Friday, October 12, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 6

Yash somehow stood on his feet still unable to believe what had been happening in his perfect life. He went inside and went to his room. Gayatri had seen Yash going in his room almost limping and in a distressed state. Gayatri immediately went to Yash finding him crying in his room, "Yash, baby, what's wrong?" Yash leaned onto his mom resting his head on his mom's shoulder, "I don't know mom. I have no idea about anything. Mom, I am feeling as if my life crumbling like a pack of cards." Gayatri patted Yash's head, lines of worry clear on her face, "Yash, don't worry. Everything will be fine Yash. You cannot breakdown like that. Your father never taught you this." Yash suddenly looked into Gayatri's eyes with his tears stricken face, "I don't know how much righteousness Dad has in him, mom." Gayatri looked at Yash shocked at his words. She had never heard Yash doubting his father's righteousness ever before. She cupped Yash's face, "Yash, why are you saying like that?" Yash held Gayatri's hand tightly, "Mom, Aarti seems right sometimes mom. But then again, how can Dad be wrong? It's all making me crazy Mom. Aarti is making me crazy." Gayatri ruffled Yash's hair. She knew she had to meet Aarti soon, "Yash, just close your eyes and sleep for some time. You'll feel better." With that Gayatri made Yash lie down, took his phone and left his room.

Gayatri dialed Aarti's phone, "Hello. Am I speaking to Aarti?" Aarti got confused. She had saved Yash's number but this wasn't Yash. She left the thought behind, "Yes, I am Aarti. May I know who I am talking to?" Gayatri inhaled some air for support, "Aarti, I am Yash's mom. I want to meet you. Please Aarti, don't deny meeting me. It's really important." The behavior of Yash's mom puzzled Aarti but she couldn't deny hearing the pleading tone of Gayatri. Gayatri smiled, "Aarti, meet in CCD in half an hour." Gayatri kept down the phone thinking of the talks she had to do with Aarti. She could never see her son distressed and there was surely something about this girl that was bothering him so much. She went back to Yash's room and caressed his head. The lines of worry on his forehead suddenly vanished and he smiled feeling the touch of his mom. Gayatri could feel a drop of tear in her eyes seeing the innocence on the face of her beloved son.

Aarti sat in CCD waiting for Yash's mom to arrive. Thousands of questions clouded her mind. She couldn't comprehend the reason for this meet but she kept telling herself that her answers will arrive soon. Looking here and there, Aarti saw an elegant lady coming towards her seat. She got up, "Yash's mother?" Gayatri smiled looking at Aarti. She indeed was beautiful and looked quite subtle and smart. Now she knew why her son was so disturbed by this girl. She nodded her head and both sat down. Gayatri raised her eyebrows looking at Aarti, "Would you like to have something?" Aarti was growing even more impatient with each passing second, "No, thank you ma'am. Can we please directly come to the purpose of the meeting?" Gayatri breathed some air again, "What is it between you and Yash?" Aarti looked at Gqyatri bewildered, "Between me and Yash? There's nothing between us." Gayatri brushed her hands with each other, "Then why does Yash keep talking about you? Why is he so troubled because of you?" Reality struck Aarti hard. Yash talked about her. He was troubled because of her. She looked at Gayatri calmly, "Look ma'am. I have no idea what's troubling Yash. In fact he has been troubling me. He came to my house. He signed a deal with the company I work in. He has been chasing me." Gayatri looked at Aarti shocked at such a revelation. She knew her son very well. He wasn't the one to go behind girls, "Aarti, but Yash isn't like this. He never goes behind girls like this. In fact, he stays away from girls." Aarti bore her eyes into Gayatri, "Exactly, because he's one male chauvinist pig." Gayatri clenched her fist, "Aarti, don't say that. Now I know why he's troubled. You have been questioning his authority." Aarti looked at Gayatri frustrated, "You're wrong ma'am. I haven't been questioning. I have been making him come face to face with the reality." Gayatri calmed her senses, "Look, Aarti, Yash is a very sensitive man. He has learnt to follow the footsteps of his father. Don't question his attitude like that. It's breaking him. You affect him greatly Aarti. Your words affect him greatly. Try and understand." Aarti couldn't believe what she just heard. She couldn't believe she was that hard with Yash. She did like him but the only thing that irked her was his chauvinism. It was like a wall between them and she knew the day that wall breaks, she would accept him whole heartedly. Aarti closed her eyes for a moment and then looked at Gayatri, "Ma'am, look, I understand that Yash has got this from his father but wrong is wrong. He needs to change it in him. Honestly, I think even you should stand up against your husband's domination. Ma'am, if I am affecting him then I'm glad that I'm able to change him for good. I'm sorry ma'am but I won't stop posing questions on his chauvinism."
With that Aarti got up and went away. Gayatri sat right there thinking upon Aarti's words. How could she go against her husband? Wasn't it against the rules? Gayatri went back home with her confused state of mind.

Yash got up after two hours and as soon as he got up, he saw his mom coming towards him smiling. Gayatri placed a peck on Yash's forehead, "Yash, come, it's time for the dinner."
Gayatri held her breath and gathered some courage to say something to Suraj, "I was thinking of changing the color of our room." Suraj looked at Gayatri with a frown, "Gayatri, the color of our room is perfect. It doesn't need any change." Gayatri tried to speak up again, "No, I really think we should change it." Suraj looked towards Gayatri agitated, "Gayatri! Since when did you start questioning me? When I said it is perfect, that means'" Yash banged his hands on the table, "Dad! For God sake, stop imposing your decisions on mom. What's the harm if she wants to change the color of the room? Why are you dominating her over such a petty issue?" Suraj looked at Yash with a baffled expression. He had never seen his son speak to him in such a tone before, "Yash, is this the way to talk to your father?" Yash looked angrily towards his father, "And what are you doing, dominating mom like that? You're satisfying your ego and giving an air to your chauvinism." With that Yash strode towards his room and closed the door.
Suraj got up from the table agitated at Yash's behavior. He warned Gayatri to teach a lesson to Yash.
Gayatri went to Yash and placed his head on her lap. She massaged his head, "Yash, you behaved really badly today. How could you talk to your father like that?" Yash hugged his mom tightly, "I don't know mom. I just couldn't see dad dominating you like that. I couldn't bear his chauvinism mom. Dad is wrong and so am I. Aarti is right mom, I am a male chauvinist." Gayatri ruffled Yash's hair, "Yash, you have time to think upon all that. First go and apologize to your Dad." Yash blinked his eyes and went to his Dad, "Dad, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have spoken to you in such a tone. I was just tensed about work and vent out my anger on you. I'm really sorry Dad." Suraj look towards Yash still not forgiving him completely, "Yash, mind you, this shouldn't happen again. Go now." Yash lowered his head and went out the room saying sorry for the last time.

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