Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friendship YA Love? part 12

Part 12
It was very early in the morning when Geet heard some noises from the kitchen.. She got up to see whats going on there..
She saw Maan making an omelet  for himself.. She smiled thinking.. ' it must be his early morning meal..' & laughed..
Maan heard the sound of a very chirpy, amusing & beautiful laughter.. He instantly knew it was His Geet.. Nobody else had the power to make him smile with a mere sound of laughter..

Maan: good morning Jaan..!! So whats so funny this morning?

Geet blushed hearing the word JAAN from Maan's mouth..

Geet: good morning Maan..!! I was just laughing off at your habit of dusk meal.. Wink

Maan: there's nothing so funny about it..i feel hungry early in the morning so i eat.. Anyways let that be.. Here's some delicious omelet.. Would you like to have it my love?

Geet(smiled): yeah.. If I get it from the hands of My Love... Wink

Maan: aaahhh.. That would be my pleasure..

& smiled.. Maan made her sit on his lap & fed her..

Geet: yumm.. Maan.. This is amazing..!!! I loved it completely.. How do you make it so yum.. Mujhe bhi sikha do...

Maan: sikhane ki kya zarurat hai.. Whenever you want to have it just let me know.. I'll happily make it for you Jaan..

Geet: aww... I love you Maan..

Maan: I love you too Geet..

Both went back to their rooms to take a nap again before stepping ahead for a hectic day again..

Geet: Maan.. Mai office jaa rahi hun.. Apna dhyan rakhna.. Kuch zarurat pade to mujhe call karna.. Thik hai?

Maan: iska kya matlab hai.. Mai bhi office chal raha hun..

Geet: bakwaas mat karo samjhe.. Discharge mil gaya hai iska matlab ye nahi hai ki tum apni mann marzi chalaoge samjhe.. Abhi Geet Handa yahin hai.. You're not going to the office.. I'll tell Amelia ki you still have to rest for a week more.. So dont worry.. I'll handle everything.. Tum bas rest karo..

Maan: Geet... Mai thak gaya hun rest kar karke.. Mujhe bhi bahar jana hai..

Geet: behes mat karo Maan.. Kaha na maine.. Ab bachhon ki tarah zidd mat karo..

Maan: but how am I going to do without you the whole day.. Unhappy

Geet: aww... My baby.. I'll come back home early promise.. Now please can I go otherwise I'll get late..

Maan: yeah ok.. But come soon.. Bye..

Geet: yup.. I will.. Bye..

& she kisses Maan on his cheek.. & turns to go when Maan held her by her waist..

Geet: Maan.. Chodo.. I have to go..

Maan: acha ji.. Khud to apni tamanna puri kar li ab mujhe bhi to puri karne do.. *smirk*

Maan kisses her on her neck.. Geet instantly closes her eyes just feeling the beautiful sensation of Maan's lips on her skin.. Maan brought Geet even closer(if that was even possible..hahhaha...[;D]).. N presses his lips to hers.. Geet instinctively opens her mouth giving Maan access to her secrets.. Maan explored every corner of her mouth with full passion & fervour.. Searing through the skin..biting & then licking the extra blood..Geet kissed him with equal passion... Few days back she didnt even know if this much passion even existed in her & today here she was kissing her Maan with so much passion.. Suddenly her phone rang bringing them out of their passionate moment.. Maan frowned..

Maan: urrgghhh.. I hate your phone..

Geet(smiled): office se hai.. I'm getting late.. See you Maan.. Bye.. & rushes out..

Maan(shouts): byee Geet... Jaldi aana..

& settles himself on the sofa..

Maan keeps thinking about how Geet proposed him.. He felt special.. Being proposed by a girl a big thing after all..

Maan: waise bhi she's My Geet.. Dum to hona hi hai.. OMG.. I love her sooo much..

Geet missed Maan very very much throughout the day.. Though she was busy with a lot of work since she had been absent to work for so long.. There was so much of piled up work but the feeling of missing being in Maan's arms still lingered & dominated her heart..
In the evening.. As promised Geet came home early.. Maan's face lightened up instantly... Geet rushed into Maan's arms..

Geet: ohh Maan.. I missed you so much..

Maan: i missed you too Geet.. Thank god tum jaldi aa gai.. Sare din wait kar karke mai to aadha ho gaya.. Dekho.. Ab jaldi se kuch acha sa banake apne haanthon se khila do..

Geet: Maan tum bhi na.. Let me get freshened up first..

Geet quickly freshens up & prepares delicious pasta for Maan..

Maan: Geet...tumhare haanth me sach me jadoo hai.. How do you make such delicious food yaar..

Geet: bas tumhare lie banati hun to acha ban jata hai... Wink

Both had their food & settled themselves on the sofa all set to watch the movie they had planned to watch..
Both sat in each others' arms watching the movie & having their romantic sessions in bits & pieces.. Finally when they were done with the movie.. They wished each other goodnight with a sweet & genuine kiss & drifted off to sleep..
Days went by with Maan & Geet's budding love.. They came to know some new things about each other.. Like Geet blushed everytime she looked at Maan.. Maan couldnt sleep without getting a goodnight kiss from Geet.. Maan wouldnt eat anything himself now as he always wanted Geet to feed him.. Geet wouldnt eat herself without giving a bite to Maan.. Basically they were spoiling each other with their love & naughtiness..

After 3 months
Geet was getting ready for the office while Maan had taken a leave 2day..
While Geet was feeding Maan..

Geet: Maan.. Why have you taken a leave today.. I'll get bored in the office without you..

Maan: Jaan.. You know I have to do some work to shift off everything to India right... I needed a day off for that..

Geet: hmm.. I'll really miss you Jaan..

Maan: I'll miss you too.. & please dont make such sad faces.. Its just a matter of few hours.. Now cumon.. Give me your cute wali smile..

Geet genuinely smiles at his cute demand.. & heads towards the office..

Maan: Geet.. I'll leave no stone unturned to make this the most special & beautiful day of your life..

He smiles to himself thinking about his plans & starts making calls for the arrangements..
Later in the evening.. Geet comes back tired & exhausted with the day's work..
She switched on the light of the floor.. & there the entrance was decorated by red & white roses that were arranged in such a way that it wrote.. "A BEAUTIFUL WELCOME TO A BEAUTIFUL ANGEL"..
Geet smiled reading that.. 'uff.. Ye Maan bhi na'... She entered the inside & the entire house was decorated with hanging candles & the wall was grafted with blue & red saying.. "GEET... YOUR MAAN LOVES YOU"... Geet felt utterly special..

Geet: Maan.. I love you too.. Kahan ho tum Maan..?

& there flew a red rose towards her with a note saying.. You have to wait to see me Jaan.. Pehle apna sara surprise to dekhlo... Wink

Geet: (sighs) Maan...

Then she moved ahead to the kitchen.. The entire kitchen was lit by candles.. & there were all her favourite dishes.. From noodles to paneer to samosas to golgappe.. Everything.. & there hung a note which read.. " ESPECIALLY COOKED BY MAAN SINGH KHURANA FOR HIS SPECIAL ANGEL"..
Geet was mesmerised by the amount of love being showered on her.. A small drop of tear formed near her right eye threatening to fall any moment & then she heard his voice..

Maan: uhh.. No tears baby.. Maan Singh Khurana doesnt like to see her angel crying.. Cumon I wanna see my love's trademark smile..

Geet smiled wiping her tears..

Geet: Maan.. Where are you Jaan..?

Maan: a little more wait my love.. Cumon explore the rest of the house..

Geet went to her room.. & the entire wall of the room had "MAAN & GEET FOREVER" grafted on it.. & on her bed lay a very beautiful blue colored shiffon sari with a note saying.. "I WANT YOU TO WEAR IT & COME TO THE HALL JAAN"...
Geet smiled & went to the washroom to freshen up & change into her beautiful gift.. She got ready & came to her room to see her entire bed decorated with flowers which were patterned to say.. "I CAN SEE MY DREAMS COMING TRUE Wink" ... .
Geet blushed with the sentence & rushed outside to the hall.. & there stood her handsome man... Dressed in a black sherwani looking more handsome than ever.. This was the first time she was seeing Maan in an India attire & he looked absolutely cherishable..

Geet: Maan..

Maan: uhh uhh... Geet.. Its my turn to say today love.. Smile
I see my dream infront of my eyes..
And it makes my desires rise..
You look like an angel my love..
Who's sent especially for me from high above!!

I love you & you know it very well..
But I still find it necessary to tell..
You've become my life my dear..
Whom I always wanna keep near!!

And so I wanna tie you up with me..
In a relationship that all can see..
I wanna make you mine forever..
To have you always as my treasure!!

Geet'My life has become so used to of you that I cant even imagine myself away from you even for a moment' I love you with all my heart Geet.. Its you who makes me smile.. Its you who I can share everything with' You make my life worth living Jaan..

Meri saanson me tum ho..
Mere khwabon me tum ho..
Meri khwahish bhi tum ho..
Meri mannat bhi tum hi ho!!

I want you with me Geet.. forever & ever' With everything that I have said.. tum samajh hi gai hogi par bhi'

Geet's eyes shone bright with fresh tears threatening to fall.. controlling those tears for she knew that Maan wont like them.. She says'

Geet: I LOVE YOU MAAN'!!!!

Maan: I love you too Geet' but mere sawaal ka jawab to do'

Geet: (smiles) Yes Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.. I would love to be Mrs. Geet Singh Khurana'!!!

With that she heard a loud cheer coming from Maan's room & there she saw her mamma.. her would be mom.. Akash.. Aashna.. John.. Amelia.. & rest of their close collegues.. all with a huge smile on their faces' Geet felt overwhelmed seeing all those people being a part of her happiness today'

Maan: Geet.. now this is your final surprise' Geet.. They are here for our engagement  Jaan'

Geet: Maan.. really??? (with a delight on her face)

Maan: (brightly smiles) Yes.. my love.. Its our engagement today'. Big smile

In sheer delight.. Geet hugged Maan tightly & then they had their engagement ceremony followed by a lavish party'

After 2 weeks(in New Delhi, India)
There was a hussle in the entire house.. Yes.. It was Geet's & Maan's marriage today & everyone was running around in Geet's house looking into the arrangements since there was very less time left for the groom to arrive.. Geet was looking around her house smiling seeing the enthusiasm in everyone's eyes'

Aashna: Geet.. tu yahan khadi khadi kya kar rahi hai?? Chal tujhe tayyar kara dun..

Both went to Geet's room.. Maan had sent a beautiful green coloured lehnga for Geet..

Aashna: yaar.. maanna padega' Maan ki choice hai bohot achi' Big smile

Geet: ofcourse.. after all.. mai bhi to usi ki choice hun' Wink

Aashna: ahaan' Blushing'. Khud ko dekh' tomato ki tarah ekdum laal ho rahi hai' is laali ko bacha le.. waise bhi aaj raat to tu puri laal hi hone wali hai'

Geet: chup kar besharam..!!! (& she blushes even more)

Finally Aashna gets Geet ready'
After sometime.. The baarat arrives' & a little later Maan is made to sit in the mandap.. Maan was wearing a green sherwani matching to Geet's green lehnga & was looking extremely handsome..
After sometime.. Maan saw his angel descending down the stairs looking stunning.. Geet came & sat beside Maan in the mandap.. They had an elaborate wedding & finally it was time for Maan to unveil Geet's hidden secrets..
He entered his room looking at his beautiful bride sitting waiting for him.. He went forward' as he moved forward Geet sensed his presense & her heart started beating erotically.. Maan sat beside her & lifted her ghunghat.. OMG.. she looked so pretty.. her cheeks were bright red & as she lifted her eyes.. Maan could see the spark in her eyes.. & he was loving it..

Maan: Geet.. aaj to mujhe control karne ki zarurat nahi haina?? Wink

Geet: (blushes) nahi Maan.. aaj mujhe puri tarah se apna bana lo Maan..

Maan just needed to hear that.. he hurriedly took off her jewelleries & made her lie down.. He took her lips into his.. Though they had kissed innumerable times by now.. but this one felt so new & fresh.. He loved the flavour of her mouth & kissed her deeply.. He went further down to her collarbone & bit it lightly.. Geet instantly hissed & moaned.. Slowly he took off their barriers & cupped her mounts.. Oh.. they felt so soft.. Geet felt a new sensation hitting her.. He licked & sucked & bit every part of her body marking it his & making her go extremely wet.. & finally when he couldn't control anymore & they went high on desires.. he slowly entered her making her his forever.. As the night fell their passion rised & their moans surrounded the room sealing the truthfulness & passion of their love'.!!!!!!!!!!!

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