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Ye Ishaare Hawaon Ke..!! part 11

Part 11

Maan stood dumbstruck.. He could not even hug her back because he was so astonished by her sudden action.. Did she just confess to him?? He just kept thinking..
Suddenly Geet realised what she was doing.. She opened her eyes to see everyone staring at them.. She felt extremely embarrassed.. She started breaking away from the hug..
Maan felt the warmth going away.. That's when he realised he didn't even hug her back.. He raised his hand to hug her..
Geet broke apart from the hug..

Geet(muttered): uhh.. Sorry Maan..

Maan felt daggers hit him.. Was she sorry about hugging him??

Maan(halfheartedly): ohh its absolutely fine Geet.. By the way what did you say earlier(with a hope in his voice)

Geet: uhh.. What did I say?

Maan: when you hugged me..?

Geet instantly felt embarrassed hearing that she hugged him..

Maan: remember?

Geet: ummm... Right.. I said I love you right..

Maan: right..

Geet: haan to I love you.. You're such a great friend of mine.. Tum yahan aa gae mera hausla badhana.. I wouldn't have been able to do so good without you Maan..

Maan smiled..

Maan(thinking): kitna bevkoof hai tu Maan.. Ek normal se gesture ko pata nahi kya samajh baitha..

Geet saw Maan lost in his thoughts.. She clicked her fingers in front of him.. Maan blinked his eyes in the reaction..
Geet: kahan kho gae Maan..?

Maan: uhh..kahin nahi.. I was just thinking.. Ki itna hausla badhane ka mujhe kya milega..? Wink

Geet laughed..

Geet: ummm...let's see.. Chalo the treat is mine.. Let's go to Bercos we'll have some snacks there.. & then we'll go & have some ice cream in baskin & robbins.. & then I'll drive your car & we'll go on a long drive.. & then we'll have our dinner together.. Itna chalega? Tongue

Maan: itna chalega?? Shocked Geet ye bohot zada ho gaya.. Cut it short.. You're not going to spend so much of money..

Geet: uff Maan.. Don't spoil the plan now..

Maan: Geet..maine kahan na.. (with a stern expression on his face)

Geet made a baby face..

(Abreshmina- hahaha.. Maan babu..if you can show your anger to hamari Geet ke paas us gusse ka jawab bhi hai..heheheh.. Ab batao.. Geet ki is cute si plea ko aap kaise mana karoge... Wink Tongue)

Maan looked at her.. Ohh.. She looked so cute.. How could he say a no to her..

(Abreshmina- haahhaha... Nahi bach paae na.. Tongue)

Maan: okay fine.. The plan is intact.. But I'll take you out for the dinner.. We'll go to Zen.. Okay now?

Geet: okay.. If you're so keen to take me out for a date... Wink
Maan: hahaha... Well if you so much want one.. Wink

Geet: haww.. Maan you're so witty.. Gosh I'm really impressed.. Smile

Maan: aahh.. Thank you so much Miss Geet Handa.. Your compliment means so much.. Wink

Geet: hehehe...acha thik hai.. Ab chale ya yehin pe plan ka execution karna hai..

Maan: yup.. Let's go..

Both Maan & Geet moved out of the office & head towards the car.. Maan was about to open the car when Geet turned up to his side..
Geet: uhh Maan.. I'll drive please..

Maan: aahh.. If you wish so.. Acha hai I'll relax myself on the back seat.. Tongue

Geet: I'm not your driver samjhe.. Chup chap se aage wali seat pe baithna.. Ermm

Maan: hahaha.. Yes ma'am..

Both of them sat in the car & Geet drove to Bercos.. They reached there..
The waiter came to them with the menu cards..

Geet: hmm.. So what do you want to have Mr. Maan Singh Khurana??

Maan: umm.. Are the crispy potato chillies good?

Geet: wow.. Nice choice Maan.. They are amazing.. Big smile

Maan: okay... Then one would be that.. & the second thing would be umm... Shredded lamb..??

Geet: yup.. Fantastic... & what about the drinks?

Maan: okay.. I'll have one lime soda..

Geet: sheesh Maan.. Don't tell me.. Do we have the same choices in everything..??

Maan: you'll have lime soda too..?

Geet: yup.. I love it absolutely..

Maan: okay then.. Let's order..

They called the waiter & made their order..
After sometime.. Their food was served..

Maan: umm.. It smells yum.. Big smile

Geet: i know.. Let's have the food in the same plate..

Maan: kyu?

Geet: are mamma kehti hain ki same plate me khane se pyar badhta hai..

Maan rejoiced her sentence.. 'pyar badhta hai'.. She did love him but may be she's not able to tell him like he's not able to tell her..
Maan: pyar badhta hai?

Geet felt.. Oops.. Ye kya keh dia.. & kaise keh dia.. Did she love him??

Geet: uhh.. Umm.. Haan.. Friends wala pyar Maan..

Maan: yeah right..

They share the plate & have their food..

Geet: Maan.. Kitna yum tha na..

Maan: absolutely Geet... Big smile

They payed the bill & went back to their car..

Geet: okay now.. Turn for baskin & robins.. Big smile

Maan: you love ice cream.. Don't you..?

Geet: yup.. But tumhe kaise pata laga..?

Maan: one.. Tumhare chehre pe dikh raha hai.. Two.. Hamari choices utni der se match hi kar rahi hain to ye bhi i thought karegi hi.. Wink

Geet: tumhe bhi ice cream bohot pasand hai? Smile

Maan: yup.. Big smile

Geet: waah Maan.. Hum dono to same same hain..hehehe...

Maan: sach me..

Geet drove them to Baskin & Robins..

Geet: okay Maan.. What would you like to have?

Maan: I'll have Death by Chocolate.. Big smile

Geet smiled wide..

Geet: excuse me.. Two Death by chocolate please..

Maan(pleasantly shocked): gosh.. Ye bhi same..

Geet: haanji..

Both hi5 & then happily had their ice cream occasionally taking bites from the others'...

(Abreshmina- baap re.. Pyar kuch zada nahi badh raha hai...hehehhe... Wink Tongue)

They finished their ice creams & went back to the car...

Geet: yippee... Now time for the long drive.. Let's go..wohooo...

Maan smiled at her innocence..childishness & excitement..she looked so cute..
Geet started driving...

Maan: Geet.. By the way where are we going to go??

Geet: ummm...heheh.. I haven't decided..random...

Maan: umm...acha let me take you to a place?

Geet: no.. I'm going to be the one driving..

Maan: haan haan.. I'll just give the directions.. Chalega?

Geet: yup..daudega... Big smile

Maan: okay.. Let's back some food.. We'll have our dinner wahin pe...

Geet: haww.. Maan Singh Khurana..tum aisi konsi jagah le jaa rahe ho mujhe.. Akele sunsaan jagah pe... LOL

Maan: GEET...!!! Stern Smile

Geet: hahhahhaha... LOL Acha thik hai... Zen se hi pack karvate hain..

They went to Zen & got their dinner packed... & then drove off for a new experience...
It was dark by the time they reached their destination..

Maan: Geet.. Wait.. Tumhari aankhon pe handkerchief laga raha hun..

Geet: kyu? Confused

Maan: are baba..it's a surprise.. Now let me do it please...

Maan tied the handkerchief & then took her to the place..

Maan: alright.. So Miss Geet Handa is ready for my surprise..here it goes... Big smile

Maan opened her eyes... & what Geet saw in front of her took her breath away...
There was a huge lake that was twinkling with the reflection of the stars just above it.. There were 6 lotuses in the lake that shone bright by the light of the stars.. There were tress around the lake that were reflected in the lake.. Birds slept on the branches of the tress & there were animals that slept in the bushes beside the lake.. Maan made Geet bend towards the lake along with him & there the lake reflected back their shining faces..
It looked like the complete biosphere was there to be a part of the beautiful sight..
Geet smiled wide seeing the sight.. She had never seen such a beautiful sight in her life.. She was capturing every bit of this precious sight..
Maan held Geet by her shoulder & made her sit on a rock.. He bent on his knees in front of her & held her hand..

(imagine them holding hands guys)

Maan: Geet.. This is the place that has always been the closest to my heart.. I always wanted to bring my soul mate here.. & so I have brought you here.. Smile
Geet(gasped): Maan...

Maan kept his forefinger on her lips..

Maan: sshh.. Aj let me speak my heart Geet.. I know I may not be that dream guy but Geet i truly love you.. I cannot see anything beyond you.. You're always in my mind.. On my lips.. I smile when I see you smile.. You bring a spark to my life Geet... I always felt the presence of my soul mate when you were around & I just knew it that you were the one for me..

Geet gasped.. She felt the presence of her soul mate too whenever Maan was around.. Ohh.. HE WAS HER SOUL MATE..

Maan: Geet.. I know all this might sound an illusion to you but I swear Geet.. This nature has always brought me close to you.. You bring life to my life Geet.. I LOVE YOU GEET.. Beyond words.. Beyond expression & beyond any limit.. You're the one my life belongs to.. Smile

Maan held a chain in front of her that marked MAANEET.. Each letter was diamond studded..

Maan: Geet.. Will you please be a part of my dry life & make it lively..?

Tears flowed through Geet's eyes.. She couldn't believe that someone could love her to this extent.. She felt beautiful.. Yes this was it.. Here her soul mate was in front of her asking her hand.. She thanked babaji for bringing Maan into her life..

Geet cupped Maan's face..

Geet: yes Maan.. I'll be all yours.. All yours forever & ever.. I LOVE YOU TOO MAAN..
She smiled through her tears.. Maan's heart jumped with joy hearing her accept her love.. He tied the chain around her neck.. He cupped her face..

Maan: ye hamari nayi zindagi ki shuruwat hai Geet.. Jahan Maan aur Geet sath sath honge as MAANEET.. Smile

& they hugged each other.. 

The wind blew hard.. The birds chirped.. The animals spoke in their soft voice.. All of them seemed to rejoice this moment.. The mingle of two souls THAT WERE MEANT TO BE..!!

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