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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 24(last)

Part 24

Geet was walking down the stairs.. Her heart beating really hard.. Her face was glowing.. Her cheeks were red perfectly complementing her purple embroidered sari… Her eyes casted down trying not to look at the Greek God that was smilingly looking at her…

Maan was looking at his angel intently… She looked truly like an angel to his eyes… He just couldn't stop admiring her… He himself was wearing a bottle green plain sherwani.. His eyes were sparkling with the image he was savouring in his eyes…

Finally Geet reached down and stood beside Maan.. Geet's heart started racing even faster… Maan heart too was thudding greatly.. Both anticipating their married life where the world will concise to just their presence for each other…
Maan held Geet's hand sideways and Geet's eyes instantly shifted to the eyes of the holder of her hands.. She blushed even more looking in his eyes that imparted pure love and longing for her.. Maan smiled seeing her eyes reflecting the shine of his eyes..
Indeed! Both had been waiting for this moment since so long..

Finally Mr. Handa made his advancement towards the couple that looked heavenly to his eyes.. Probably he had never admired his wife as much as he was admiring this couple in front of him..
He saw Maan holding his daughter's hand lovingly and instantly a smile crept up on his face… He knew Maan is a boon for his daughter's life..
Mrs. Handa went near her husband and held his hand and asked him to begin with the ceremony through her eyes…
Both of them moved forward with the engagement rings..

Mr. Handa: Maan.. c'mon slip this ring into the fingers of your love.. Smile

Geet instantly casted her eyes down again blushing harder at her father's open comment…
Maan smiled wide and raised his hand unknowingly raising Geet's hand too..

Mrs. Handa: my dear kids.. you'll have to leave each others' hands first to slip the rings.. Tongue

Instantly Maan and Geet realised that they were still holding each other's hands.. They instantly detached their hands getting shy..

Maan picked up the ring and held Geet's hand lightly and lovingly…
He first placed his finger below Geet's chin and made her look into his eyes.. and then quickly slipped the ring in her finger…

Everyone clapped and Geet looked down again…

Then.. Mrs. Handa forwarded the ring to Geet and asked her to place the finger in Maan's finger…
Geet picked up the ring and quickly slipped it into Maan's fingers..

The ceremony got over and everyone got back their conversations leaving the two love birds standing in the middle of the hall to have some talk..

Maan bent his head and whispered in Geet's ear, "Angel.. You're looking so heavenly.. I just can't wait to have you.. Wink"

Geet looked at Maan with her eyes wide open.. She smirked, "Maan… impatient haan..?? baby there's still a week for you to have me.. Wink"

Maan laughed at his angel's wittiness but then, he had his own ways,"ahaan.. Really..??"
With one swift movement, Maan took Geet to the nearby room and locked the door…
Geet's heart started racing again anticipating the upcoming moment.. Maan traced his fingers on Geet's arms and pecked her right cheek.. Geet held Maan's sherwani for support.. This man made her go weak on her knees with just one touch of his.. Maan held Geet's hand and kissed it.. Geet closed her eyes anticipating his next move.. Maan moved behind Geet and held her waist.. He placed his chin on her right shoulder… Geet's placed her hands on Maan's.. Maan lightly bit her right earlobe, "I don't HAVE to wait to have you Angel.. It's just that I WANT to wait till our first night.."

By the time Geet could react, Maan swiftly turned her around and captured her lips.. He forced open her mouth and mingled his saliva with hers.. Geet also sucked on his lips pleasuring him..
After some time, they broke apart.. Maan smiled and engulfed her in his arms, "I promise to you Angel.. I will make our first night special.."
Both smiled resting in each others' arms experiencing a world of their own.

Geet was sitting in her room ready in her marriage attire..
Her baby pink lehenga with light embroidery was just looking immensely beautiful on her.. Her subtle make and her hair tight in a loose bun enhanced her beauty to no extent..

Maan had selected this lehenga for Geet because he knew that this colour would enhance Geet's natural beauty.. He had said, "Angel.. I'll choose a colour for you which not beautiful in itself but which will beautify when you'll wear it.."

Geet smiled thinking how particular Maan was about her dress for the wedding.. She was lost in her memories when her phone rang.. She came out of her beautiful memories only to see the call of the person behind these memories..

Geet: Maan.. How come you've called up at this time.. Aren't you getting ready..??

Maan: Geet.. come to the courtyard of your home…

Geet: have you gone nuts.. I'm sitting here ready in my marriage attire .. How will I come..??

Maan: Geet please… It's too crowded inside that's why I can't come.. please Geet … come out please…

Geet: okay okay.. don't repeat this word please so much.. I'm coming..

Geet hung up the call and got up to move out..

Geet: Maan bhi na.. khud bhi marega mujhe bhi marvaega..

Somehow, Geet sneaked out of her house and reached her courtyard..
There was the man of her dreams standing in the black sherwani that she had selected for him.. He looked absolutely hot and incomparable..
Geet somehow controlled her urges and went to him..

Geet: what happened Maan..??

Maan held Geet's hand and made her wear two thick bangles in both her hands..

Geet: Maan.. what is this??

Maan: Geet.. what kind of question is this..?? These are bangles…

Geet: very funny… even I can see that.. but why did you make me wear this at this time.. couldn't you have given this to me earlier…??

Maan: no.. because I saw it in the market today and I just knew that these were meant for you..

Geet looked at his love with admiration in her eyes.. he could never understand the extent of his love…

Maan: why are you looking at me.. see.. these bangles look so pretty in your hands.. you like them??

Geet: I love them Maan…

Maan: by the way.. Angel.. you're looking very pretty… see I chose a perfect dress for you.. Smile

Geet: yeah you did.. and even I made a perfect choice for you… because you look out of the world in this sherwani.. Smile

Maan hugged Geet tightly and kissed her forehead…

Maan: Geet.. go now.. someone might come to your room..

Geet turned back to go when suddenly Maan called her out..

Maan: Geet.. tonight when you come to my room.. before I come there, open my side drawer, there will be a diary in it.. read that..

Geet: diary?? What's written in the diary??

Maan: something that very important Geet.. something that is a part of me.. and you should know it since we are going to step in a new life together..

Geet nodded her head assuring him that she'll read it before he comes..
They quickly hugged each other tightly and went to their respective places…
The groom and the bride sat beside each other ready to take the vows of their life to get bound to each other for eternity…
Maan and Geet were looking towards each other promising to be there for each other in every phase of life..
Pandit ji asked them to get up for the pheras.. Maan held Geet's hand tightly as if promising her to hold her tightly forever away from all evil..
They completed the pheras and sat back again…
Maan then filled her partition with the sindoor marking her as his and tied the mangalsutra around her neck bringing her finally into the safety of his arms..

All the rituals got over and it was finally time for the bidaai..
Geet's parents had accepted Maan as their son and so they had decided to welcome Geet into Maan's home as his parents..
And so, they set out for Maan's home while Maan and Geet sat in the other and moved towards their home..
Geet was welcomed into Maan's home as per all the rituals and Mr. and Mrs. Handa completed all the rituals like their own daughter's in laws..
Finally, Geet was made to settle in Maan's room and the door was closed for her..
As soon as the door shut, Geet opened the side drawer and took out the diary..

She opened the diary to step into the world of Maan which she was unaware of.. She read the pages of the diary astonished.. She couldn't believe her Maan was a poet.. She never knew this part of him..
Reading the diary she felt she had travelled every phase of Maan's life.. From his phase of childhood fun to his phase of loneliness to the phase of their love life.. It all felt so magical.. She again saw the depth of Maan's love.. All that he couldn't express to her was written in the diary..
She felt blessed and overwhelmed that Maan had shared the deepest part of him with her..
She sat back on the bed satisfied and anticipating Maan's arrival..

Maan entered his room to see his angel sitting like a traditional Indian bride on his bed.. She smiled with the feeling that Geet was finally going to be his..
He went to his bed and sat beside Geet…

Maan: Geet.. Finally this night has arrived.. the moment which I had been dreaming of..

Maan kissed her hands lightly and lifted her ghunghat..
Maan looked into her eyes and kissed her cheeks…
Geet held his hand and settled herself in Maan's lap, touching her back to his chest and placed his hands on her waist..
Maan smiled and placed his chin on her shoulder..

Geet: Maan.. you're such a nice poet.. I'm so happy to know that you know.. Smile

Maan smiled and nodded his head..

Geet: I just have one request.. I want to hear a poetry from you.. please..

Maan: Geet.. your request is my duty..
Sanso mein samai hai tu is kadar,
Ke saang tujhse hai meri har khushi..

Maan traced his fingers on Geet's upper chest making pattern of his love..
Palko mein hazar sapne buntaa hun,
Sang tere mein har raat..

Maan turned Geet around and kissed her eyelashes loving
Ke yeh raat bhi sadiyo jesi lagti hai,
Ke chand ki chandini suraj ki roshni ban kar aaye,
Aur tere chehre par sama jaye..

Maan traced his fingers on the lines of her face giving her a touch of eternity..
Ye ishaare hawaon ke tujhse kuch kehte hai
Ke khamosh raho mein tera saath mil jaaye..

Maan blew some air on Geet's face and rubbed his fingers on her lips..
Tanha haatho mein tera haath mil jaaye..

Maan joined his hands with her hands and kissed them..
Taqdeer mein likhi hai tu
Ke hawao ka ik ishaara mil jaaye..

He traced his fingers on the lines of her palm and buried his face in her palm..
Teri hasi teri baatein teri yaadein naa bhula saku mein chah kar bhi

He kissed the corner of her lips making her shiver in anticipation..
Ke tu hai meri rooh mein samai hui is kadar..

Maan slipped the sleeves her blouse down and kissed the sides of her shoulder..
Aa tujhe is kadar pyaar dun
Ke teri har raat ko kehkeshah bana dun..

Maan wrapped his arms around Geet burying his head in the crook of her neck..
Choo na sake tujhe mushkil chah kar bhi
Ke kuch yun tujhe apni palko mein chupa lun..

Maan took off her blouse and made her lie down and lay down on her..
Kabhi akela mat samjna khud ko
Ke mera saaya hai tere saath har pal,
Do jism ek jaan hai hum..

He traced his fingers on the lines of her body and took off her skirt..
Ek dusre ki sanso ka paigam hai hum,
Naa honge juda kabhi ek dusre se hum..

Maan placed his head over her heart and kissed her heart..
Ke dadhkne bhi kabhi alag hui hai kya,
Hum tera saath tera asmaan ban kar rahe ge,
Do jism ek jaan ban kar rahenge..

Maan covered both of them with a sheet and put some of his weight on her..
Maan ke honto ki muskarahat ban kar rahe gi,
ke hum hai ek dusre ki jaan,
ek dusra ka emaan,
ek dusre ki pehchaan..

Maan smiled and kissed her lips and sucked them hard .. nibbling on her lips.. While his hands cupped her mounts and started massaging them..
Dil se dil jor ke,
Tujhse rishta jor ke,
Hume ek dusre se milane wale

He bit and sucked her n*****s while entering her softly taking her into the world of ecstasy and his love..

Maan entered his home and a huge smile lighted her face to see his angel, beautiful as ever, sitting on the sofa watching TV..
Feeling Maan's presence, Geet looked up to see his husband, handsome as ever, standing with a huge smile adorning his lips..
Geet went to Maan and took his office bag from him and got a glass of water for him..

Geet: Maan.. Is there any good news or what..?? You look so happy..

Maan brought Geet in his embrace, "I don't need a reason to be happy when my beautiful wife is here in my arms.."

Geet smiled and looked upto this man, who even in his late forties, couldn't stop being romantic.. but of course, she loved it.. Smile

Maan: Geet… life with you is such a bliss.. You gave me my two lovely kids and filled my life with sheer happiness.. I love you..

Geet: I love you too Maan..

Maan pecked Geet's lips gently and lightly..

Maan: Geet.. Gurmeet.. where is he?? Hasn't he come from office yet?

Geet: no.. He called me up half an hour ago and said he'll be a little today..

Maan: hmm… I'm so proud of my son.. Thank you Geet for making him the man he is..

Geet: C'mon Maan.. It's not just me.. You have taught him just as much.. and don't forget, he considers YOU as his role model.. Smile

Maan: hmm..

Both relaxed themselves in each others' embrace feeling the bliss of being together wanting the time to seize right then..

Maan: Geet.. The house is so silent..

Suddenly, Maan's expressions changed into one of pure tension..

Maan: Manya is still outside… It's so dark out there.. Why hasn't she come back as yet??

Geet held Maan's hand..

Geet: calm down Maan.. She'll be here any moment.. apart from that, she has grown up Maan.. stop getting so worried about her..

Then itself, Manya walked into the house and ran in to hug her father..

Maan: thank goodness Princess, you're here.. I was so tensed..

Manya chuckled..

Manya: tell me something new papa..

Maan faked an angry expression on her but then instantly kissed her forehead..

Manya: umm.. papa.. mumma.. I had to talk to you about something..

Maan: yes my Princess.. speak up..

Manya: just give me a minute papa..

Manya went out and came back with a guy..
Maan and Geet stood up..

Manya: papa.. mumma.. He is Jay.. He's a music director papa.. Mumma.. We really love each other and we want to get married..

Both Maan and Geet looked at each other smilingly remembering the similar memory going 25 
years back..

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