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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 16

Part 16
The hug was an eternal one.. Otherwise the environment was silent but that hug spoke volumes.. It provided calmness and serenity.. It proved the existence of love.. A love which was pure and selfless.. A love which was beyond the need of words.. It had a language of its own.. The language of eyes..heartbeats.. They were enough to speak for that love.. They didn't need the words..
They broke out of the after a long time.. Both wiped their tears which flowed out of their eyes seeing the height of their love..

Maan: Geet.. Mai lafzon me bayaan nahi kar sakta ki tumne mujhe kitni badi khushi di hai.. Mai tumhe kaise bataun ki...

Geet shut her mouth with the placement of her song finger over his M-shaped lips..

Geet: sshhh Maan.. Tumhe kuch kehne ki zarurat nahi hai.. Tumhari ye aankhen mujhe sab bata deti hain Maan.. In jazbaaton ko lafzon se zaae(waste) mat hone do..

Maan looked at Geet with an expression of astonishment... He couldn't comprehend the depth of his Angel's love.. It was beyond any measurement..
Maan held her waist and brought her closer to him.. He look his lips beside her ear and whispered.. 

Maan: dunia ka sabse khushnaseeb insaan to tumne mujhe usi din bana dia jisne tumne mujhe apna maana tha aur aj is qadar mohobbat kar baitha hun tumse ki is dunia ki koi parwaah hi nahi reh gai hai ab mujhe.. Mai bas inhi lamhon me apni sari zindagi bita dena chahta hun Geet.. Tumhare sath..tumhari baahon me..

With that he hugged her passionately and took her lips into his.. This time he was gentle and soft.. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her..how much he cared for her.. So he was gentle with her..
They broke out of the kiss after sometime..

Geet: Maan.. Neeche chalen..??

Maan: haan chalo..

Both went back downstairs to the living room..

Maan: Geet.. Tumhari shoot ka scheduled time kya hai..??

Geet: 12pm Maan...

Maan: Geet.. Its already 11.. I think you should go and get ready.. Then we'll leave for the set..

Geet: yeah right.. I'll just go and get ready..

Geet went to get ready and came out in a long figure-hugging blue top and black jeans.. She looked gorgeous..
Maan just kept gaping at the beauty in front of her..
Realising the way Maan was looking at her.. Geet shyed and lowered her eyes..
Maan went forward and lifted her chin to make her look into his eyes..

Maan: Geet.. You look like a beauty to die for.. Baap re.. Aaj to tumhe buri nazron se mujhe hi bachana hoga... Hehee..

Geet: hehhe.. Thank you Maan.. Ab chalen?? Warna we'll get late..

Maan: haan chalo chalte hain..

Maan and Geet sat in the car and reached the set in about 20mins..

On reaching there

Everybody's eyes popped out to see Maan Singh Khurana with Geet.. They couldn't believe their eyes.. The MSK who was one of the most busy personalities in the city was here on the sets of a movie.. Everybody kept looking at them shocked as they crossed their path..
Finally the director came forward..

Director: Maan ..tum yahan..??

Maan: haan.. Mai Geet ke sath aaya hun..

Geet looked at Maan and smiled.. He didn't even once gave a thought to his words.. She smiled seeing he love in his eyes..

Director: Geet ke sath..??

Maan: haan.. Kyun.. Nahi aa sakta.. Aap itne sawaal kyun kar rahe hain??

Director got scared instantly..
Director.. Nahi kuch nahi.. I'm sorry.. Wo I was just shocked to see you here.. Geet you please proceed towards the vanity van to get ready for the shoot while I'll take care of Mr. Khurana..

Geet went ahead to her vanity van while Maan sat with the director..
The director was trying everything to impress Maan.. After all.. It was his chance to shoot to instant fame..

Next day.. There was a huge news in the newspaper about MSK accompanying Geet Handa to her shoot..
Within a day.. Things turned upside down for Geet... People were hovering over just to look at her.. People were hurdling around her to talk to her and hold her hand..girls were shouting towards her to know about MSK.. She instantly became famous.. She was being treated like a gem on the sets of her film.. She got every possible facilty..
As soon as she stepped out of the sets.. People started to rush towards her to take her autograph.. Geet got scared with this sudden rush of people.. She quickly called up Maan to come and pick her up..

Maan reached there within 15mins.. And as soon as his car reached there.. Girls started shouting at the top of her voice.. People started jumping to get a glimpse of him..
Geet quickly got into the car and they drove off..

Geet: phew.. Thank God.. I came out alive from there.. Hehehe..

Maan: what was that immense crowd for??

Geet: aaj ka newspaper dekha na tumne.. Sab tumharu hi meherbaani hai...

Maan: sahi baat hai.. Maine tumse famous kar dia... Wink

Geet: hehehe.. Ye to hai Mr. Khurana..

Maan: Geet.. Waise mujhe abhi Farhan Akhtar ka interview lene jaana hai.. Would you like to accompany me..? I mean you would get to meet him as well.. May be if he likes you.. You never know.. You might get a chance to work with him..

Geet: haan Maan.. I'll come with you..

Both went to Farhan Akhtar's studio to get his interview...

Maan greeted him.. He already knew Farhan quite well.. They had met before for interviews and in parties..

Farhan: hey Maan.. I specially asked Indian Herald's head to send only you to take my interview..

Maan: yeah I know.. Sir told me.. It's my pleasure to be here..
By the way.. Meet her.. Geet Handa..

Geet: hello sir..

Farhan: aah yes.. The actress of Pyar Ke Dushman... You were good lady.. The film wasn't a justice to your talent.. I liked you.. I would definitely like to sign you for my next project..
Geet beamed at this proposal.. But quickly calmed herself..
Geet: sure sir.. It would be my pleasure..
Farhan: sir.. Sir bada shareef sa lagta hai.. Call me Farhan.. Heehhee...
Maan.. Let's get on with the interview..

Maan: ohh yeah Farhan..

Maan did the interview.. Both Maan and Geet bid a goodbye to Farhan after Farhan gave his number to Geet.. And went away..
They sat in the car...
And instantly Geet started jumping on the seat...

Maan: whoaaa Geet... What's wrong..??

Geet: wrong..?? Maan nothing is wrong.. Everything is just perfect.. I met Farhan Akhtar today.. He was interested in signing me.. OMG... Thank you so much Maan... I love you..

Maan: I love you too Geet... Now just take the best of the opportunity...

He kissed Geet on her cheek and started to drive towards her home..
Finally they reached their home..

Maan: goodnight Geet.. Tumhara ghar aa gaya..

Geet: hmm.. Thank you so much Maan... I just cannot thank you enough..

Maan: Geet.. Please itna thank you mat bolo... Waise thank you hi kehna hai to ek kiss hi de do... Wink

Geet: aaj to kuch bhi Maan...

With that Geet boldly moved towards Maan and captured his lips into hers... They kissed each other ferociously expressing their desire and their hunger..
After sometime.. They broke apart from the kiss..

Geet: goodnight Maan.. Love you..

Maan: goodnight Geet.. Love you too.. Take care...

Geet went towards her home.. While Maan drove to his..
Maan reached his home and freshened up.. He quickly made some maggi and had his dinner...
Later at night..
He lay on his bed in his trademark vest and tracks thinking about Geet...
Geet had slept early today.. She was very tired due to the shoot and all..
Maan lay in his bed thinking about her smile.. Her walk.. Her eyes.. Her everything..
Maan suddenly got up and took out his diary..

Your smile is the light of my heart..
Your smile makes my day start..
Your smile makes me enjoy my day..
Your smile makes it easy to say..

I love you Geet..
And I'll love you all my life..
Never I'll let waver away that smile..

You light my heart..
With that laughter of yours..
To you my heart opens its doors..!!

He closed his diary with a contended heart and laid down closing his eyes to see His Geet his way in his paradise..

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