Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friendship YA Love? part 7

Part 7

Days pass & they very well get settled in their office..They start getting recognised for their work, talent & dedication.. They make a lot of friends in the office as well.. All of them hangout & talk & enjoy their time in the office but they do no compromise in their work.. Their work is their priority.. But ofcourse for Maan..Geet comes first & for Geet..Maan comes first.. They are still the best of friends.. They spend all their free time with each other.. Everyday.. They talk to Akash & Aashna & their moms on skype..They laugh & share their experiences with each other.. They were having a great time in US.. They never felt away from home since Maan & Geet were there for each other..Geet used to cook delicious food for both of them so Maan never really missed the delicious food his mom used to make.. He always cherished the fact that he had a friend like Geet who knew him better than he actually knew himself.. She always knew what he wanted at the right time.. He never really had to tell Geet for anything.. Wo uski har khwahish aur har saans ko samajhti thi...
Geet was also very happy cuz Maan was with her.. She never missed anything.. He took extreme care of her.. He never let anything harm her or hurt her.. He always made sure that she is perfectly fine.. She was so glad with the amount of love & care Maan was showering on her.. She loved every bit of their togetherness..
One day----
Geet got up in the morning & went to wake up Maan since Maan had the habit of someone waking her up.. She went to Maan's room & saw Maan sleeping like a cute baby cuddled up in his blanket..she loved seeing that contended expression on his face..she did not feel like waking him up..he looked so cute..unconciously she started caressing his slight stubble..she loved the feel of his stuble..new wave of emotions started evoking in her..she desired to feel the roughness of his skin..she was in a trance..trance that Maan's feel had captured her in..she kept caressing his cheek slightly & sensuously..
Maan felt some movement on his cheek.. In his sleep Maan never thought of how sensuous Geet's touch was.. He thought that Geet is trying to wake him up..
Maan: Geet..kya kar rahi ho... Sone do na...
Maan's voice broke the trance Geet was in..she suddenly realised what she was doing..she blushed with the thought of what her devilish mind was thinking about Maan..she shrugged of her feelings & concentrated on waking up Maan..
Geet: utho Maan...office ni jana kya..agar late ho gae na to Amelia tumhari ache se khabar legi..do you want to get scolded by her early in the morning? Now cumon get up & get ready..mai bhi shower lene jaa rahi hun..tum bhi jaldi karo...
As soon as Maan heard Amelia's name..he got up with a jerk...
Maan: shit..hell no...Amelia ki daant ni khani.. Thanx Geet..mai abhi fresh hota hun..
Geet: good..!!
They both went to have their shower..
Geet had her shower n decided to check on Maan..so she went to his room..as soon as she entered his room.. Maan came out of the washroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist..
Geet's cheek turned crimson red seeing Maan almost bare.. OMG.. He was so damn sexy.. His perfectly shaped abs & muscles.. He looks were sure to die for.. Now she understand why every girl in the office drooled over him.. She felt extremely jealous with the thought of girls piercing their eyes over Maan's looks.. She decided in her mind to ask Maan not to look so sexy..but right now..she was spellbound with Maan's looks..she craved to touch him..to feel him..she kept gaping at him with her mouth wide open..
Maan could hardly realise the way Geet was gaping at him..he was himself so lost in Geet's beauty..she looked so serene & pure with her wet hair caressing her cheeks..her innocent eyes just looking at him..he just wanted to hold her & bring her in his embrace away from all the worries & evils of the world..he felt the desire to touch her all over & take her to the world of ecstacy..
Suddenly Maan realised his dirty thoughts & decided to finally open his mouth to stop his mind from getting any further dirty thoughts..
Maan: Geet..I have to get ready..would you mind going out please..!!
Geet was brought back to reality by Maan's words..she felt very embarrased & awkward with the way her mind was running...
Geet(stammers): uhh.. Ohh.. Yeah sssure Maan.. I'l move out..i better go & prepare the breakfast.. I'm sorry..
& she ran away to the kitchen as fast as she could.. She was breathing heavily partly due to her running & partly with the situation she was in a few moments ago.. She quickly drank water & slowly her breathing became normal & she prepared breakfast..
On The other hand.. Maan was going through the same rough of blood in his body.. He was panting heavily.. He couldnt understand why he was so affected by Geet's beauty.. Throughout the day..so many girls of his office roam around him.. & try to seduce him.. But he remains unaffected but whenever he looks at Geet intently he forgets everything & he's transported in another world of pleasure.. He shrugged of his thoughts & got ready & went downstairs..
The environment was very odd downstairs.. Due to their encounters few mins back..none of them said anything..they were just silently eating their food.. Maan decided to end this awkward silence..
Maan: wow Geet..aj to khana bohot hi zada yum bana hai.. Aj kuch special hai kya.. Itna yummy khana.. Waah maza aa gya...
Hearing this comment from Maan.. Geet felt elated..she returned to her old self..
Geet: sachhi Maan..? Itna acha bana hai kya? Big smile
Maan: haan Geet...bohot hi amazing hai..
Geet: thank you so much Maan.. & kissed him on the cheek..
Maan suddenly got stunned by this unexpected gesture of Geet..though he felt very happy but a little awkward cuz he knew now Geet will feel odd...
& exactly like Maan had predicted..Geet felt very conscious of her action & she started stammering..
Geet: Maan...uhhh... Wo...
Maan: its ok Geet.. & kissed her on her cheek..
Geet felt very happy with the way Maan understood her dilemma & took out all her apprehensions in a very sweet & genuine way..
Both of them smiled to each other & headed towards their office..
The day passed as usual in the office with a lot of work & some chill out sessions during the breaks.. The day was quite hectic for both Maan & Geet & by the end of the day.. Both of them were very tired..
It was very late & Geet had still not come to the main door to leave so Maan decided to call up Geet.. He called up but Geet didnt pick up her phone.. Maan panicked & rushed to her cabin.. When he entered her cabin.. He saw the most beautiful & pretty sight in the world.. Geet was sleeping with her head on the files..she was looking so pure..the amount of tiredness was completely visible on her face.. Maan felt very sad to see how stressed out her angel was due to her work load.. He did not feel like waking her up but alas he had to..
Maan: Geet..utho..ghar chalna hai..
Geet: ohh... I'm so sorry Maan..mujhe pata hi ni laga ki kab meri aankh lag gai..sorry made you wait..chalo chalte hain..
Geet: you dont have to say sorry Geet..hota hai..ab chalo..
Both of them made way to their car..sat down & Maan started the car.. As soon as the car started..Geet drifted off to sleep again.. Maan felt very disturbed by the amount of stress Geet was taking & he decided to talk to Geet about this..
They reached home & Maan decided to carry Geet in..but as soon as he lifted her..she woke up..
Geet: Maan..mai itni bhi halki ni hun ki tum mujhe uthake yahan se wahan nach sako..
Maan: Geet..aur tum itni bhi moti ni ho ki MAAN SINGH KHURANA tumhe utha na sake..
Geet laughed over his actics..
Geet: thik hai baba maan lia aapko Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.. Par abhi to neeche utar dijie..mai jaag gai hun & I can walk..
Maan carefully put her down & they walked in..
Geet: Maan tum fresh ho jao..mai bhi fresh hoke khana bana deti hun..
Maan: nai Geet..khana mat banao..aj hum khana bahar se order karke khaenge..
Geet: Maan iski kya zarurat hai..mai bana dungi na..
Maan: nai na..mere mann hai bahar se khane ka..ab jao tum fresh ho jao..mai khana order kar deta hun..
Both went to freshen up & then Maan orders their dinner..
Both were sitting in the hall waiting for the dinner when suddenly Maan feels some weight on his right shoulder..he turns to see that Geet had slept off again..she looked so serene..he started caressing her cheeks & hair..as soon as Maan started doin that Geet further shifted close to Maan & rested with a smile on her face..
Suddenly the door bell rang & their sweet moment got disturbed..
Maan: Geet utho..khana aaya hoga..let me go n bring it..
Geet quietly shifted off Maan's shoulder..
Maan took d food..payed d bill..he looked back to see Geet sleeping peacefully..he went & woke her up..
Maan: Geet..tum kuch zada hi stress le rhi ho kaam ko leke..look at youself..you're drifting off to sleep every possible moment..you look so tired & exhausted..plzz Geet take care of yourself..
Geet: aisa nai hai Maan..itz just today..
Maan: stop givin excuses Geet.. I noe how much stress you're taking..next time i see you so exhausted i swear i wont talk to you..n yeah abse we both will take turns to prepare the meal..
Geet: are nai Maan..
Maan: shut up.. Keh dia na maine..bs.. Ab aur behes nai..
Geet: thik hai baba..ab khane kha len plzz...
Maan: wait..mai khilaunga tumhe..
Maan starts feeding Geet..& Geet keeps gaping at Maan lovingly..she was loving the feel of his caring yet dominating nature..
Geet: Maan..tum hamesha rahoge na mere sath aise hi mera khyal rakhne ke lie..?
Maan: ofcourse Geet.. I'll always be there with you & for you...tum kabhi sochna bhi mat ki mai kabhi tumhara peecha chodne wala hoon..
Geet(laughs): mai chahti bhi ni ki tum mera peecha chodo... Wink
Maan feeds Geet & eats himself..
Maan: chalo Geet..ab jao jake so jao..subah i'll wake you up & i'll make the breakfast tomorrow morning..
Geet: nai Maan..mai bana dungi..
Maan: chup raho Geet..kahan na maine..dinner tum bana lena..waise bhi breakfast banana is easier.. Wink
Geet: Maan tum bhi nah..nautanki ho sach me.. Chalo goodnight then..
Maan: goodnight Geet..!!
Geet went off to sleep as soon as she landed on her bed..while Maan kept analyzing his feelings.. He thought why was he feeling this kind of a pull towards..the desire to touch her..feel her.. Touch her luscious lips to his..he was getting all kinds of x-rated thoughts..he kept thinking why did he feel such a sharp pain in his heart when he saw Geet stressed & tired..he kept thinking about it..& suddenly it striked him.. Have I started loving Geet? Isnt it the reason why I crave for her? Why I love to see her laugh? Why seeing her smile has become a mission of my life?
Yes.. I love her.. Yes.. I love you Geet..!! He started jumping around in his room..he felt elated..happy..beautiful to have discovered this feeling inside him..he loved the feel of knowing that he loved his beautiful angel..his best friend..he felt himself floating on the 9th cloud.. Big smile
Maan: Geet.. I'll confess my love to you soon.. But first I have to judge your feelings.. Jahan tak I feel you have some feelings for me too.. But I have to be sure.. Very soon Geet.. Very soon we'll be together.. Smile
& he drifted off to his world of dreams where His Geet is with him..

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