Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Invincible Bond!

"Yash, stop it! There's no justification that you can give for not being in contact with me for 2 months." Aarti arched her eyebrows looking at Yash. Yash hung his head down and held his ears, "Aarti, I know I'm at mistake but just let it be for now babes. I'm sorry."  Aarti puffed her nose and turned her back to Yash folding her arms. Yash let out some air and hugged her from back, "I'm sorry Aarti. I really am. You know I'm such a dud. It did not come to my mind that I could contact you through Facebook. I was just depending on my stupid phone." Aarti pushed Yash away, "Oh yes! Your phone is definitely the most stupid phone in the world." Yash smiled to himself and held Aarti's shoulder, "Aarti, Yes darling. I have thrown away my most stupid phone and bought a new one." Suddenly, a spark came into Aarti's eyes and she turned towards Yash, "You got a new phone! Show me, show me, show me." Yash smilingly took out his phone and handed it over to Aarti. Before Yash could properly place the phone on Aarti's hands, Aarti snatched the phone away and sat on the grass exploring the phone. Yash looked at Aarti, "Aarti, we can let go of the fight now right?" Yash kept looking at Aarti but there came no response from her. Yash placed his hand on Aarti's. Aarti just shrugged his hand, "Yash, don't disturb me. This is such a cool phone man! I am taking it Yash. You go and buy another."  Yash's mouth turned into a complete O, "What the Hell! Are you mad Aarti? I have bought this phone after working crazily in a stupid office for 3 months. You're so not getting it." Aarti looked at Yash angrily, "Aah! Now I see the true colour of your friendship. You can't even give me a phone. Huh!" Yash slapped his forehead and looked at Aarti with absolute frustration, "You're such a drama queen Aarti. And come what may, you're not getting my phone."  Aarti hit Yash's arms, "Ouch! It hurts Aarti." Aarti kept her left hand on her hips, "Oh really? Of course, it should." With that Aarti started practicing her boxing skills on Yash and started hitting him hard while Yash started to run away from her, "OMG! Aarti, go to the boxing ring or buy a punching bag. I'm not your punching bag."  Aarti hit him again, "You're wrong Mr. Yash Scindia. You are my punching bag."

"So you both are finally back", Mrs. Scindia said looking at Aarti and Yash entering the house. Aarti went ahead and hugged her, "Mumma, I missed you. But I'm angry with you also. You had my number as well but all these 2 months, none of you actually tried to contact me." Mrs. Scindia pulled Aarti's cheeks lovingly, "I'm really sorry baby. You know my phone was to go out of service and Yash's phone also went down the drain. Sitting there in London, we could not think how to contact you." Aarti kissed her cheeks, "Umm! I still don't accept the excuse but well, I'm letting it go for this time but it better not repeat." Mrs. Scindia kissed Aarti cheeks and asked Yash and Aarti to freshen up and come for the dinner. Yash and Aarti looked at each other with a huge grin on their face. "Race to my room?" Aarti said looking into Yash's eyes. "Hell yeah!" Both ran at the count of 3 pushing each other on the narrow stairs and finally Yash reached the room before Aarti and showed his tongue to her, "Now, I get to freshen up first." Aarti pouted slightly and shouted out to the running Yash, "You have your own room set up in my house, why do you have to hijack my washroom." Yash chuckled and shouted out, "Because I love yours more." Aarti stomped her foot and went to Yash's washroom.

After dinner, both Yash and Aarti lay down with their heads in each other's mother's laps. Mrs. Scindia ruffled Aarti's hair, "Mumma, how come you guys landed up early here?" Mrs. Scindia smiled and Yash said, "Because I had lost your number due to my phone and I just had your address written down with me and so we came here." Aarti suddenly got up and sat straight, "Oh my Gosh! Are you serious? You flew from London to India to get my number? Yash Scindia, today I certify that you are insane. Didn't something called Facebook cross your crazy mind? Your sister has an account there and I'm added." Yash chuckled, "You just called my mind crazy and you think my mind would think of something that I'm not even acquainted with?" Aarti shook her head unbelievably, "That's why I keep telling you to make an account. At least your crazy mind will remember something called social media." Mrs. Dubey just laughed out watching these kids fight like small kids, "Okay, stop it both of you. You guys really behave like kids." Aarti and Yash smiled wide and said in chorus, "Well, kids we are." Wink Both laughed out and ran to Yash's room to chill out with a movie at night.

Yash and Aarti were sitting under a blanket munching popcorn and intently watching the movie. It was an action movie and the genre that both of them absolutely loved. In fact, they were so much into the movie that they even kicked each other in between along with the action going in the movie.
As soon as the movie got over, both Yash and Aarti stretched their legs, "Aaahhh!" Both looked at each other, "You hit hard man!" Immediately, both broke into a hysteric laughter and rolled off the bed. Aarti hit Yash lightly, "Gosh! Your action is injurious for my legs." Yash slightly patted Aarti's arms, "Same goes to you Miss Aarti Dubey." They somehow got up and switched on the lights. Yash sat on the bed and Aarti came around and sat beside him resting her head on his shoulder, "Yash, for how long are you here?" The smile on Yash's face suddenly vanished and he hung his head low, "We're leaving tomorrow evening." Aarti looked at Yash astonished, "WOW! And you're telling that to me now." Yash cupped her face, "It just slipped out of my mind Aarti. I was enjoying our time together but you know, I've got a job and Mumma also has her job and she's the one handling the crazy set of people at my home." Aarti chuckled lightly and nodded her head, "Well, yeah! I understand." Yash smiled and moved back and suddenly he heard a sound of ripple from Aarti's stomach. Aarti looked at Yash and Yash looked at Aarti and both started laughing madly. Yash held his stomach, "Oh my God Aarti! I tell you. You're my twin. You get hungry at every 10 minutes." Aarti hit Yash's stomach lightly, "Well, no wonder Mumma calls us twins." Yash held Aarti hand, "Let's go to the kitchen and prepare Maggi for us. That's all we can make right now." Both hopped out of the bed and dashed towards the kitchen.

Yash sat on the slab of the kitchen while Aarti stood boiling the water. She looked at Yash and slapped his thigh, "Hello Mr. Yash Scindia, if you have forgotten, I am as lazy as you. So, do some work." Yash rubbed his thigh and looked at Aarti with a sarcastic expression, "Well, speak with respect first Miss Aarti Dubey. If YOU have forgotten, I am 3 years elder to you." Aarti looked at Yash with a WHAT THE HELL expression and Yash just gave her his famous smirk. Aarti breathed in irritated, "Yash ji, please help me prepare the maggi." Yash showed his palm towards Aarti, "Your wish is granted Miss Dubey." Aarti shook her head smilingly and both prepared the maggi and ate it talking and laughing.

Mrs. Dubey came into Yash's room and slid aside the curtains, "Yash, get up! Its 1pm now. You have to pack some stuff also." Yash rubbed his eyes and yawned. He walked towards the washroom like a zombie with his head hung down and wobbling steps. Mrs. Dubey shook her head smilingly and headed towards Aarti's room.
"Aarti, get up. Its 1pm and now you have very less time left to spend with Yash and Mrs. Scindia." Aarti instantly got up and ran to the washroom and shouted out, "Mummy, ask Yash not to eat before me or he'll finish off everything." Mrs. Dubey laughed at their childishness and headed downwards to get their so-called breakfast ready.

Both Yash and Aarti raced down and this time Aarti won it and sat on their favourite chair. Yash looked at Aarti with piercing eyes, "I'll get you for this." Aarti showed her tongue to him, "We'll see that." Both of them had their food and sat down with Yash's luggage.
Yash took out a box from his bag and gave it to Aarti. Aarti looked curiously at the box as it was completely covered. She arched her eyebrows and asked Yash what it was. He just smilingly shook his head and gestured her to open the box. As soon as Aarti opened the box, she flung her arms around Yash and started jumping. Yash patted her, "Calm down Aarti and stop jumping. I gave you a gift and I'm getting hurt as a return gift." Aarti slapped him lightly, "Chuck it! I love you Yash. You got me the same phone as you. I love you..!!" Yash patted Aarti's cheeks and smiled, "I knew you would love my phone and before you could steal my phone away, I thought I would give you one." Yash winked and Aarti hit him lightly. She jumped around the entire house showing the phone to Mummy and Mumma. Yash shouted, "Aarti, you have already checked out my phone completely, there's nothing new in that. Now come back and help me adjust all the stuff Mummy has given." Aarti hit her forehead and ran to Yash helping him with the packing.

Aarti hugged Yash with tears slightly stinging her eyes, "Stay in touch now and don't you dare forget to text me." Yash hugged her back tightly, "I'm sorry yet again for my stupidity Aarti and I promise I'm so not going to repeat it." Aarti hugged Mumma and Yash hugged Mummy bidding goodbye. Aarti waved a bye to Yash with tears flowing out of her eyes. Yash returned to Aarti and held a tear of Aarti on his finger and shouted, "AARTI DUBEY IS SUCH A CRY BABY." With that he ran towards the checking and Aarti angrily shouted out, "I'll get you for this Mr. Yash Scindia."
Yash looked back and winked at Aarti blowing a flying kiss and Aarti smiled back with a gestured slap. They laughed off and turned their backs to each other returning to their own destination yet with an undeniable promise of being together.

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