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TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 9 (Last Part)

PART 9(Last Part)
Yash got up fresh in the morning. Last night was one of his most peaceful sleeps. Realizing his feelings had definitely made him lighter. He got up lazily from his bed and went for shower. He stood under the shower with his eyes closed, letting the water cool his senses. There was something happening to him at the thought of proposing Aarti. His cheeks were turning a light shade of pink and he would start smiling idiotically. There was definitely something different about this whole feeling. It was indeed special.
His Mom's voice broke his reverie, "Yash, come out soon. Your breakfast is ready. You have your project meeting today. Hurry up!" Yash eyes opened hastily on the name of the meeting. In all his big dreams of love, he had totally forgotten that he had a meeting today. He quickly got done with his shower and got ready. He quickly had his breakfast and kissed his Mom's cheeks and headed towards his office.
He still had that smile plastered on his lips because Aarti wasn't leaving his thoughts. It was as if she had made her home over there. He chuckled to himself and entered his office. All eyes turned to him as usual but again everybody noticed a change in him. This time there was a glow on his face totally unlike yesterday. Everyone was shocked to see Yash Scindia smiling this widely. Yash said a cheerful hi to everyone and that shocked them more. Yash went towards Meera and asked her to head the designing team of Mehra's project. Meera kept gaping at Yash because it was the first time that he had entrusted a women with something. She was on top of the world. As soon as Aarti entered the office, Meera ran to her and hugged her. Aarti smilingly hugged her back, "Meera, what happened? You seem to be really happy." Meera broke the hug, "Yes Aarti, Yash sir had made me the head of the designing team in Mehra's project." Aarti smiled wide, "Congrats Meera." Aarti went to Yash's cabin to find him engrossed in work. Yash saw Aarti standing on the door, "Aarti, good you're here. Let's get done with the last minute stuff. Boss might be arriving here any moment."
Aarti smiled and both of them started working for the meeting. Finally, the meeting went really well and both Yash's and Aarti's inputs were appreciated. Yash and Aarti went back to Yash's cabin after the meeting and Aarti held Yash's collar, "So, Mr. Yash Scindia, I proved to you that team work is the best." Yash moved his steps towards Aarti and TRAPPED her between himself and the wall, "Miss Aarti Khurana, you proved me a lot of things long back. It's only me who took time to register it all." Aarti looked at Yash smiling. She had realized the change in Yash yesterday itself and Meera's happiness confirmed it. Aarti wrapped her arms around Yash's neck, "Thankfully, you did realize Mr. Scindia." Yash suddenly left Aarti and held her hand and twirled her around colliding her back with his chest, "Aarti, I know I've been a fool and I don't know if you like me or not. But I'm still here to tell you my feelings because Mom said that you do like me. Aarti, you have taught me the importance of women and you've taught me to respect them. Aarti, I loved you always but I was a fool that I kept telling myself that you needed me when the truth is I need you Aarti. You become Mrs. Aarti Scindia and though I can't give you an upper hand, mind you I can't become a saint suddenly, but then you sure are a part of me and not behind me in any way. Please marry me Aarti because I need you to wake me up every morning lovingly and I need to hear Ansh call me Dadda every morning. Please be mine, Aarti."
Aarti turned herself towards Yash to see his eyes brimming with love and only love for her. She hugged him tight, "Yash, I've loved you since I don't know when because you're a great person at heart but I knew I couldn't marry you till you learn to respect women and I have done it Yash. I love you Yash and I know you too love me now and not want me."
Yash and Aarti hugged each other tight smiling all the way. They parted after a long time and Yash whispered, "Let's go and get my baby." Yash and Aarti went to pick up Ansh and Ansh came running to them. Yash picked up Ansh in his arms, "Ansh, now your Dadda is going to be your super-duper Dadda." Ansh looked at his Dadda confused and Aarti chuckled hearing Yash's babyishness. Yash looked at Ansh laughingly, "C'mon Ansh, I'm going to marry your Mumma so that way I will become your super-duper Dadda." Ansh started jumping in Yash's arms and soon the heavy clouds came over to celebrate the happiness of their little family.
Rain started to pour rejoicing the events and Yash and Ansh played like a perfect father-son duo. Ansh was already a kid and Yash had become a kid with him. Aarti looked at both of them playing and realized that God had given Ansh the best father in the world. She went towards them and hugged them. Both Yash and Ansh got startled at Aarti's sudden action but they quickly winked looking at each other and hugged back Aarti tight.
Mr. Scindia was pacing in the drawing room worried about how to handle Yash again. He knew Yash had changed now but he wanted his son to be like him.
Yash entered the Scindia Mansion with Aarti and Ansh, both on either side of Yash holding his hands. Gayatri came out to see her husband but was greeted with a delightful scene. She could see Yash's family with him and she indeed was super excited for Yash. She went forward and dragged all three of them away, "You guys should go and change first otherwise you'll fall ill. Aarti, you have Ansh's clothes with you, right?" Aarti nodded her head in a yes and Gayatri took them all to change.
After sometime, they all came back in the hall and Yash finally looked towards his father, "Dad, I want to marry Aarti." Mr. Scindia looked unaffected towards Yash, "I knew that was coming. Fine, Aarti seems to be an elegant girl, you can marry her but this child.." Yash cut him in between, "That child's name is Ansh, Dad and he's MY son." Mr. Scindia calmly looked at Yash, "Fine. I have never forced you into anything but you have seen how I have been with your mother. You should be keeping Aarti like that because that's how the society goes. It's patriarch society." Yash looked hurt towards his Dad, "Not anymore, Dad. The women of today are totally competent with men. I'm not going to crush Aarti's existence, Dad. She's going to be my wife not my slave." Mr. Scindia calmly kept his point, "But Yash, you should keep her in your control." Yash looked confidently into the eyes of his father, "No Dad, I'm not going to control Aarti." Mr. Scindia saw the spark in Yash's eyes and he knew then that he couldn't rewind the mind of his son, "As you wish Yash. My best wishes are with you." Yash smiled at his father. He knew though his father was a chauvinist but he wasn't a bad man, maybe he has also learnt what he has seen all his life. He went forward and hugged his Dad, "Dad, I know you're not completely at fault with your attitude. You have incorporated in you what you have seen. But Dad, like Aarti has taught me, be with your love because that is most important." Mr. Scindia looked into Yash's eyes trying to register his words, "I'm going to marry Aarti, Dad and so I won't dominate her, I will love her. Yes, she'll be TRAPPED throughout her life but not in my chauvinism but in my devotion. From now, future Mrs. Aarti Scindia, in the love of Mr. Yash Scindia, is TRAPPED.
In my life, I searched myself,
I got me in your eyes,
This is how I found myself,
Like you saw me in your dreams.
I'll love you always,
That's my promise to you,
Will hold your hand,
And beside you, will always stand.
I will be the Yash I am,
Have just changed a trait,
You'll still see me as haughty,
But the love will also be evident.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Aah that's all from my TRAPPED...
it has been such an amazing with all your love and support...
your comments and likes always overwhelmed and touched me...
it just feels awesome to receive this much of love and appreciation..
I hope you guys like the end cuz i didnt want to make it fairytale types and wanted to keep it real... Big smile please do temme how do u guys like THE POEM... Big smile
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love you all... Hug

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