Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 1

Part 1
Maan is standing at the premier venue outside the hall frustrated with his current task.. It wasn't his general task.. He is not supposed to watch & analyse such low budget movies..
Maan: OMG.. Do I really have to watch & analyze THIS movie.. I still can't believe I'll have to tolerate such an average piece of art..
[FLASHBACK (Indian Herald office)]
CEO: Maan.. Please go & attend the premier of the movie 'Pyar ke Dushman' & please write its review..
Maan: but sir.. This is a very low budget movie & it doesn't even have any of the stars.. Why do 8 have to go there..? It's not my task.. Is it?
CEO: I know it's not you task & I'm extremely sorry for this..but I don't have a choice.. All your junior analysts are busy & there's no other expert analyst.. Please Maan.. You'll have to do this for me..
Maan: but sir..
CEO: please Maan..
Maan: okay sir.. I'll go there..
& so he was standing here for the person who has made him what he is today.. He couldn't have dissappointed him with his denial.. He had to agree to do this task for him..
Maan(self talking): okay Maan.. Now go inside.. You don't have an option.. Angry
Suddenly Maan's phone rings.. It was the CEO of Indian Herald on the phone.. He picked up the phone & moved a little far away from the entrance as there was too much hassle there..
Meanwhile.. Geet enters the venue with Rimi.. She was the actress of movie that was being premiered..
As soon as she stepped out of her car.. A strong wind gushed past her.. Though it was a strong wind..it soothed her soul..
Geet(thinks): OMG.. He is somewhere here..
She smiles.. Thinking that his soul mate is here to watch her movie.. She sensed his presence.. The wind informed her of his presence..
Maan felt the same thing while he was talking on the phone..
CEO: Maan.. I'm sending an interviewer for you.. You won't have to interview the cast & crew.. You just watch the movie & write its review.. Okay?
Maan: ------
CEO: Maan.. Did you hear me?
Maan: ------
CEO: Maan... Are you there?
Maan broke apart from his trance with the CEO's loud voice..
Maan: yes sir..
CEO: did you hear me, Maan?
Maan: I'm sorry sir.. I didn't hear you?
CEO: where are you lost Maan? Anyways.. I just said.. You just have to write the review.. I am sending an interviewer to take the interviews..
Maan: okay.. Thank you sir..!!
CEO: ohh.. That's alright.. All the Best!!
Maan: thank you sir..!!
Maan kept down the phone..
Maan(thinks): oh..what did I feel.. Why did I get the feeling of my love being here..? Is she here? But who's she? Though I know she's here.. I don't even know how she looks like..
Disappointed Maan enters the hall.. Geet was still standing outside with Rimi getting her pictures clicked..
Rimi: Geet.. I hope.. This film of yours does great business & becomes a hit..
Geet: I hope so too Rimi.. It's very important for my career.. This film has to be hit to get me noticed & boost my career..
Rimi: let's hope for the best.. Come let's go inside..
Both Geet & Rimi make their way inside & the premier starts.. Throughout the movie, Maan only liked the actress..
Maan(thinking): what a pathetic direction.. This girl has so much talent.. She can be an asset to a movie.. But she hasn't been used to her fullest abilities..
By the end of the movie.. Maan was completely bored & was all ready to bash the direction, music & the actor of the movie.. It was only the actress who kept him intact on his seat.. Though he hated the movie but he loved the actress..
He got up to leave the hall & Geet got up to proceed for her interview at the same time.. They felt a tinge of the romantic feel while passing passing each other.. Maan like a gentleman gave way to Geet to move ahead.. Though he didn't look at her, he felt her smiling & he smiled to himself..
While Geet was giving the interview, all the interviewers & the cameramen were making a hassle around her to capture her pictures.. In the hassle, Maan accidently got pushed & his hand came in contact with the skin of Geet's arms.. Maan felt a very strong unknown sensation.. He felt the touch of his soulmate.. He shuddered.. For the first time in his life, Maan Singh Khurana got nervous.. He quickly made his way out of the hall.. 
Geet, on the other hand, was so busy in her interview that she missed the beautiful feeling of the first touch of her love.. But.. Did she even care about that in front of her road to fame..??

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