Thursday, December 22, 2011


The World knows the day as Christmas...
But for me.... its my dearies HAPPY BIRTHDAY......!!!!!!!!!!
Big smile Big smile

When the World Shouts MERRY CHRISTMAS....
I Shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Dear ANGEL......!!!!!!!!
Party Big smile

The One that Imparts Light..
The One that Shines Bright..
The One Who is My Inspiration..
Who's Smile is Her Fashion..
She's the Laugh of My Arena..
Her Name is Abgina..!!!

This is the time of the year when you can HAQ SE ask for anything in the world...
Aakhir kar this is the day when with your little steps you brightened the lives of many..

Parents say - "Abgina hamari sabse pyari and kaami bachhi hai"
Friends say - "Happie birthday yaara.. tune to life me aake life ko aur bhi mazedaar bana dia.."
Sisters say - "Aap world ki bestest sister ho"

With different words.. we all just mean to say...

love you from the very core of my heart.....

1....2.....3....BOOM.......!!!!!!!!!!!! Party Party Party
Have a Starry HAPPIE BIRTHDAY...........!!!!!!!!!!!

now here's your favourite cake...straight from my heart... [;)]

now time for your gift.... you love neck pieces.. don't you...??
so here's one for you.... [:D]

Now here's a part of the in-numerous memories we share.... Hug Hug Hug

You Mean The World To Me....!!!!!!!
Now ... here's a big big surprise for you.... Big smile close your eyes.....

Now open your eyes.... [:)]

We All Love You Appi...... Hug
And You Just Deserve The Best in the World....!!!! Big smile

Now time to cut the cake I have got for you....

Close your eyes....

Wish something....

Blow the candles....

Now Cut the cake..... Party Clap Clap Clap

Love You Loads Appi.....!!!!!!! Heart Heart Party Hug

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Maaneet Charm

MAANEET LOVERS... here's something for you... I know you'll like it... Wink Smile
Maaneet is our soul...
We are here with a goal...
We want to cherish them forever...
And keep them in our heart forever & ever...!!!

We look at them & we drool...
For the lesson of love, they're a school..
We've learned to know what's love from them...
They're truly for us a gem...!!!

We can't imagine ourselves without them...
And never them we condemn..
We want the DVD to keep them close...
And to observe them in each pose...!!!

We love them from the bottom of our hearts...
And never from them we want to part...
That's why we really need the DVD with us...
Keeping them always in front of us...!!!
I think.. i have quite nicely explained the significance of the DVD... & i guess its enough for you to understand its need...Wink
so what are you guys waiting for ...
come on... now get to work... Smile Tongue

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Black Clouds

okay here's a poem I have written... It describes about the dilemma one faces when in emotional stress.. when you want to get out of the stress & shine back but you're unable to do that.......
The name of the poem is...

The sadness that creeps,
Into my veins it seeps,
It doesn't seem to get away,
What do I do to change it today.

It shatters my heart,
But I want a new start,
Show me O God! path anew,
That would make me shine like a dew.

I am cracking within,
With this heart- wrenching pin,
I wish to see the sunlight,
But I'm drowning into a dark night.

Sunday, October 2, 2011



Okay.. Here goes my tribute to my dear maaneet who have touched my life in various ways & made a difference in my perspective of love...

First of all a very big thank you to the creators of GHSP who have blessed us with this heavenly jodi who we praise everyday & who have engraved themselves in my heart..

Okay.. Now turning to Geet Hui Sabse Parayi.. Its a story about a girl GEET HANDA from a small town called Hoshiarpur in Punjab.. She's a bubbly & cheerful girl.. Though she faces a lot of thorns in her life but she never lost her cheerful self & always fought the situations.. To save her from the troubles comes my dear Angry Young Man.. MAAN SINGH KHURANA.. He always land up helping Geet but still hating her for her landing up in problems.. The destiny is the creator of their love story.. They meet.. Work together.. Help each other.. & turn up to love each other..

That's how my dear MAANEET came into being..
They fought & the loved.. Their bickering.. Their fights.. They added the spice in their relationship.. But in my life.. It made me smile.. It made me laugh.. It provided an essence of joy to my life.. It made me cheerful.. It filled my heart with sounds of laughter..

Their love.. It is pure.. Sound.. Magical.. True.. Deep.. Their love has always grown with time.. With time they understood each other.. Understood each others' soul & heart.. Their love provided them warmth & heart to live.. Geet's love made Maan smile.. Made him become a loving Maan from the stern Maan Singh Khurana.. That's how their love changed their lives..

And my life.. I've grown up to know & understand the meaning of love with Maaneet.. Love is not always about passion & needs.. It about fulfilling your partners' need.. Giving your partner all the love you have.. Reaching the soul of your partner.. Making your partner feel special & loved.. Did I know all this before watching Maaneet.. Uhh.. No... How would I know all this? Haven't I just grown up to understand things around me..? It's Maaneet who have brought me face to face with the meaning of true love.. It might be just a serial of others' but it's a part of my life.. I smile when I see my dear Maaneet smile.. I laugh along with them.. I cry along with them.. They burn my soul with both their love & passion & smiles & cries.. They make my life so much more meaningful.. Full of smiles.. Whenever I see Maan loving Geet.. I wish I get a Maan in my real life too.. I too wish to have MY MAAN SINGH KHURANA..
In short.. Maaneet brings life to my life..

My Poetic Dedication to MAANEET - My Inspirations..

They fill my heart with pleasure
A feeling that I always treasure
They are a source of hope for me
Providing shade of love like a tree.

Maan Singh Khurana is the man of my dream
He has all the qualities it seems
I blush & blush when I see him there
I am truly his fan I swear.

Geet is a simple girl like me
I relate with her whenever I see
She's my inspiration to smile wide
And never let my hopes chide.

That's all I can express bout my dear Maaneet who affect my life immensely..
Guys aren't they really worth watching & worth cherishing..
Ohh yes.. At least I think so..
If you truly agree with me..

Plzz sign the Geet DVD petition.. Below here is the link..

Please also join join the facebook page.. The link is below..

please do sign the petition & join the facebook page... there's a lot of effort being put for this by Sadia Appi & Sejal di.... so please don't let this effort go waste....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Me..!!

Abreshmina Sayeed Quadri.. yes that's my name... Well... I'm just another girl but with big dreams... Yup.. I aspire to be the one to touch the greatest heights possible in this universe...

I'm a girl with a simple thought,
Live life the way you want,
I believe in loving one & all,
Not in making others fall.

I live life a simple way,
But I shape it like a clay,
It isn't a perfect one,
But it's definitely full of fun.

I love to dream huge,
Making sure not to leave my refuge,
I want to touch the sky,
But never want to fly that high.