Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Character Sketch


Yash Scindia ' The Director of Shah Corporations. A man of God gifted deadly looks and he sure knew how to flaunt them. Though he was a man of 26 years of age but his ability and sharp wits had got him heights. A bit of male chauvinist by accordance, he was as repulsive as a thorn.

Aarti Khurana ' A graceful lady whose beauty and elegance was as radiant as her smile. She's mature lady of 25 years of age who had the guts of adopting a kid and raising it as a single mother. Without her parents alive to be her support, her son was her sole strength and support. An independent lady by nature, she works at Chopra Constructions as an architect.

Ansh Khurana ' The cute 5 years old son of Aarti. A naughty little kid but loves his mom to the core. He's a little protective for his mother but always prays to God to send an angel for his mom and a father for him.

Gayatri Scindia ' Yash's mom and an elegant and social lady. She loves her son to the core. She was always dominated by her husband but never felt it wrong. She always taught Yash to follow and idealize his father.

Suraj Pratap Scindia - Yash's father and the man who Yash idealized. He's a respectable man in society but a dominative one at home. Not that he didn't love Gayatri but always dominated her and was a quite a male chauvinist. Yash had incorporated this chauvinism from him since for Yash, his father was perfect.

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