Friday, October 12, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 8

Mr. Scindia came back home in the evening and saw Gayatri playing with a kid, "Gayatri, who's this kid?" Gayatri stood upright holding Ansh's hand, "He's Aarti's son. She works with Yash." Suraj moved forward towards Gayatri, "So if she works with Yash, is she going to leave her child here at our place." Ansh hid behind Gayatri scared of Suraj, "Daadi, why is this uncle so angry?" Suraj looked at Ansh and then looked back at Gayatri, "Why is he calling u Daadi?" Gayatri looked down timidly when Suraj shouted, "Tell me, dammit."
"Because I'm his Dadda", Yash spoke in a strict tone. Suraj looked at Yash, his eyes boring into Yash's, "What do you mean by that Yash? This girl, Aarti is your wife." Yash looked straight into his father's eyes, "No Dad. I may not have any relation with Aarti but I share a deep relationship with Ansh. He's my kid, Dad." Suraj shouted, "What rubbish!" Yash went to Ansh and picked him up in his arms, "Ansh, Grandpa is just a little angry on something. You go to your home right now with Mumma. Dadda will come to meet you in a while." Yash took Aarti and Ansh outside and made Ansh seated in his car, "Driver, Aarti ma'am will tell you the address. Take them to their home." Yash was about to turn back when Aarti held his hand, "Yash, but your Dad. I told you Ansh will cause trouble." Yash held Aarti's hand softly, "Ssshhh. Ansh is no trouble Aarti. He's my baby. Don't worry, I'll handle everything here. You take Ansh home and handle him."
Yash entered home hearing his Dad shouting on his Mom, "You knew about everything and kept supporting Yash? How dare you?" Gayatri looked meekly towards her husband, "Yash loves Aarti and Ansh is Aarti's kid. She adopted him. Most importantly, Yash loves Aarti." Suraj looked agitated at Gayatri, "What the hell!" He was about to raise his hand on Gayatri when Yash held his hand, "Dad, don't you raise your hand on Mom." Suraj looked at his son shocked, "Yash." Yash bored his eyes into his Dad's eyes, "Yes Dad. Learn to respect women, Dad. They are no ways behind us men. In fact, I have started feeling timid in front of their strength. Aarti has changed me, Dad. She has taught me to respect all women. Till some days back, I just used to respect Mom but now I respect all women and Dad, you should learn that too." Yash left his father's hand and held his Mom's hand and took her inside. Yash made his Mom sit on the bed and kept his head on her lap, "I love you Mom and now I know I love Aarti. I really do." Gayatri smilingly caressed Yash's head, "Yash, why don't you go and tell her then?" Yash raised his head and looked at his Mom's smiling face, "Really Mom? Should I go and tell her?" Gayatri cupped Yash's face and nodded her head. But next moment the smile on Yash's face vanished, "But Mom, she doesn't like me." Gayatri smiled to her innocent baby's statement, "She loves you too Yash. Just go and pour your feelings to her and you'll know everything." Yash eyes showed a different spark altogether, thinking about pouring his feelings out to Aarti. He lied down on his bed and kissed Gayatri goodnight and covered himself with the sheet.

Gayatri went back to her room scared of facing her husband. She entered her room to see Suraj pacing here and there angrily. Suraj saw Gayatri at the door, "So. You're back here. Yash has gone too far. It's impossible to get him back. But at least I can teach him to control Aarti otherwise that girl will control Yash." Gayatri looked at Suraj ashamed of his thoughts, "Both of them love each other and they will be walking on the path of life together and not controlling each other." Gayatri proudly looked at Suraj and went back to Yash's room.

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