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Friendship YA Love? part 11

Part 11
Geet got up in the morning with the first rays of the sun.. She got up glowing & smiling.. She thought.. 'kash ye sunrays ke jagah Maan hota'.. ' oh my god..sheesh.. Ye mai kya soch rhi hun.. Geet maana tu usse pyaar karti hai par ye x-rated thoughts.. Shhh.. Nahi nahi.. Control yourself Geet.. Abhi tak to Maan ko kuch bataya bhi nahi hai aur ye haal hai.. Bata degi to pata nahi kya hoga..' ... She blushed extensively with her thoughts... She was crimson red.. Mrs. Handa saw this & smiled... She understood what Geet must be thinking..
Mrs. Handa(coughed) ahem ahem...
Geet was lost in her thoughts.. She didnt even realise that her mom was there coughing to get her attention..
Mrs. Handa: Geet beta.. Teri maa yehi par hai aur tere chehre ki laali dekhke samajh rahi hai ki tu kya soch rahi hai...
As soon as Geet heard that.. She instantly came out of her dream world.. & got really embarrassed by her actions & turned even more red..
Geet: mumma.. Wo.. Uh.. Aisa..
Mrs. Handa: rehne de.. Jaa jake fresh hoja.. Fir hospital bhi to chalna hai nah..
Geet: are haan.. Maan ke paas jana hai mai jaldi se fresh ho jati hun..
Geet ran into the washroom.. Mrs. Handa smiled seeing her innocent child in love with someone.. She felt nice to see that different wala glow on her daughter's face.. Both of them got ready & made their way to the hospital.. When they reached the room.. They saw both Maan & Mrs. Khurana sleeping..
Mrs. Handa: Geet.. Hum bahar baithte hain..inhe thori der aur sone dete hain..
Geet: are nahi mamma.. Maan ki medicine ka time ho raha hai use kuch khilana bhi hoga.. I cant let him sleep abhi he cannot skip his medicines hes still very weak..
Mrs. Handa: saans lele buddhu.. Thik hai jaa utha de..
Geet goes & wakes up Maan..
Geet: Maan utho.. Subah ho gai..
Maan: Geet sone do na.. Kya hai hamesha subah ki talwar leke sar pe khadi rehti ho...
Geet: haaawww... What did you just say Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.. Tum samajhte kya ho khud ko.. Medicine ka time ho raha hai tumhara.. Breakfast karana hai islie utha rahi hun... Huh...
Maan: oopsss... I'm sorry Geet.. Wo mai neend me kuch bhi bol jata hun you know..
Geet: thik hai thik hai.. Maaf kia.. Ab lo breakfast karo...
Geet made Maan finish the food & then gave him the medicines..
Then she woke up Mrs. Khurana.. & asked her to go home & take rest.. & made Mrs. Handa go with her..
The entire day Geet sat beside Maan.. She talked to him.. Fed him.. Patted him to sleep.. Took care of everything he needed & wanted.. Maan was loving the feel of love from Geet's side.. He knew that Geet loved him dearly even though she might not have realised it yet.. Least did he know that Geet had come to know of her feelings.. & she was very much loving this new feeling.. Maan did notice some kind of a glow on her face.. He noticed her getting shy by just one look of his..
Maan: Geet.. Kya baat hai.. Mai yahan hospital bed pe hun aur tum itni khush dikh rahi ho..?
Geet suddenly got nervous..
Geet: uh..wo.. Nahi Maan...
Maan: relax Geet..mai to mazak kar raha tha tum itna kyu ghabra rahi ho...
Geet (murmers): ek to ise kuch samajh nahi aata & upar se chidha bhi raha hai..koi baat nai Maan Singh Khurana..mera bhi din aaega tab dekh lungi mai tumhe..
Maan: Geet..apne aap me kya badbada rahi ho..
Geet: nahi Maan.. Kuch nahi.. Bas aunty & mamma ke bare me soch rhi thi..
Maan: oh..
Maan did feel something fishy & he wanted to ask Geet that what was cooking in her mind.. But then he decided to shrug it off & talk about all this once he gets back home..
Whole week.. Geet took extra care of Maan.. She never let him alone.. She made sure he has no problems with the environment..about the food..about his clothes.. Nothing.. She made sure everything was perfect for him..
Finally it was time for Maan to be discharged.. Same day Mrs. Khurana & Mrs. Handa were going back to India..
Geet: mamma.. Aunty.. Chalie.. Hamen ghar chalna chahie.. Aapko wahan se luggage leke phir airport bhi jana hai.. Abhi nahi nikle to late ho jaenge..
Mrs. Handa: haan Geet sahi keh rahi hai.. Chalie Mrs. Khurana.. Hamen chalna chahie...
Mrs. Khurana: haan.. Maan beta apna khayal rakhna.. Abhi 2-3 din aur office mat jana.. Ghar pe rest karna.. Main phone karti rahungi.. Bye beta...
Maan: haan mom.. Dont worry.. I'll be fine.. Aap aaram se bina tension ke jaiye.. Bye...
Mrs. Handa: bye Maan beta.. Apna dhyan rakhna..
Maan: ji aunty.. Bye..
Geet: chalie ab.. Maan maine John se keh dia hai.. Mai to abhi aunty & mamma ke sath jaa rahi hun.. Tum ghar aa jana John ke sath.. Mai ghar pe milungi tumse..
Maan: Geet.. Tum mujhe ghar le jaane nahi aaogi..?
Geet: nahi Maan.. Even I get tired yaar.. Itne time se tumhari seva kar rahi hun.. Kuch to rehem karo.. Mai aunty & mamma ko airport drop karke ghar jaake thora rest karungi..
Maan (with a sad face): haan thik hai.. Bye...
Geet: bye...
All three of them left the hospital & went home leaving Maan all sad & dissapointed..
Maan(self talking)maine socha tha Geet se ghar jaate hue apne dil ki baat keh dunga.. Par yahan to Geet isnt going to be with me.. Kya Geet tumhe bhi aaj hi rest karna tha.. Tum kabse is jhalle Maan ko akele chodke rest karne lag gai.. Huh.. Koi nahi.. Ghar jaake hi keh dunga..
Meanwhile.. Mrs. Khurana, Mrs. Handa & Geet pick up their luggages & went to the airport..
Mrs. Handa: Geet.. Maan se apne dil ki baat zaroor keh dena..
Geet: haan mamma aap log tension mat lijie..
Mrs. Khurana: haan beta..hum bas tum logon ko khush dekhna chahte hain..
Geet: ji main janti hun aunty.. Acha ab aap log andar jaiye check in kar lijie.. Aur India pohochke phone kar dijiega..
Mrs. Handa: haan thik hai.. Bye beta...
Mrs. Khurana: bye Geet.. Hopefully my future bahu.. & smiles..
Geet blushes hearing that...
Geet: bye..!!!
Both the ladies went in the airport & Geet came back home..
After about 2 hours.. Maan was sitting on his hospital bed all set to leave this place & go home.. Maan still had a hope that Geet will surely come to take him home.. But all his hopes shattered when he saw John coming in..
John: hi Maan.. How are you now?
Maan: (forcefully smiles) hi.. I'm fine John.. Thanx for coming..
John: ohh its alright buddy.. Come.. Now let me drop you home..
John signs Maan's discharge papers & then drops him home..
Maan stood on the door.. He rang the bell but Geet didnt answer it..
Maan: maharani kahin ki.. Aaram kar rahi hongi madam.. Huh..
He rang the bell again but still there was no answer.. Finally frustrated he hit the door & it sprang open...
Maan: aaahhhaaahhhaaa... Madam door kholke so gain.. Taki main disturb na karun.. Huh.. Kitni mean hai.. Kamse kam ache se welcome to kar deti..
Maan entered inside.. & then he saw a spectacular view infront of him.. It left him spellbound.. The entire house was decorated with his & Geet's pictures... All their moments were captured in those pictures..
He touched the 1st one where Geet actually jumped on Maan & he was on verge of falling down.. He laughed seeing that..
He went to the second one where Geet & Maan were laughing on some joke..
The third one was where Geet was crying & Maan was trying to make her smile...
Similarly he went through all the photographs & remembered each & every moment of theirs.. He smiled seeing all of it..
Suddenly it struck him..
Maan: Geet.. Ye sab tumne kia?? Kahan ho tum Geet??
& there near the door of Maan's bedroom was Geet standing in a white anarkali suit looking angelic & extremely pure...
Drashti Dhami as Geet
Geet: Pata na laga kab itne kareeb aa gae..
           Pata na laga kab tum is dil pe chaa gae..
           Pata na laga kab hui tumhare lie tayyar'
           Pata na laga kab hua tumse pyar'.!!!!
I love it when I see you smile..
I love it when together we walk a mile...
I love it when I hear your voice..
I love it when memories we rejoice..
To me you're my superhero..
Who never lets me be a zero..
You stand by me in all my needs..
I love you for all your deeds..
We always said we are best friends..
Never did we realize we are more than just friends..
Now I know that I LOVE YOU very much..
And I know that you too love me as much..
Just wanna hear those words from you..
Say it that YOU LOVE ME TOO..!!!!
Maan.. itna kuch keh dia phir bhi lagta hai abhi bohot kuch baki.. par bayaan nahi kar sakti us har dhadkan ko jo sirf leti hain sirf tumhara naam'mujhe nahi pata ki main kab tumse itna pyar kar baithi par itna zaroor pata hai ki ye mohobbat hai puri tarah sachhi'
I LOVE YOU MAAN' I really really love you Maan'
Geet bends on her knees & holds Maan's hand & asks him' "Maan Singh Khurana' Will you please be mine..?? "
Maan had no bounds to his happiness at that moment.. His love was proposing to him' His love was doing what he wanted to do' It was definitely going to be THE MOST SPECIAL MOMENT OF HIS LIFE..!! He held Geet & made her stand up..
Maan: Geet' tumne wo sab kuch keh dia jo mai kehna chahta tha'Yes.. Geet' I LOVE YOU TOO'. & I'll be yours forever & ever'.
With that he sealed his lips with hers' He poured out all his emotions in that kiss.. He wanted to say so much to his LADY LOVE but decided to just live in the moment & express all his feelings in MAAN SINGH KHURANA'S STYLE' Wink '.
They kissed each other breathless' Enjoying the feel of each other' Sucking into each other's mouth.. Playing with the saliva' Geet was enjoying the feel of Maan on her lips' Her body temperature rose with his mere touch & here he was kissing her with all his passion' She could feel their body radiating a huge amount of heat' She blushed & blushed & blushed' She turned redder with every movement of Maan's lips & tongue' Both of them were living their life in their very first kiss'
Finally they broke apart seeking some air' They were panting heavily' After sometime of the awkward silence'.
Geet: Maan.. chalo dinner kar lete hain'tumhe rest bhi karna chahie'
Maan hugged Geet sideways'
Maan: ek shart pe khaunga'.
Geet: acha ji' kaisi shart'???
Maan: ki MERI GEET mujhe apne haanthon se khana khilaegi'. Wink
Geet: thik hai' Shart manzoor ki jati hai Mr. Maan Singh Khurana'
Both fed each other lovingly having eyelocks every now & then.. Finally after what seemed like ages they finished their food' Geet gave medicines to Maan' & then both went to sleep in their rooms ready for beautiful dreams about each other' fantasizing about everything & anything'. Feeling whatever they want to'
Both drifted off to sleep smiling awaiting their new phase of love filled life'.

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