Friday, October 12, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 3

Aarti was patting Ansh to sleep when she heard some hassle in the garden. She tucked the blanket around Ansh and went to the garden. She looked here and there but there was no one. She turned back to go inside when a tough pair of hands pulled her and she collided with a hard chest. Aarti could easily recognize the scent. Her eyes grew big with the realization and she looked to see that wicked handsome face.
Yash was lying down with his eyes closed when he saw two pair of beautiful eyes. They were big and expressive. He could see his reflection in those eyes. He snapped open his eyes, took the keys of his car and drove away.
Yash looked at Aarti smirking. His eyes shone seeing her recognizing him even without seeing him. He loosened his hold on her and inched his face close to her ear, "So, you can recognize my scent." Aarti pushed him back with all her might, "Oh please, in your dreams, right?" Yash pulled her back to himself, "That's right baby, you have started ruling my dreams as well." Aarti rolled her eyes at this shameless man, "Why do you always have to pull me and talk? Can't you stand decently at some distance and talk?" Yash laughed out at Aarti's silly question and Aarti turned red at her insult, "I love to hold you baby. I love to keep you near me." Aarti looked with disgust at him, "What kind of a roadside romeo are you? You're such a shameless creature." Yash turned her around colliding her back to his chest and held her hand tightly, "Thy Name is Yash Scindia, Miss Aarti Khurana." Aarti stood stunned. He knew her name. O Gosh! She knew she was trapped under the craziness of this retard that held her.
"Mumma, where are you? I'm scared."Yash let go of Aarti's hand as soon as he heard Ansh. Ansh came running to the garden and saw his mom and some other man standing with her. He bore his eyes into Yash's eyes dangerously as if asking him to back away. Yash felt intimidated by Ansh's possessiveness. He smiled at this kid's authoritativeness. He knew then and there that Ansh was meant to be his son. Yash went forward to Ansh and bent on his knees, "Hi, I'm Yash. You can call me Yash uncle for now. And please don't look at me like that; I'm no enemy of your mom." Ansh smiled a little but made a straight face again, "If you aren't Mumma's enemy, then what you are doing in the garden of our home at this hour of night?" Yash raised his eyebrows at Ansh's question, "I had come to meet you and your mumma. But your mumma told me that you've slept. I was going to go back home disheartened." Yash placed his hand at his heart trying to show it to be broken. Ansh held his hand and smiled, "Actually, mumma patted me to sleep but I didn't feel mumma beside me that's why I woke up. It's ok. You've come to meet me right? Mumma says that we should welcome the guests nicely." Yash smiled at his victory. He knew he had won Ansh's friendship, Aarti wasn't far away either.
Ansh took Yash to the drawing room. Aarti tagged behind them wondering what was going on in Yash's mind. How come he had turned into a decent and friendly man so suddenly? Aarti chose to keep mum for Ansh's sake right now. Ansh seemed to be really happy for some reason that she couldn't comprehend. She went in and sat beside Ansh holding him close to herself.
Ansh looked at his mum and then at his Yash uncle, "Yash uncle, do you work with mumma? I've never seen you in her office." Yash rolled his eyes. This kid was questioning him as if he was Aarti's father, "No baby. I don't work with your mumma but I'm soon going to work with her." Yash smirked to himself and Aarti looked at him shocked. How he was telling such a huge lie to her Ansh. She didn't even know this man except his name YASH SCINDIA that he announces with immense pride and here, he was boasting that he was going to work with him. Ansh grinned hearing that. He was sure that his God had heard his prayers and send an Angel for him and him mom.
Suddenly Yash's phone started to ring loudly and he saw that it was his mom, "Yes mom. I'm coming." Ansh smiled wide,"You have to answer to your mom as well? But you are so big, then why do you answer to her?" Yash smiled at his innocent question and Aarti's eyes popped out seeing him smile. He looked even more breathtaking but the bigger surprise was that he smiled. Aarti had thought he only knew how to smirk. Aarti's thought came to a halt hearing Yash, "You always have to answer your mom Ansh. Your mom loves you more than anything and so you should always keep her happy."Ansh jumped up and hugged Aarti and Aarti looked surprised at Yash. She had never imagined that this man was sensitive to any relation as well. She wondered how many shades were yet to be unleashed by this man.
Yash got up and hugged Ansh, "Ansh, go back to bed. You have school tomorrow." Ansh kissed Yash's cheeks and then kissed Aarti's cheeks, "Good night Mumma and good night DADDA." Ansh ran away but Aarti breath got hitched in her throat. What just happened? Ansh called this man DADDA. No, she doesn't like him and he can't be Ansh's dadda. No ways!
Yash came forward smirking and breathed into Aarti's ears, "I have won Ansh, now it's your turn." Yash turned around and left and Aarti stood there disgusted. She knew this man could never be good. He was wicked. He was good to Ansh only to win her. Ansh was impressed by him and expected things from him. How could she let Ansh get sad now? It had all mixed up. She was TRAPPED.
Aarti stood by the window looking up at the sky. Her eyes gave up the feeling of restlessness that she was surrounded by. Her beautiful face was covered with anger and irritation. She looked at Ansh sleeping peacefully right in the middle of the bed and she wished she could turn back into a kid, CAREFREE LIKE A BIRD. She sighed and looked at the sky again. The clouds had started to surround the moon. She could see the moon fighting to come out of the TRAP of the clouds but the clouds were slowly covering it and finally the clouds TRAPPED the moon. She smiled sarcastically, her life was the same; TRAPPED..!!

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