Friday, October 12, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 4

Yash entered Shah Corporations in attitude and elegance. His broad chest was lifted up in attitude. He wore a full-sleeve blue shirt but had folded the sleeves up to her elbow showing off his well-toned arm muscles. Every one's attention was fixed on this smart man who had an attitude of his own but he never looked down upon anyone. He did respect everyone but his attitude was his. He always preferred the guys helping him with projects because he didn't trust girls enough.
Everyone got up and greeted him and he greeted them back quickly entering the CEO's cabin, "Hey Arjun." Arjun raised his head to see his buddy Yash, "Hey Yash." Yash smiled, "Okay, business talk dude. I think we should fix the deal with Chopra Constructions. We are in talks with them right?" Arjun looked at Yash with raised eyebrows, "Take a breath Yash. Yes, we are in talks with them but how did you decide to fix the deal with them all of a sudden?" Yash nodded his head in denial, "It's not sudden Arjun. I've been studying them from quite some time and last night I studied them carefully and realized that they'll be the best for the deal." Yash mentally patted himself for coming up with such a good defense. Well, he didn't lie to Arjun. He did STUDY them well. He smirked to himself and Arjun looked with suspicion at him. Arjun knew Yash very well and he knew that there's definitely some motive of Yash behind this sudden decision. But he decided to go with Yash's decision because he knew even if Yash had taken the decision for some other motive; he won't let the company suffer, "Okay Yash. If you think that Chopra Constructions will be the best for this deal, then be it. I'll let them know and get a meeting fixed soon." Yash smiled wide at Arjun but quickly composed himself, "Arjun, get the meeting fixed today itself. We need to start with it quickly. Ask them to come with their architect because then I can start working on the designs with her." Arjun smiled to himself at Yash's state, "Her? How do you know their architect is a female Yash?" Yash realized he had let out a bit of the information that he shouldn't have and he knew his friend would catch him but he decided to cover his initial mistake, "We have been in talks with him Arjun. Of course, I have found out everything about them." Arjun was laughing hard inside but composed himself outside. He knew he couldn't let Yash know that he had understand quite a lot of his so-called secret but then he was enjoying the game and decided to play further, "But Yash, are you comfortable working with a female on the designs? You usually prefer males." Yash looked startled at Arjun's intriguing question and started to fumble, "Oh no. I.. I'm good with her. I have heard she designs brilliantly." Arjun nods his head silently and Yash goes back to his cabin, "Phew! Thank goodness. I wonder what had happened to Arjun today, he was questioning a bit too much. Anyways, I have to start preparing for the meeting. I can't let the company down for my motives."

The CEO of Chopra Constructions arrived with Aarti behind him. Aarti went ahead to the reception, "Excuse me! We have come from Chopra Constructions. We are here for the meeting." The receptionist smiled pleasantly looking at Aarti, "Yes ma'am, let me take you to the conference hall, sir will come there in just a minute." Aarti seated herself in the conference discussing last minute issues with the CEO. She looked around at this huge conference hall. It was designed very beautifully yet so professionally. Being an architect, she was used to discovering minute details in every design. Aarti was looking at the walls when Yash and Arjun entered the conference hall and seated themselves, "Mr. Chopra, shall we start with the meeting please?" Yash looked intently towards Aarti when Aarti turned her face towards the voice, the smile on her face changed into a frown instantly. Yash smirked looking at her changing expression and knew that now she couldn't do the presentation without him encouraging her. Yash heaved up his chest and looked at Aarti, "Miss Aarti, I hope you have got the designs and you're ready to do the presentation." Aarti angrily looked at Yash and got up from her seat and Yash smirked in victory, "Miss Aarti, its okay. You don't have to get nervous. Just go ahead with the presentation." Aarti smirked at Yash's presumption, "Mr. Scindia, I'm not at all nervous. I believe I will have to get up to give the presentation." Yash looked at Aarti disbelievingly. This girl surely had something different in her. He had never seen his mom answering back to his dad. His dad was always right and so he has to be but how come this girl always makes him question his own personality. He shrugged off his silly feelings and got back to concentrate on Aarti, "Oh, of course Miss Aarti. I hope you don't falter. I really dislike falters." Aarti looked into Yash's eyes directly, "Definitely not Mr. Scindia. I'm no different than you. I dislike falters as much as you." Yash straightened himself and asked Aarti to start the presentation. Aarti gave the whole presentation excellently and Yash looked at her in awe. For once, he liked the work of a female. It was the best than he had ever seen. For a moment, he questioned himself if he has ever given such a wonderful presentation. He quickly smacked himself reminding himself of the fact that he was the best. Aarti looked at Arjun who seemed to be a decent guy to her, "Mr. Arjun, so how do you think were the designs?" Arjun smiled at Aarti. He surely liked this girl, "I loved it Aarti. I hope you don't mind if I call you by your name." Aarti smiled genuinely at Arjun, "Of course not Mr. Arjun." Arjun smiled, "Please call me Arjun." Aarti sat back on her seat waiting for Yash to say something. Yash was still looking at Aarti trying to comprehend situations when he was better than her. He instantly remembered the Traffic Police incident and smiled to himself. Arjun elbowed Yash, "Miss Aarti, I very much like you designs. I would just like to make minor changes in them so if you can please stay here." Aarti looked disbelievingly at Yash. This man was truly unbelievable. He was using business was his motives. Mr. Chopra extended his hands towards Yash, "Of course not Mr. Scindia. Aarti has absolutely no problem staying here." Aarti looked at her boss and again she felt that she had fallen in Yash's TRAP.

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