Friday, October 12, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 7

Yash reached his office next day with his puffed red eyes. Everyone looked at him strangely. None of them had imagined Yash like this. Yash glared at everyone and instantly everyone casted their eyes down. Even those tired eyes had the power to shake everyone's soul with its single glare. Yash quickly made his way to his cabin.
As soon as he stepped into his cabin, he was greeted by an engrossed Aarti. Aarti was busy pondering over the architectural details of the project and didn't even notice that Yash had entered the cabin. Yash looked at Aarti dazed. Her big eyes rolled whenever she would see something unsatisfactory in the design. Her long fingers would automatically start sketching the correct design. Her long straight hair was tied in a rough loose bun and every now and then a strand of hair would come across her vision and she would irritatingly shoo it away.

Aarti was working on the designs when yet again a strand of hair disturbed her. She kept the file and pen at the desk and lifted her hand up to tie her hair when she saw Yash standing at the door, looking at her intently. Aarti saw his red puffed eyes and realized that he must not have slept all night worrying about all she had been saying to him. She felt a pang in her heart seeing him like that but she knew it was necessary for him and so she held back herself, "Yash, why are you standing there? Come and sit here. Let's discuss the project. We have the presentation tomorrow." Yash looked at Aarti a little hurt that she didn't even notice anything about him. He sat on his chair dejected and started looking into the project. They kept working on the project and Yash had made quite some changes in the designs. Yash was about to make another change when Aarti interrupted, "Yash, don't change this particular design. This is perfect for the building." Yash looked unhappy with Aarti's suggestion, "Aarti, I know this better. This change is going to be better. We might lose the project even with this minor detail." Aarti shook her head negatively, "Yash, for your kind information, even I've been working in this field for long. I think even I'm supposed to be working on this and if you take just one suggestion of mine, It's not going to do any harm. Anyways, half of the work is yours so let half of the work be mine." Yash sighed, "Aarti, you're too stubborn. Fine, I'm letting this be but mind you, we better not lose the project because of this particular thing. I really do not trust females much." Aarti looked at Yash enraged, "If you don't trust females, why did you take me in the first place. But since you have taken me, I'm going to prove to you that it isn't about dominating but about working together." Aarti angrily left the cabin.
Yash leaned back on his seat and closed his eyes while Aarti stood behind the cabin looking at Yash relaxing, "I will change you Yash. I know I love you. I don't know when I fell in love with you seeing the goodness in you. But you've still got me TRAPPED in your chauvinism Yash and I'm going to make sure to free myself from this trap." Aarti looked at the innocent Yash who was probably sleeping. Yash looked like an innocent baby oblivious to all negativity. This was the real Yash who was somewhere hidden under his inherited chauvinism and Aarti just wanted to get the real and innocent Yash out.

Aarti entered the cabin later and woke up Yash, "Yash, have a cup of coffee, you'll feel better. It seems like you haven't slept all night." Yash looked at Aarti shocked and he started stammering, "Aa..Aarti, There's nothing like that. I'm just a little tired." Aarti shook her head amusingly, "Anyways, I was just going to pick up Ansh, till then you handle the work." Yash suddenly felt like stopping Aarti. He didn't want her to go away. Then, an idea struck him and he was content with the idea, "Aarti, we have lots of work to complete. I'm going to look into other details and I won't get time to check the designs further. I'll send the driver to pick Ansh up and in fact, I'll ask the driver to take Ansh to my home. Mom will take care of Ansh and make him sleep also. That way even Ansh will have some rest." Aarti hesitated a little, "Yash, I don't think it's a good idea. Ansh will trouble your mom." Yash smiled, "Trust me Aarti, I have been the naughtiest kid ever. Mom won't have a problem handling Ansh. You check the designs. I'll make the arrangements." Aarti still looked a little uneasy but Yash was very adamant and so she had to agree.
Yash came out of his cabin grinning, "Mom will also get to know Ansh. After all, he's going to be my son." Yash quickly called up and made arrangements for Ansh.

Ansh reached the Scindia house and was looking here and there when Gayatri came to him. Ansh looked at Gayatri, "Why have I come here. Driver uncle told me that he had come to pick me on Dadda's behalf." Gayatri smiled at Ansh, "Yes Ansh, this is your Dadda's house. Your Mumma and Dadda are very busy in the office so you're going to stay with me till your Mumma comes." Ansh looked uneasily towards Gayatri, "May I please speak to Mumma?" Gayatri caressed Ansh's cheeks, "Sure baby." Ansh held the receiver and Gayatri dialed Yash's number. Yash picked up the phone, "Hello." Ansh's face lighted up, "Hello Dadda, you've sent me to your place?" Yash smiled hearing Ansh's cheerful voice, he didn't know when, but Ansh had become really dear to him, "Yep Ansh. You're at your Dadda's place and my Mom is going to take care of you. You don't have to worry about anything. Just tell my Mom whatever you want." Ansh squealed in joy, "Okay Dadda. Dadda, give the phone to Mumma." Yash gave the phone to Aarti, "Ansh, don't trouble Aunty okay." Ansh giggled, "Don't worry Mumma. I won't trouble Daadi and yes, she's my Dadda's Mom so she's my Daadi." Gayatri felt tears of joy hearing Ansh call her Daadi and she hugged Ansh, "Mumma, see Daadi is hugging me. I'll talk to you later Mumma. Come soon with Dadda. Till then I'll enjoy with Daadi." Ansh quickly kept the receiver down not letting Aarti say anything. She sighed and gave the phone back to Yash, "I hope Ansh behaves himself." Yash shook his head amusingly, "Why do you women get worried about everything. Ansh is a good boy. Don't worry." Aarti looked at Yash angrily, "We women have to worry so much because you men are so unpredictable." Yash laughed off and both started working on the project again.

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