Friday, October 12, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 5

Aarti and Yash were sitting in Yash's cabin and were working on the designs for two hours. Aarti was very unsure of Yash's motives in the beginning but now after sitting with for two hours and talking to him about nothing but work, she had realized that Yash was just a normal human being who had faults in him but was also good in different ways.
Yash had been working with Aarti for two hours and had come to realize that she was great at her work as well. Somewhere his belief that men were better than women in everything and women always needed men in their lives was shaking. He didn't know when but Aarti had showed him her absolute independent side. She had come across as a very self-confident and smart girl. Yash was starting to believe that he might be wrong in his initial thoughts.
Aarti suddenly started looking at the clock every now and then. Yash looked suspiciously at Aarti wondering what was bothering her so much. He leaned a little towards Aarti, "What's bothering you Aarti?" Aarti looked into Yash's eyes and she could read the genuine care in his eyes, "I had to pick Ansh from his school. Can I bring him here? I don't keep him away." Yash looked at this ferocious tigress who was currently the gentle and caring mother. He absolutely adored these various faces of Aarti, "Of course you can bring Ansh here. You didn't even have to ask me for that Aarti
." Aarti looked surprisingly at this man sitting in front of her. He was really a mystery for her. Sometimes, he was as sharp as a knife and sometimes he was as soft as a flower. She wondered if she could ever understand him. She whacked her head for letting such thoughts penetrate her mind, "Mr. Scindia.." Yash nodded his head negatively, "Call me Yash, Aarti." Aarti hesitated a little, "Yash, It will take me a while to get him because I don't have my scooty and I will have to take an auto. Ok?" Yash looked at Aarti with a serious face, "No ways Aarti." Aarti gulped her saliva at his sternness and Yash instantly smiled, "Let's go and pick Ansh in my car." Yash held her hand and dragged Aarti towards his car. Everyone in the office looked at Yash and Aarti disbelievingly. Aarti jerked Yash's hand, "Yash, you really don't have to bother. I can go and pick my son." Yash looked at Aarti sternly, "Aarti, but how will you go alone?" Aarti shook her head at Yash's chauvinism that was inflicted in him, "I have always been going alone Yash and so I can do the same today as well." Yash couldn't control his anger and pushed Aarti inside the car, "You don't have to boast of your feminism every time Aarti. I want to help and I will, you like it or not." Yash sped the car towards Ansh's school. Both of them reached school to see Ansh sitting scared on a tree outside school. Aarti gasped seeing Ansh up there, "Ansh, what are you doing up there?" Ansh sniffled, "I'm sorry mumma. I climbed on the tree to pluck some guavas but I'm stuck here now. I can't get down." Ansh suddenly noticed Yash standing there with Aarti and grinned, "Dadda is here mumma. I'll jump down and he'll catch me." Yash's face lit with the amount of faith this child had in him, "Yes Ansh, Dadda will catch you. Jump down." Ansh was about to jump when Aarti stopped him, "Ansh don't jump like that. Keep your feet one level down and then jump. Mumma will hold you." Yash looked at Aarti unbelievingly, "Aarti, you're a girl. You won't be able to catch him. Let me do it." Aarti showed her hand to Yash, "You don't have to boast of your chauvinism every time Yash." Yash's face fell. This time he really wasn't trying to prove anything. He just wanted to live up to Ansh's faith. Aarti looked at Yash's sad face but chose to ignore. She wanted to give a blow to Yash's high thoughts of men. Aarti asked Ansh to jump down and held him safely. She kissed him all over his face and Ansh chuckled, "Mumma, you always get scared." Aarti slapped him lightly, "Of course mumma does get scared because you're her life baby."

Yash, Aarti and Ansh reached Shah Corporations and Ansh curiously looked around, "Mumma, whose office is this?" Before Aarti could answer Ansh, Yash picked up Ansh in his arms, "This is somewhat your Dadda's office Ansh. I'm the Director of this company." Ansh's face lighted up at this wonderful news and he kissed Yash. Aarti didn't like this closeness between Ansh and Yash. She was very insecure because of what Yash had said last night. She knew he was using her baby for his benefit. Aarti took Ansh from Yash's arms, "Ansh, go and freshen up. We'll have lunch after that." Ansh smiled and ran to the washroom. Yash took Aarti to his cabin, "What was the need for you to show your heroism at Ansh's school. You had put his life in danger." Aarti jerked Yash away, "He's MY son. I know what's best for him. I knew I could hold him. YOU stay away from him. Don't even dare to use my baby's innocence for your benefits." Suddenly Yash remembered his last night's words and realized the reason for Aarti's anger. He knew that he genuinely wanted to cocoon Ansh safely but then reminded of his words last night, he began to question his attitude. Was he really a male chauvinist? Aarti looked at Yash, her eyes spitting fire, "Mr. Yash Scindia, I was handling myself and Ansh before you entered our lives and will continue to do so easily. I simply don't need you to support me. My Ansh is my support and he's enough for me." Yash kept looking at Aarti, not being able to say anything and Aarti left the office with Ansh angrily. This girl questioned his entire being every time she met him. Yash was getting all confused. Nobody has ever told him that he's wrong. Nobody has taught him that women can live without men. Nobody has ever told him that independent women exist. His entire belief was shaking. His head started spinning with the amount of burden that was suddenly put on him. He went to Arjun and took a leave and went home. He quickly changed into his tracks and t-shirt and went for a jog. The trees around seemed to be in full spree today. It was extremely windy towards. The trees were swinging and dancing as if rejoicing some moment. Yash was running hard. He wasn't looking anywhere, just kept running and lost in his own thoughts. Was he really a male chauvinist? Was he really forcing himself on Aarti? Didn't Aarti need him? All these questions were harassing his soft being. Though he was haughty at times and though he had his own attitude, he was really soft at heart. His little heart was affected. He was deeply affected by Aarti's questionable gaze. He was lost in his thoughts when he tripped over a stone. He tried to get up but his leg was hurt and the stone was over his leg. Suddenly he realized that a girl was offering him her hand to help him get up. He looked up at the girl and thought, "No, I don't the help of a girl. I can get up myself." He tried to get up on his own but failed. The girl held his hand and pulled him up, "Let me take you home. You won't be able to walk like this." Yash jerked her hand and fell down again, "No, I don't need your help. I can go back home on my own." The girl laughed at Yash, "Yeah right. You just fell down as soon as you left my hand and you boast that you can go back on your own. Stop being a male chauvinist." The girl held Yash's hand again and this time Yash didn't protest. He was too lost in her words. She was another girl who had called him a male chauvinist. The girl dropped Yash home, "Take care of your leg." Yash saw the girl's retreating figure and fell down again. This time not because of the wound and pain in his leg but by the realization that had just dawned upon him, A Girl Had Helped Him Stand at His Feet.

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