Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Wash Over Gloominess..!!

Lying down in my bed, I let my thoughts roam around to the course of my entire day. To normal eyes, my day might seem a very normal, healthy and in fact a free day. My day started off late with food and people around me. I smiled and talked and resorted to my daily course of spending time online. Sounds absolutely perfect and normal, right? But well, things are never so perfect. It is rightly said, what vague eyes see, might never be the reality. I hysterically laughed at my own thought. It was so true. My smile that everyone considered to be my normal trait never reached my eyes today and neither the way I talked was my usual self. But well, who cares about these minor things till they don't find any particular gossip or advisory chances in it. I closed my eyes and tears streamed down them. To the world, I was a strong, stubborn and angry young girl but only I knew that despite my best efforts, every little thing around me did affect me badly. I opened my eyes at once. No, I never want to let these seeking tears flow out at every given opportunity but well, I guess they possess my inner trait, being stubborn. Suddenly, my phone buzzed and I saw Yash's message with his huge hello for me. I smiled lightly. This guy did make me feel better simply without even doing anything. Yash is my buddy. Well, my partner in crime too. I always feel some kind of liveliness when I talk to him. We haven't really known each other for too long but he has definitely started to play the role of an energy booster in my life. Determined to get back to my usual back, I texted him back with a similar huge hello. He told me about his day at his college and slowly I felt my hardened face getting at ease. I told him about my day and his reply stiffened me, "Aarti, you're feeling alone even amongst the crowd, aren't you?" Tears automatically streamed out of my eyes. Yash knew me so well. He caught my unsaid emotions. I knew he would. Sitting upright with tears streaming out of my eyes, I was still wondering what to reply to him when the light of my phone started flickering and I read 'Yash..!! Calling'. I quickly wiped my tears and picked up the phone, "Aarti, don't hide your tears from me." All my self-defense and my hold on the screaming emotions broke loose and I started crying bitterly. He kept quiet and just heard me cry and after few minutes, all I heard from him was, "I know you're feeling better. Now, make me laugh and role play my funny girl." I instantly laughed lightly hearing that. Yash was far away from me, not really, he was just geographically far away but he's the close companion I have. It's just his talks and my loneliness strides away. I, with finality, wiped my tears off and said, "Do you realize you're on a long distance call Yash? Are you planning to let go of your laziness and start working to earn money and call me like this?" I laughed to myself and laughed aloud on the very obvious and expected reply I got, "You dream." I hit my forehead lightly and smiled at the antics of this amazingly crazy buddy of mine.

Immediately, my phone buzzed again and I knew it would be Yash. I opened the text and read aloud, "Calls are expensive darling, let's have a free chat. Wink" My fingers, on their own accord, started moving to type, "Aahh well, free stuff is always enjoyable. LOL" We laughed like maniacs at each other's crazy talks. Well, this was very usual. We are two crazy people who talk fun but sane as well. Probably sanity and amusement are two ties that bind us together very strongly. Slipping into a peaceful slumber finally, I thanked God for blessing me with an understanding and cheerful friend.

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