting each others' lips.. Both broke apart after a long time panting..
They looked into each others' eyes that were burning with desire and lust..
Both looked apart controlling their desires..
Finally Maan broke the silence..

Maan: Geet.. It's quite late.. I better leave..

Geet: hmm..

Maan: goodnight Angel.. Sleep tight.. Take care.. And yeah remember me in your dreams.. Wink

Geet: goodnight Maan.. You too take care.. Smile

Both kissed each other one last time and then Maan left..
Geet came back to her room and looked at her bed.. Just the look of her bed reminded her of her intimate moments with Maan... She blushed turning deep crimson red.. She threw herself on the bed.. Hid her face in the pillow and whispered.. 'I love you Maan'..

Maan reached home smiling to himself throughout the way.. He went up and changed his dress and took out his diary..
He smiled remembering the entire evening and started penning down..

Pyar me hamare hai kashish aisi,
Khud khuda ki barkat ho waisi,
Muskurahat tumhari chand ki roshni si,
Mere dil ke andhere ko mita gai wo hasi..!!

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