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Friendship YA Love? part 6

Part 6

They headed towards their new office...their heart was pounding heavily due to nervousness..anxiety..

Geet: Maan..i'm really scared...what if we are not able to adjust over here..now i'm scared to step in Maan...
Maan: Geet...dont be so scared...look at me...[makes her look into his eyes]...I'l always be there with you & for you...dont worry i'm here with you...

Geet sighed hearing that...she knew Maan will always be there & she for the first time just needed that assurance to calm her anxiety..
Maan did tell Geet not to get scared of anything but the fact was..he was himself very scared of going into this new world..new environment..but he knew that he always wanted to be here & now he has to work hard to make a name for himself here...

Both of them entered their office with a new confidence that glowed their faces...
They went to MD of the firm...

MD: Welcome to our world...let me make one thing very clear that work here is worshipped & there has to be no delays in doing any work..everything should be ready well before time..n yeah no latecomings to office...punctuality is one of the rules here so plzz make sure of that.. Here we have a plating area..so u can go thea & relax in your breaktime..bt yeah ONLY BREAKTIME...finally...i expect you to put sincere efforts in your work & I expect results..I hope you have a good time here & achieve what you want to... Smile
Maan: thank you sir for this warm welcome..we promise you to give in our best shot..
Geet: yes sir..we wont give you any opportunity to point us wrong & bad...
MD: good...I like that.. Now Maan..you'll be working as a movie & TV journalist & Geet..you'll be a political journalist..is that clear..now both of you can go to John..he is the manager here...he'll tell you all about your work..
Geet & Maan: thank you sir..!!

Both of them come out from the MD's office n straightaway go to John..

John: hey...welcome aboard guys...!!! I'm sure by now you must have got your lecture of discipline & sincere effort..well..just chill out..though yeah you've got to work sincerely but dont worry its not going to be that strict so you'll have tym to enjoy with you friends...ok now..back to work..Geet...you're cabin is right beside mine since you'll be working under me..n yeah beware..i might be friendly but i'l make you work really hard... Wink
Geet: thats ok John...I'm not scared of hard work..I'm here for the same..

Both Maan & John smile at Geet's words..

John: thats good...n Maan..you'l be working under Amelia..her cabin is on the 1st floor..the 1st office on the right...so go to her..she'll tell you about your work...& Geet you come along with me..I'l show you your cabin n will brief you about your work...
Maan: ok John...thanks a lot..u guys carry on..I betta go to Amelia...
Bye Geet..you need me anytime just call me up..
Geet: yeah Maan dont worry about me..you go ahead..bye..see you in the canteen at the lunch time...

Maan goes towards Amelia's cabin...while Geet goes along with John..

John: so Geet..is Maan your bf? I mean he seems quite protective of you..
Geet: ohh no..hes not my bf..but yeah hes my best friend & cares a lot about me thats why hes so protective of me..
John: ohh...I must say..a lovely FRIENDSHIP..!!
Geet: thanks..
John: so here's your cabin..i hope you like it...you'll be working all day from here..my cabin is right beside yours so you can come whenever you need help...
Geet: thanks..i luv it John..
John: great..so here are some articles..just check them & edit them...you'll do this today..tomorrow onwards you might even have to go for taking interviews & all..ok?
Geet: yeah..i would love to do that... Smile
John: great..so you go ahead with your work now..i shall take my leave..come to me anytime you need some help..bye..
Geet: yeah sure..thanks a lot..bye..Smile

Geet starts doing her work & gets completely absorbed in it..she was loving the work she was doing..she thought of all her dreams & was putting in all her efforts to achive them..
Meanwhile Maan reaches Amelia's office...

Maan: hey Amelia..I'm Maan..I'm the new journalist here..
Amelia: yeah i noe..i was told about it..so you're new right..let me tell you..dont even think of having fun over here..you've got to work day & night...& everything has to be done perfectly..& you better do what i say else it wont be good for you & you very well know that..get it..!!
Maan: yeah..i get it..do i hv to do something now?
Amelia: ofcourse..you're not here to sit idle..there's going to be a premier in -----[place name] at 12pm..so go & cover that..
Maan: yeah..ok..but how do i go?
Amelia: was that a question? Just take the office car & Bill,the cameraman with you..now go..quick..!!
Maan: ohh k..!!!

Maan leaves the cabin thinking what a hitler she is..

Maan(murmers): what a lag she is yaar..iski problem kya hai...kharoos kahin ki..khud to smile karti nahi..kaam kara karake doosron ki bhi cheen legi..huh... :/

Maan takes the office car & Bill along with him & reached the location..there he was told that there was still time for the event to start..he decided to sit & wait there..
Meanwhile in the office..it was lunch time..Geet winded up her work & reached the canteen..she looked around & realised that Maan wasnt there..so she called him up..

Geet: Maan..where are you? I reached the canteen & saw that you still arent here...
Maan: ohh...kya btaun yaar...meri khadoos boss Amelia...she has sent me for an interview coverage..& the event hasnt started yet so I'm waiting here..huh...i must tell you..ye Amelia na hitler hai hitler...khadoos kahin ki..keede padenge iske upar...Maan Singh Khurana ko bhooka rakh rhi hai ye..
Geet: chill Maan...itna bharasne ki zarurat nahi hai...tum wohi kuch khalo na..
Maan: haan thik hai..tum bhi kha lo..sorry yaar pehle din hi tumhe chodke aana pada... I'm really sorry...Unhappy
Geet: cumon Maan..you dont have to be sorry..its work after all..shed away all these stupid worries...eat & yeah...enjoy your work..all the best for your 1st work..!!
Maan: yeah..thanks Geet...you take care of yourself..have your food..& dont stress yourself with work...luvya...bye..
Geet: yeah..dont worry...luvya too..bye..Smile

Both Maan & Geet have their lunch & Geet gets back to complete her editing while Maan does his 1st coverage..he does it extremely well..even Amelia had to praise him when he showed her the video..Maan was very happy with his first achievement...

As the office hrs got over... Maan called up Geet..

Maan: Geet.. I hope you're done with your work cuz the office hours are over & I wont let you work ahead of time.. I'm waiting for you in the parking area..come fast..
Geet: yeah Maan.. I'm done with everything.. I'll just be there.. See you..Smile

Geet reaches the parking area & sees Maan waiting for her...

Geet: I'm sorry Maan to have made you to wait..
Maan: cumon Geet...since when have you become so formal..leave it n sit in the car..

Geet sits in the car n they drive off home..they reach home & freshen up... Geet prepares food for both of them & calls Maan to have the dinner... On the dining table...

Maan: so how was your day Geet? I'm sure it must have been good... John seemed to be a nice person.. I'm sure he wouldnt have troubled you...
Geet: yeah..hes a nice guy...he gave me some paperwork to do for today...but he did tell me that I might even have to go take interviews anyday..
Maan: even..i had a nice time..my first coverage over here..it was amazing...i loved it...& it came out to be brilliant...even Amelia praised my work.. I'm so happy... I got to meet new people..it was so good... Big smile
Geet: its great to hear that Maan...i love to see your smile of contentment.. Smile

Both of them have their food & retire to bed...they had a tiring day but still when they lied on their bed..they couldnt help but think of each other...though they were away from each other the entire but still their hearts felt to be together.. Geet smiled thinking bout Maan's smile n happiness on doing his work efficiently.. Maan smiled thinking how efficiently Geet adjusted to the environment..
Both went into a deep slumber thinking about each other & awaiting many more moments of theirs together to be thought upon..!!

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