Friday, October 12, 2012

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 2


Yash had been observing Aarti from long. He had been noticing her smiles and her laughs. They seemed to be deep from heart and what reached her eyes. She didn't look like she missed her husband or something. He grew even more interested in knowing her relationship status. As soon as Ansh left Yash pulled Aarti and TRAPPED her between him and a tree.

Aarti felt a rock hard chest colliding with her chest and her breath started withering. She looked up to see the handsome face of the same man who had helped her. It was now that she noticed his expressive eyes. They were so big and deep. She saw his perfectly M-shaped lips which were curled up in a deadly smile. Suddenly, she came back to her senses and pushed him with all her might. Yash felt himself being jerked back and anger coursed through his veins. He roughly held Aarti's hands, "How dare you push me?" Aarti looked back into his eyes challenging his anger, "How dare you PULL me?" Both their chest heaved up and down trying to pull some oxygen to support their system. Both of them shot daggers to each other through their eyes. Suddenly Yash broke off his anger and realized what he was here for. Suddenly Aarti saw his anger subsiding. "Are you married?" Aarti looked shocked at the audacity of this guy. Here, this God damn stranger had trapped her and now he was asking her about her relationship status. This was enough, "What the hell has it got to do with you? Just buzz off." Yash looked angrily at Aarti, "It concerns me because you are to be mine." This man was irritating Aarti, "What? I am to be yours? Who are you?" Yash smirked, "Yash Scindia. Consider yourself lucky that I have chosen you." Aarti stomped her feet on Yash's. "Ouch! What was that?" Aarti controlled her breath, "You deserved it. What do you think of yourself? You help me once and I'm yours? You' You retard." Yash held Aarti's arms tightly, "What did you just call me, a retard?" Aarti looked directly into Yash's eyes, "Yes, you heard it right." Yash pressed Aarti arms even more tightly and Aarti flinched with pain, "Don't blow me off. You need me, do you get it. You have a son and no man to support you. You damn need me, got it!" Yash's eyes had the fire in them but Aarti's eyes reflected a flame, "What the hell! Have you been stalking me? Listen Mr. whoever, I don't need you. I have been raising Ansh alone and I can do that with efficiency. I don't need a man like you. Go and rot you male chauvinist pig." "Aarti, Ansh is looking for you inside." Someone called out to Aarti, "Coming." She broke her hands free and left from there. Yash stood there with blank eyes. Aarti's words were ringing in his head. MALE CHAUVINIST, was he really that? Was he bad? But he was like his father and how can his father be wrong? His head started spinning and his whole existence came under speculation.

He rushed back home and shouted for his mother. Gayatri came rushing hearing her son's voice, "What's wrong Yash? Why are you shouting?" Yash ran and hugged his mother, "Mom, Am I a bad person? Am I a male chauvinist?" Gayatri held Yash stunned. She didn't know if she wanted to answer that question, "No Yash, you're not at all bad." A few tears dropped out of Yash's eyes, "Then why did she say it mom. She said I'm a male chauvinist and she doesn't need me." Gayatri held Yash and took him to his room. Yash lied with his head in Gayatri's lap and Gayatri was gently ruffling his hair. "Mom, you always tell me that I'm exactly like Dad. How can I be a male chauvinist mom? How can I be bad? Dad is perfect, isn't he? Then how can I be imperfect?" Yash's questions were making Gayatri restless. She was forced on considering Suraj's dominance. Yash had tears continuously flowing out his eyes. He was amidst a huge confusion and he needed assurance that he wasn't bad. Gayatri held her emotions and rubbed Yash's forehead, "Don't think about it Yash. Just close your eyes and rest for some time." Yash looked into his mom's eyes, "But mom, answer my questions please." Gayatri looked tensed at Yash, "You're like your Dad Yash. Now rest." Yash closed his eyes at his mom's assurance. If he was like dad, he couldn't be wrong.


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